• Mon, Mar 31 2008

Pudding by Nicole Paxson

I have had some big fun playing with some Nicole Paxson cosmetics of late. Nicole has designed a range of foundations that are meant to have great coverage in order to cover up skin disorders due to – well, any reason you might have. Nicole has Lupus, which has caused her a wide variety of unpleasant skin reactions – rashes and photo-sensitivity among them. Her range includes powder (one color works for all), cream foundations, liquid foundation, bronzer and concealer. Each product has a nice SPF – from 15 (powder) to 30 (most foundations) with both UVA and UVB coverage. All of these products, while having great coverage, are not heavy or mask-y like some others you may have used.

While thankfully I don’t have some of the skin problems that her line is designed to cover (and does cover, very well), I have found great use/need for the Pudding – for my old lady spidery veins on my leg. I know, not so beautiful. The color I have, Light, matches my winter skin very well, but I am going to purchase a darker color (it comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Dark) and then have both to mix for any time of the year (this is what I do with most foundations, btw). Unlike Dermablend, which is what I used to use for this, is a very creamy light formula (really, think pudding) with incredible coverage and it lasts forever. It dries down to a powder/matte finish and is going on my next big pimple that comes along, for sure. Pudding is $38.50 for a 1 ounce jar – and really, this should last a good long time, as it only takes the tiniest bit to do the job.

Have you tried any of Nicole Paxson’s foundations? Let me know what you think…

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  • Selina

    Speaking of summer legs…tell us again about self tanners

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  • Karen

    I have tried Nicole Paxson’s new makeup line and I absolutely LOVE it! I have tiny spider veins in my face and the pudding as well as the concealer hide my flaws well. I have full coverage, but I still look natural without the “mask look”. The bronzer gives me a sun-kissed look and the foundation stays on all day without making my face look oily. This is the best make up I have worn in years! I only wish she would start making eye shadows! Nicole…are you listening!?!

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