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Heatherette for MAC at Fashion Week Fall 08


So, bar none, THE most amazing thing I got to do while I was in NYC in early February was under an embargo until today.  For me, this compared to meeting Duran Duran when I was sixteen – I was invited to an exclusive party at the new MAC Pro store (was one of about 20 people), to get a tour of the new store and to meet Traver Rains and Richie Rich of Heatherette, who have designed a collection for MAC cosmetics for Spring.  I’ve mentioned Heatherette quite a few times in the past on eBeautyDaily – I have been a huge fan for just about as long as they have been around.  I can remember seeing Richie Rich around pre-Heatherette – in the NYC club scene, and I just fell in love with their design work on sight.  And Traver – *swoon* – that is about all I can say about that.  While I am a mother and a model citizen these days, lets just say that in days gone by, I would have fit right into the club kids scene.  Sometimes I still long for those days (much to my husbands chagrin…lol). 

So, when MAC got in touch with me on my first day in NY last month, and asked if I would like to participate in this event, I cannot tell you how truly thrilled and honored I was to be invited.  I was just talking to Shai a couple of hours ago, and telling her that I rarely get star struck, but this one was huge for me.  HUGE. 

Ill show you the gorgeous pics from the MAC Pro store later on, but for now, lets go with Heatherette.  Check out the adorable pink champagne and snacks they served before Richie and Traver took the stand:


Have I mentioned I love pink?  I thought so.  So shortly after our snacks, the guys came out and took their seats, along with James Gager (Sr VP/Creative Director, MAC Worldwide – and one of the most passionate people I have ever met), and Jennifer Balber (Sr. VP Product Development, MAC Worldwide). 


This collection is my dream collection, for sure.  I am very sorry to say that it is already almost completely sold out on MACcosmetics.com – but there will be tons of it up for sale on eBay – guaranteed – and it goes on counter today – so quit reading and RUSH to the counter and stock up.  You can come back later.


Ok, you back now?  What did you get???  Be sure and let me know.  And click below to read more about my adventures with Heatherette!  :)


So, I wanted to let you know about their motivation for this collection, I thought it was very interesting, hopefully you will too:

Heatherette and MAC – A Shared Philosophy

This season MAC has joined forces with Manhattan’s most counter-culture couturiers and red-carpet renegades: Richie Rich and Traver Rains, the design duo behind Heatherette, to create its newest, limited-edition collection.

Best described as “club kid cool meets award show chic,” Heatherette and MAC share a passion for celebrating larger-than-life personalities, and the belief that with a little effort (and the right hair and makeup’) one can be a star.

“Heatherette and MAC make a great partnership, because we were both founded as renegade companies.” sags James lager. Senior Vice President/Creative Director, M•A•C Worldwide.

“Designers Richie Rich and Traver Rains reinvented that Warhol-style spirit of The Factory, and we at MA-C share that collaborative attitude.” Since Heatherette’s early days, M-A.C has provided their often outrageous, always anticipated fashion shows with makeup and artistry support.

“For this collaboration, Richie and Traver were involved every step at the way,” says Jennifer Babier, Senior Vice President of Product Development, MAC Worldwide.

“We created iconic products that Richie uses, like Glitter and Lipglass”

The teams also created a fabulous phalanx of essentials for the ultimate Heatherette face: Beauty Powder. Lipstick. Eye Shadow tries, Pigments. Nail Lacquers. Mascara, and the newest Innovation — Dual-Edge Eye Pencils. The palette is pure  Heatherette: Think fuchsia pink, pastel green, sparkling purple and glittery turquoise.

And not to be outdone, the packaging itself is as imaginative and daring as the design duo themselves“

Heatherette loved the Idea of painting your face with their cosmetics, says Cager,

“so together we created a paint-by-numbers display for our counters.”

“Everything Heatherette does is playful, says Balbier.

Playing off the designers’ sense of dress-up and fun, Cordon Espinet, Chief Makeup Artist for MA-C Worldwide, created two different looks based on Heatherette’s notorious runway presentation.

“When you watch a Heatherette show, there are always the models that look like good girls who do their homework and bring home high marks, and then on that same runway, you’ll see the girls who look like they spend their school days cutting class ad smoking In the restroom.” says Espinet. With this Heatherette collection for M.A.C. you can be both.”

So, as pictured above, this is a very full collection for MAC.  It contains 2 trio eyeshadows, one well suited for warm skin tones and the other for cool.  They did a great job in this collection giving something that everyone could use (both from the skin tone perspective as well as the “good girl/bad girl perspective).  The collection also includes 2 glitters (duh, this is Heatherette!), 2 pigments, 2 nail polishes, 2 of their new beauty powders, 4 Lipglasses, 4 Lipsticks, 2 new patent leather-finished lashes (one is a fishnet design and the other is a little more *normal* – although Im not sure how *normal* you can possibly consider black patent eyelashes!), and the newest innovation are the 4 duo sided eye pencils.  From Jennifer Balbier, re the brand new to MAC eye pencils:

“We created the Dual-Edge Pencil.  One side has a creamy eye liner, which allows you to get a precise application.  The other side has a fun glitter eye liner.  You can wear each liner alone, or combine them for a sparkly effect.”

They are truly cool.  Like Heatherette.  Like everything else in this collection.  Like MAC.  This was such a fun opportunity for me – it is hard to verbalize really.  *Oh* how I love my job!

I look so horrid in this next picture, I can hardly bear to post it, but my daughter said – “OMG Mom, you look so HAPPY!”  And I sure was.  Blown away really.  And you’ve seen me look worse in videos no doubt, so here goes:

  So there you go.  And now that I have uploaded the rest of my Fashion Week pics, Ill show you some of the other fun things that went on and neat things that I saw in upcoming days.  I hope you at least shared a little of my fun from that day – it was truly awesome!!

All photos © Christina Jones

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