Bruce Willis In Beige Trench Coat With His Girls


*Image Via BuzzFoto.

Bruce Willis looked like he just kinda threw that beige trench coat on himself to keep himself warm when her daughters asked him to go for a Starbucks trip. His girls were wearing shorts so it can’t be that cold, no? Nevertheless, She Knows Best gives Bruce Willis a break and props coz we think he’s cool and because he’s spending quality time with his daughters. A-Lister in our book, all the way. :)

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    • jenn

      i think he still look fine best actor ever to me lol

      • lebezel

        Have you ever heard of films?

    • Dexie

      yeah, he’ll always be cool in my book too :)

    • R

      The girl at the back’s actually his girlfriend.

    • Dexie

      Yup, I know :)

    • snorky

      Bruce Willis always just always has to appear to look cool. He lives to look cool. Don’t try to reason w/ what he wears, he’ll wear anything just to look cool.
      Obviously, the guys not cool. Real cool people just look naturally cool. He tries to look naturally cool. That’s what shows he’s not!!………………cool
      Plus he’s a has been. He had to know he was just gonna be a flash in the pan.
      I would bet everything he’d give anything to be back bartending in NYC.