• Thu, Mar 20 2008

Rugby Ralph Lauren Spring Collection Preview

If you’re planning to be preppy this Spring, Ralph Lauren offers Rugby Ralph Lauren. How Preppy? think, ummm how do I put this delicately, Annie Hall inspired classic preppy. I know, it’s referenced to a “chick” movie but just imagine the style canvas of the movie and replace it with a Male. Does that help out at all? Hmm, how about Preppy ala Andre 3000 aka Benjamin Bixby clothing line? Now we’re talking :). How about I just show you huh?



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Hot Dang! Forget Pink, or yellow or even Green, this preppy line sure looks sexy. I am loving the coloblock scarf. I wouldn’t mind having it for myself. The knit cardigan over a blue stripes dress shirt(1st picture) with jeans looks effortless. A combination of casual comfort and preppy which is Ralph Lauren’s signature style. I love it. What do you guys think?

*Images Via Ralph Lauren Press

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