10 Lucky Winners Will Receive KN Cool Daywear


KN Cool DaywearWomen like to feel sexy, yet comfortable throughout the day. The problem is most sexy women’s underthings don’t offer comfort, especially on hot days. KN Cool Daywear, a part of the Karen Neuberger collection, offers sexy pieces that feel cool and comfortable. Trust me on this, you’ll really enjoy wearing them. Whether you choose to wear them under your clothes during the day or to sleep in at night, you will feel cooler and more confident – and that was the plan from the start.

You see, the material used in the KN Cool Daywear is lightweight yet wicks away moisture so you won’t feel sweaty or itchy. As someone who is starting to experience hot flashes, I can tell you first hand that these Daywear pieces really are cooling. Women who are undergoing chemotherapy, pregnant or experiencing postpartum might also appreciate the cooling effects of the KN Cool Daywear line. I like how I don’t feel like everything I’m wearing under my clothing feels wet after a sweaty hot flash. To be fair, I wore these a couple of times and yes, they really do wick away the sweat.

Even if you don’t experience any kind of hot flashing, you’ll love this line! While I’ve been wearing mine during the day, I can’t wait to try it out during the hot summer nights. They come in pretty pastel colors and retail for between $9 and $24. KN also has a maternity and sleepwear line too. Visit the Karen Neuberger store for more details.

It should also be noted this line is easy to clean and retains it’s shape even after a couple of washings. It doesn’t fade or turn shiny and can be used with fabric softeners. There’s not need to hand wash, always a plus in my book.

Would you like to try it out too? The fine folks at KN Cool Daywear are offering 10 camisole/panty sets to give away to The List Maven’s readers. 10 sets people! The odds are pretty good here. Tell me your favorite ways to keep cool on hot summer nights and I’ll enter you in the running. Try them, and tell us what you think!

Contest ends April 15th. 

Images courtesy KN Cool Daywear.

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    • http://tv.popcrunch.com/ Wendy

      I can’t sleep if it’s too hot and humid, so at the first sign of hot weather we put a small window air conditioner in our bedroom. Does the trick for a cool night’s sleep, for sure!

      Pre-air conditioning, I’ve been known to lay a cool washcloth over my forehead!

    • Laddie

      That’s easy – I wear only my knickers and bras while I sleep. :D

    • Tisha

      I like to sleep with a light nightgown on and keep the fan running or a window open for the breeze. =)

    • http://fromcribstocarkeys.blogspot.com Shannan P

      I can’t sleep if I’m hot either, so air conditioning and a fan are a must on hot summer nights. If I can’t have A/C, I sleep in as little as is possible with 3 kids in the house and no one is allowed to touch me!

    • Bunny

      How do I keep cool on hot summer nights? Well, sleep in my underwear with the air-conditioner on! :)

    • http://myhalfofthebrain.wordpress.com melissa

      the tucson summer nights are H O T. For months on end, I use the airconditioner AND a fan (pointed right at me!) Sometimes I’ll take a cool shower just before bed, too.

    • dh

      On really hot nights when I know I will have trouble sleeping, I slip into the pool before going to bed. It will lower my body temp enough to sleep.

    • clstk

      I am kind of warm natured, and my husband is not. He thinks he sleeps in a wind tunnel – ceiling fan, tower fan on my side of the bed, and small fan on my night stand. We live in Dallas and I am menopausal – what does he expect me to do?

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    • Hazel

      Cold showers and then wet towels on my feet. Wet feet seem to cool me right off ^_^

    • Caitlin

      i’m not allowed to turn on fans in the middle of the night because my mother can hear it, and it bothers her, so i sleep with no blankets, windows open, and the smallest possible amount of clothes

    • dp

      On a hot summer night, I like to go out in my night gown and sit on my wrap around porch before climbing up the stairs to bed. No airconditioning on our country house, but the fan blowing helps to keep me cool.

    • Huguette E.

      We don’t have airconditioning, our house keeps cool as long as I keep the windows closed on very hot days. On those hot and humid nights we have a ceiling fan above our bed, keeps us cool.

    • Renee

      I keep cool at night in the summer by keeping the air conditioning LOW and running the ceiling fan. I can’t sleep if it’s too warm – I love this time of the year when I can leave the bedroom windows open and feel a nice breeze.. ahhhhhh now I want to go back to bed.

    • Ginny

      I don’t have air conditioning, so a couple of fans to circulate air around the room and an open window do the trick :)

    • Haley

      Considering I live in the frozen north of upper-state new york, I don’t have to worry about keeping cool at night for a majority of the year, but in the summer months, I can hardly sleep without a fan blowing to keep up air circulation and keep the temperature down.

    • Regina

      A nice mint julep sipped by the pool with the frogs croaking in the background. Can you tell I’m from the south!

    • daphne

      To keep cool on a summer night, I sleep on the Chinese bamboo sheetlike things. They are very common in Asian countries, and they are amazingly cool.


      I usually slip on a light night gown, open my windows alittle and sleep with a sheet over me, And go to sleep thinking of a tropical breeze.

    • Geri

      Crank up the A/C. I’m from FL, it’s always summer here. =P

    • stacee

      I usually wear my comfy, big girl panties, and a tank top.

    • http://www.thezenofmotherhood.blogspot.com Mama Zen

      I MUST sleep under a fan!

    • brandy w

      we lived in phx and now we live in nc where it’s hot but the humidity will kill ya. i usually just wear a t shirt and panties, but if it’s really hot i just sleep in the nude.

    • Cindi

      Hi, I have lived in the hot and humid Midwest for all of my life. I stay indoors as much as possible during the heat of the day. I work in my flower garden early in the morning or evening. To cool off, I drink water and put a cold cloth on the back of my neck!
      In our home, I keep the shaded and draperies down and use the dryer and dishwasher early or evening.
      I also use the microwave as much as possible instead of the oven. For relaxing, I go to our bottom floor or in a room without direct sunlight! Please enter me in your fun giveaway. Thanks very much…..Cindi

    • Ann

      Well, in the summer we would have the airco on. I haven’t found anything comfy to wear yet during the night as everything seems to turn and twist around me at night. This set might actually do the trick. Thanks for the great give away!

    • http://thehomeschoolway.blogspot.com Betsy

      Sipping on an ice coffee in the a/c!

    • http://www.gseemoore.blogspot.com stacey moore

      a tank with a ceiling fan!! we would love to win!! thanks so much!!!

    • kate5405

      Being in the “power surge” time of my life, I need to keep cool during the night–year round. In the summer, I wear a sleepshirt and panties and use a light sheet for cover. We have a ceiling fan that also helps–no AC here in the Northwest.

    • http://comfortjoydesigns.blogspot.com/ Deborah

      Easy…less is more when one is trying to keep cool! ;)

    • Mary Sullivan


    • Sherrie

      We had no air conditioner for many years & our bedroom was located upstairs. Summers are hot and humid here so I use to wrap up in an oversized wet towel to find some comfort.

    • Janene Grace

      Warm sultry night that are too hot to stay inside bring us outside to the screened in porch. The crickets seranade us and the breeze cools us.

    • Patricia Schraier

      These are really nice.

    • Shannon

      I keep cool on hot, summer nights by wearing a cami and short, girlie shorts and sometimes sipping cool, refreshing cocktails.

    • israel y

      take a freezing cold shower, thanks for the contest!

    • Helen Keeler

      Great prize!

    • Kim Allmon

      We have central air, but our bedroom is upstairs and on hot days, it can get really warm on the 2nd floor of the house. We have a fan that we turn on in our bedroom when it gets uncomfortable. I personally like sleeping with just a crisp, cool cotton sheet!

    • Laurie Jameson

      perfect – gimme!

    • Dianne Osmundsen

      Keeping cool? With hot flashes it’s still a mystery how to keep cool. Just take it off if you can and stand in front of the fan.

    • Linda Cover

      I have to be cool and comfortable to sleep and if I win these would take care of both.

    • Linda Peters

      My favorite things to wear

    • http://mommainflipflops2.blogspot.com Andrea

      We like to have a fan blowing a cool breeze on us with a light sheet on! If it’s not reall humid, I love a light breeze coming in the window if the window is open. So relaxing! =) I’d love to try one of these, looks so nice and comfortable!

    • Andrea

      I wear something light with fabric that breathes.

    • Betty N

      We keep the airconditioner and a fan on at night.
      This set looks really nice. Love to have it.

    • karen james

      turn down the ac

    • Courtney Alcantara

      I live in the desert so Im basically used to the heat. I put a stand-up fan right next to me, that sometimes work.. but what you can do is put some water in the bowl, and freeze it til it gets hard.. take it out and put it on the window sill and set your fan next to it so it will blow cooler in the house when the fan is airing the same direction as the bowl is. Its hard to explain but you get the concept lol .. It works wonders for people who couldnt afford the air conditioning.

    • Ruth Eisen

      I go swimming at night. Then I come home, shower and change into some cool and comfy lingerie.

    • Dawn

      Less is more when its too hot to sleep. I prefer a light t-shirt and that is it.

    • das

      air conditioning!!! How people lived before air conditioning is something I cannot fathom.

    • http://rollbears@aol.com jenny

      Great idea Pick Me

    • http://www.thelistmaven.com Deborah

      This all reminds me of a song we used to sing in Girl Scout camp:

      I wear my pink pajamas in the summer when it’s hot,
      I wear my flannel nightie in the winter when it’s not,
      and sometimes in the springtime, and sometimes in the fall,
      I jump between the covers with nothing on at all.

    • Marissa

      We sleep with our windows open and I always have a glass of water on hand if I wake up too hot. But the Montana summers are typically mild enough that just leaving a window up makes for a refreshing night of sleep.
      Thanks for a fantastic giveaway! :)

    • Renee Griffin

      I Use a Window fan and very light to nothing. to keep cool.



    • Sandra Melnick

      I think it is a great idea. I’d love to wear them.

    • Vickie Belk

      Ice tea,an air conditioning ,an sometimes some ice cold watermelon,to cool off

    • Kathy Amos

      screened porch and cotton for me!!

    • Tom Steines

      sleep like a baby

    • Sara Amos

      wow! this is exactly what I need for hot nights here in the deep south! can’t go wrong with KN. Thanks for the great description!

      I keep cool by keeping still!

    • Barbara Richards

      I sleep with a thin T-shirt on but sometimes I wake up in the morning without it.Whew!!

    • http://www.thelistmaven.com Deborah

      I should probably add my favorite way to keep cool on very hot summer nights.

      After our son is in bed my husband and I like to go for a swim in the pool. We just float around and talk, sometimes we’ll bring a bottle of wine or my husband will make something icy in the blender.

      Then we’ll sit on our back deck without even drying off and hang out until we either go swimming again or it’s time for sleep.

    • Shilo

      I often lay down in front of the fan and have the windows open.

    • Teresa Hoyt

      I sleep with the windows open and the fan on.

    • sandra thomas

      I like my ceiling fan in the bedroom. I also like fresh air as much as possible.

    • Michael Hampton

      If I win it, I will wear it.



    • http://www.freewebs.com/shaythatcher Shay

      This is what I sleep in. Camy and panties.

    • ariane

      here in asia, especially in my country, it is really hot during summer seasons! and the best way i keep cool in summer nights is to wear comfortable and sleeveless dress to make me cool and fresh all the night. pls count me in!

    • Tammy Kennedy

      I live in florida and during the summer would like a nice set of these to keep me dry and comfortable, and they can be a nice sleep set when ready to laze around the house.
      I’m in the need of some modern underware styles but to cheap to buy. please send this hot granny some hip dayware/nightware…

    • Phyllis Silverstein

      I tie my hair back and lie in front of a cool fan. T-shirt is optional!

    • Patricia Simpkin

      I sleep in the nude with a ceiling fan running.

    • Margaret Carver

      I turn on ac andwear cmpy cool pjs.I also have a fan in my bedroom.Even during thewinter I like to sleep cool then snuggle up under heavy comfoter.

    • Susan Chester

      I am going through menopause and am hot all the time. To keep cool at night I take ice water to bed to sip on and have a small fan on.

    • P. KOPEC

      I find wearing a bathing suit and sitting by an open window with a fan works well……and the frozen margarita helps mucho!

    • Vicki Russell

      Lots of ice tea and central air

    • Jodi

      I sleep in just my panties

    • Louise Brouillette

      We have an attic fan with ceiling fans to keep the house cool.

    • Shannon Baas


    • Karen

      Eating ice cream to cool off!

    • Dana T

      A cold shower before I go to bed…

    • Brian Morin

      My wife would like this to sleep in this summer.

    • Aisling

      Until it gets really, really hot in St. Louis, I prefer to open the appropriate windows (it has something to do with wind “dynamics”) and turn on the attic fan.

    • Susan

      Drink a frozen margarita!

    • Barbara Moorman

      Fresh sheets, sprayed with a pleasantly scented linen spray, or line dried out in the sunlight, while sleeping beneath a gently turning ceiling fan, with soft music playing on the radio.

    • Wendy Wallach

      I like sleeping on satin sheets! They keep my skin cool and feel great at the same time!

    • jeanne pellin

      like most said…..on hot summer nights these would be perfect

    • Alice Rogers

      I sleep with the window wide open and the ceiling fan going.

    • Kayce C.

      I like to take a swim.

    • Kathryn

      Cotton tank and undies

    • Marilyn Wons

      I sip on ice tea!

    • Joanna Connor

      wearing light fabrics, and staying close to a fan.

    • Denise Mower

      I use small energy effecient airconditioner.

    • sandy

      crank up the air

    • nicole b

      it is impossible for me to sleep when it is hot so I have to have a fan running and a window open

    • Carol

      I sit in my bed with the air conditioner on, and I read a book and drink iced tea.

    • Tracey Byram

      I sleep with the air conditioner on, the fan blowing and wearing as little as possible.

    • Cynthia C

      I wear a light weight cotton nightie.

    • Adrienne Gordon

      I leave the windows open.

    • Laura

      we have a big fan next to the bed, it really helps.

    • Amber

      The best way to keep cool on summer nights is to eat entire pints of ice cream! Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia is my personal fave!

    • Anne Angelopoulos

      Wear as little as possible….

    • jannet

      Texas nights are very hot, but with air conditioning and a ceiling fan I stay cool. On those nights with hot flashes nothing seems to work.

    • Janice Whitaker

      Love to open the windows and let the cool night breeze in.

    • Rebecca Snodgrass

      drink something cold

    • Denyse

      How do I keep cool on a hot summer night? I live in FL and the summer nights are sooo hot and buggy- I have nothing fancy to say – I stay in the AC!

    • margaret herrin

      Cold showers and a fan.

    • Ashley Henley

      just a fan will work for me

    • Denise Smoot

      a spritzer spray bottle with water helps me stay cool

    • Linda Moeller

      Fresh air from wide open windows.

    • Vicky Boackle

      turn the ceiling fans on and eat ice cream.

    • Carol

      Never eat a hot meal when the temperature is going to be hot. Give up hot bath and close the curtains in the room all day to keep it cooler.

    • Lynde F

      I love to sleep with the windows open with a fan in each one!

    • Annette

      Sleep with a fan blowing on me.

    • Lisa G

      Less is best when it is humid hair up and light clothes. Oh and the air conditioner a must in my house. :)

    • Diana

      we run the ceiling fan with the windows open and wear very little.

    • lori williams

      two fans blowing on my naked body!

    • Staci K

      I sleep under a fan, with the a/c on, and wearing as little as possible.

    • Stephanie Kinchen

      I keep cool by staying indoors with the air conditioning running and drinking a cool refreshing beverage.

    • Alice C

      sleeping with the windows open

    • Christine

      I go for a dip in the pool to cool off. Thank you so much!

    • Jodi Fulkman

      Spray bottles and fans are how I usually keep cool.

    • Terri D

      Jump in the pool!

    • Monique Rizzo

      I keep cool by sleeping in my birthday suit with the fan blowing on me all night! And the window is open too.

    • Teresa

      This would help me to stay cool!

    • Linda

      Windows open, fan on

    • tim brown

      dip in the pool

    • Erica C.

      I sit in the kiddie pool in the backyard!

    • Rozetta

      Living here in Florida, we try pretty much everything to stay cool! I always sleep in very light pj’s and ceiling fan helps too. Thanks for a great contest!

    • janeh

      ceiling fan, open windows and popsicles…..

    • Stephanie V

      artificial air drives me nuts so I sleep in the nude

    • Valerie Furr

      I have to have th ceiling fan running as well as the air if it is very hot. No cover either.

    • Jennifer Barnett

      I sleep “au natural” with just a cool sheet to cover me. I also turn on the ceiling fan over the bed.

    • Angela J

      Keep a fan going, sleep on top of the sheets

    • denise

      The best way to keep cool is using silk sheets in bed.

    • Tarah

      Well, having the AC on is the best way – but I enjoy having the windows open with a nice breeze of fresh air blowing in.

    • Linda Lansford

      The pool is the best way

    • Tammy

      Open the windows and patio door, and sit in the cross breeze!

    • Deanna

      A nice cold gin and tonic! :)

    • Kimberly

      Sit out back on my deck and enjoy some Sangria with my husband under the Tiki Lamps while listening to the frogs and crickets. OOhhh I can’t wait until summer.

    • grace williams

      air conditioner

    • Shannon H.

      It’s all about Less and more:

      Less clothes, more fan.
      Less blankets, more AC.
      Less husband, more room in the bed :)

    • Michele G

      Cotton all the way!

    • Ann

      Before bed I take a nice cool shower, then it is a/c on, fan on and clothes off. Come morning I like to put on some light daywear. Thank you for the chance to win, good luck everyone and stay cool! :)

    • Judy

      I like to wear my husbands 100% cotton t-shirts and cotton undies. KN is much more feminine!

    • sue

      I love the ceiling fan

    • Molly Capel

      I stay cool during the night, by sleeping in as little clothes as possilbe, with a fan on.

    • michael woods

      Eating italian ice and massaging with ice cubes

    • Linda Ellis

      with the air conditioner on and a fan

    • Julie Ford

      Must have the fan on!!

    • Amir

      I keep cool by taking a dip in a pool!

    • Kristine Karpen

      Fan at the end of my bed.

    • trish

      Try not to be going through menopause………..then those nights can get pretty hot!

    • Karen A.

      I sleep with a very lightweight nightgown and the ceiling fan going.

    • Anne Dreher

      I sleep in my skivvies with a ceiling fan on.

    • connie s.

      I can’t sleep if it’s too hot and humid!!!

    • Pat

      I like to wear a ponytail and keep a cool washcloth on my neck. I also keep ice water nearby.

    • Dawn Bates

      Keeping cool in Texas is tough, especially during the hot summer months. Probably the only sure fire method is lounging in the pool.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Erica G

      Sleep only in undies and keep a tall glass of ice water next to me.

    • http://doreens-scrap-wonderland.blogspot.com Doreen

      Definitely have the A/C on!! :)

    • Jane K

      A cool breeze coming through a open window feels so good,

    • Susan

      they look great

    • Viva

      Mojitos…just kidding lol. A ceiling fan is a must.

    • LeahSB

      I shower and wash my hair in very cool water then dress in a cami/tank and panties.

    • christina singer

      I love a glass of oced tea and dipping my toes in the pond before bed when it’s just awful hot.

    • Bradley Baker

      Just take everything off and turn on the fan.

    • Janice J

      I keep all doors and windows with screens open, and if that doesn’t do the trick I also turn on a fan.

    • Pamela D

      I’m in peri-menopause *aka flashes of the netherworld among other lovely hormonal issues* and with humidity here hovering between 75% and 85% much of the time, the wicking sounds wonderful!
      Great giveaway prize!

    • Belinda

      I use the ceiling fans and enjoy cold drinks.

    • Stacey Brown

      Sitting in the pool with a nice cold drink!!

    • Kathy Scott

      In Idaho, we do not have air conditioning, so it is open windows and ceiling fans.

    • Denise

      I take a cool shower

    • Kathy Conley

      In a swimming pool

    • Lisa Fosses

      I like “If you Give a Mouse a Cookie” Mommy & Me Set with Book

    • Leesa Johnson

      I sit outside on my balcony…nekked! (I live in the country.)

    • Janice Wright

      I sleep in my bra & panties when it’s really warm.

    • Janet F

      I take a cool shower and turn on that air-conditioner

    • Rachel Fox

      Keep the fan on high all night long!

    • Judy G

      I turn our air on, since we only have window air,
      I put a fan in the hallway to blow the air in the bedroom, turn the bedroom ceiling fan and put on a light t-shirt to sleep in, thank you

    • Michele

      Crunchy salad and cool drinks. Cute set!

    • Jennifer

      Lots of environmentally unfriendly air conditioning. I do my part in every other way, but I need my AC to sleep.

    • Kate

      ceiling fans going in every room with the windows open

    • http://www.bebemiqui.blogspot.com Bebemiqui

      I’m somehow convinced that drinking hot tea helps me cool down in the summer. It’s wacky (and probably crazy), but that’s what I do.

    • Jessica

      I love to keep a bag of frozen peas in my bra, it’s a tip I got from my mom when she was experiencing hot flashes-it’s quick and it works like nothing else!


      soak your feet in cool water w/ peppermint in the water

    • valerie mabrey

      I love a cold shower and some cold water by my bed

    • Jessica Applegate

      window open and the fan on medium

    • Suzie

      It gets so hot here during the summer that it’s almost impossible to stay cool. One thing that helps is spritz the sheets with ice water in a spray bottle before we lay down. As long as my pillows nice and cool, I can fall asleep.

    • Susan

      I turn the heater on the waterbed off….keeps my body cool on the hottest of nights!

    • Sarah Hirsch

      I never really have a problem. I always drink a cold glass of water before bed so maybe that helps cool me down a bit before sleeping.

    • Amber Utpatel

      play in the sprinkler

    • http://me-lace.blogspot.com lace

      A window open on each side of the room so that I get a cross breeze and a ceiling fan. We don’t have AC so that is as cool as I can get.

    • Elizabeth Tessing

      I take a cool shower and wear my undies and a tank top to sleep. I also have been known to turn on the celing fan a window fan at the same time. Would love to win this set. It’s adorable.

    • Louis Huf

      enter me please, thank you for the contest

      silk sheets, cool drinks

    • Sharold Friedrich

      Central Air conditioning.

    • Kathy Davis

      AC and nice cool glass of ice tea before I go to bed

    • Peggy Miller

      Put the AC on cold!

    • Tanja

      turn AC on :)

    • Samantha Pruitt

      i open a window that’s right by my bed and sleep in the smallest amount of clothing possible

    • Jill Rivera

      I sleep with my feet out of the covers because I am always hot.

    • Sylvia Porter

      if i’m hot at night i usually open all the windows in my room!

    • Gayle Morgan

      a glass of tea or a cold beer

    • Jodene Gildea

      Sit outside with a glass of wine, if it’s really hot I’ll sit in the pool.

    • Sue Farrell

      The only way I can sleep at night in the summer (and spring and fall) is to have the air conditioner going full blast. My poor husband has given up complaining about the electric bill.

    • Kayce C.

      I like to keep cool by turning the air conditioner temperature down.

    • Wendy B

      Take it off. Take it *all* off.

    • Sarah Mitchell

      Those hot flashes can really drive you crazy! I dealt with mine for three years until I finally gave in and started hormone therapy. But setting the thermostat to a comfortable setting helped me along with 1200 thread count sheets that always seem to be cool. A glass of ice water in a thermal drink holder by my bedside was always handy. Either for drinking or dousing my hot spots worked too.

    • Anita Yancey

      I like to take a cool shower just before bed.

    • Miranda Allen

      On a Screen porch with a glass of sweet tea

    • Michelle

      Unfortunately, I have a phobia about sleeping nude so I’ll wear a short, light nightie and go commando with a fan on. Oh and I kick the dogs off the bed because their bodies are like tiny furnaces.

    • Karrie M

      by sleeping in a cami and panties with the ac down

    • Angelique Smola

      I take a cool shower before bed. I use the central air plus i have a small fan by my bed side.

    • Sherre Schwartz

      well I sleep with a fan on and in my shorts and a tshirt incase of an emeregency

    • Jill Brott

      Night time swim cools your whole body

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    • Beth

      I love fresh clean sheets on a hot night. Somehow they make it seem cooler. I also cannot sleep without a fan on…even in the freezing winter months!

    • Kamber

      On a hot summer night I sleep with the window open, two fans on and no blanket. It usually does the trick. If not a cold wash rag on my forehead works wonders.

    • Teri Meairs

      The ocean is beside me, and the marsh (I like to call it the oceans nursuery, where babies grow) is directly in front. The soothing ocean sounds, and the gentle breeze make it pretty easy! These sets look and sound comfortable, almost like wearing nothing! I have reached the age of hotflashes, and it can be miserablee. I would love to try these, thanx!

    • jennifer bowen

      well how i keep cool on a hot summer night well i go swiming and take long walks by the water fount and just befor bed time any way i would love to win this thanks jenny96753092yahoo.com

    • Paula

      Not that hot at night where I live–so, I usually have something cool and cotton on at night. This set would be perfect!

    • Julieh

      A dip in the pool under the stars before bed keeps me cool.

    • Anthony Hedden


    • Kristie Noguera

      I like to take a quick dip in the 2 foot high kiddie pool.

    • Johannah B

      We have air conditioning and it is always pretty cold in our house — so we stay in on hot summer nights!!

    • Sarah Stern

      I hate to be hot when I’m trying to sleep, so on really hot nights I’ll slip a gel icepack into my pillowcase.

    • janet lindsey

      in order to keep cool you should drink cold drinks and wear thin material such as silk, or rayon.

    • Rose ROberts

      I keep a big glass of ice by the bed – to munch on – and have a fan blowing on me – aaahhh it feels wonderful – til i have to get up and go to the bathroom

    • Leigh N

      Moonbathing under the stars :)

    • jayne

      Cold showers!!

    • Karen Matlock

      One leg out of the blanket and the fan on full blast!

    • Tia W.

      I like to take a cool shower right before bed.

    • Beth G

      I usually sleep in a cotton tank and panties, or else nothing. During the summer, the windows are open and there’s always at least one fan going in the bedroom. When it’s really warm, I take a cool shower before bed. I also keep a small fan & a bottle of water on my night table for when those hot flashes hit during the night.

    • cheryl k

      aahh…. menopause does strange things, no? i prefer to sleep in one of his shirts as they are so (very) large it allows for lotsa circulation!

    • elena

      Hot bath before bed

    • Ilissa H.

      Usually just underwear with a light sheet with the window open. If it is too hot I can’t sleep.

    • joanne117

      A cold shower before bed does the trick.

    • Laura Emerson

      I take a bowl of ice sprinkled with lavender water and put it in front of a fan. Not only does it cool you off but the room smells so refreshing and relaxing!

    • Charity

      I like having a tall glass of ice water by my bed. I can drink the water, then I eat the ice later.

    • Tina Rath

      Cool shower and lightweight cotton nighty!

    • Paula Hafner

      I like to put on a t-shirt and shorts and lay in front of a fan.

    • Elizabeth M.

      I put the ceiling fan on low and keep one leg out from under the sheets.

    • susan p

      please enter me thanks

    • Carla Spence

      I get a nice cold shower, sleep with just a light sheet and have the ceiling fan blowing. I can’t wait for those hot summer nights!

    • Tesa S

      I walk around barefoot and in my underwear all day.

    • B Wilson

      Sleeping shirtless with the ceiling fan on high, seems to do trick.

    • judy chapman

      a fan in the window does the trick.

    • Pamela White

      I spray the sheets with water and have a fan pointed at me.

    • joan o

      I live in Fl so it is always hot – I sleep in as little as possible and keep a fan on all night.

    • Christine E.

      Go for a night swim or take a shower, eat some ice cream.

    • Lisa G.

      I wear a light cotton tank and shorts and use a misting fan to help beat the heat.

    • Janea

      I like to sleep with just a top sheet and the windows wide open.

    • Bobbye F

      I sleep with the fan on and a light sheet on my feet!

    • Cami Thompson

      legs outside the blanket and snuggled up inside

    • Melissa V

      cool shower, the ac, and cute panties of course! :) i like the KN ones. thanks for the contest!

    • Michelle Simons

      I wear shorts and get out the ice packs in my freezer.

    • brandy wilson

      I turn the fan on full blast in my room!

    • Renee Turner

      My favorite way to stay cool on a hot summer night is to break out the sno-cone maker and enjoy a refreshing sno-cone.

    • Lindsay

      I live in Arizona and it gets really hot here, so to keep cool at night I take a cool shower and keep the fan on overhead.

    • julie

      Hello, live in florida..humid and hot..love comfy and cool things like soft materials and sleeping under a fan

    • Rachel Kaiser

      I sleep in just a T shirt with the fan blowing on me all night!

    • Brittany Rebello

      If I’m outside I tend to carry a spray bottle with me and spritz my face when its super hot ( I live in FL) and if I am inside I keep the fan running constantly and wear shorter PJs! :)

    • Melanie Miller

      I keep cool by using ice cold spray on my body and also apply a refrigerator cool skin care mask to my face.

    • Mary M,

      take a cool shower, drink cold water, air conditioner

    • jen gersch

      iced coffee

    • Michelle Curtis

      I live in florida so its hot even in the winter most of the time. I usually have to put the air condition down low the fan on high and some ugly tee shirt and some boxers. I want to be sexy and COOL.

    • Pegi L

      These are the thing I wear

    • Angie P

      I take a lukewarm shower before bed and sleep with a fan & a/c on.

    • dorothy

      go for a night swim

    • Karen M

      Fresh clean sheets, a Strawberry Coolatta from Dunkin Donuts and a nice fan.

    • sandy hermanson

      strawberries with cool whip

    • Carissa

      I run the air conditioner and sleep in lightweight shorts and tees.

    • Eileen D

      I live in Fl, so a cool shower, a/c on (78 degrees will do) to hold down the humidity, the celing fan on and a light, soft fabric to keep things cool.

    • Dara Nix

      After a long day at the beach, there is nothing better than taking sheets out of the freezer (yes … the freezer) and putting them on your bed. It is soooooo soothing!

    • Rachael

      Open a window or use air conditioning or fan

    • Felicia Shapiro

      Best way to keep cool is to eat ice cream.

    • Pamela Hansen

      i keep cool by sleeping with a fan and very light sheet

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    • Marion Burgess

      I put on ceiling fan or air conditioning depending on how humid it is and just use a light sheet to cover me up.

    • Heather

      I keep a fan running to catch the breeze from an open window and sleep with nice crisp cool sheets.

    • Teresa

      On a hot summer night, I keep cool by filling a spray bottle with cold water and spritzing myself.

    • Kobi Hendrix

      We put a bowl of ice behind our fan. The fan blows colder air out that way

    • kathy pease

      fans.. please enter me:)

    • Diane

      The only way I can keep cool during hot summer nights is to use a combination of the A/C, a thin sheet, and a good reflex in the legs when the (four) cats decide it’s time to pile on me and make a kitty-blanket!

    • Brandy

      Nothing but lightweight sheets on the bed, and sometimes a cool soak right before turning in for the night ;)

    • Hema

      I am from India where it is hot all the time..so shorts and tees do the trick.

    • Jim Cincinello

      We use the ceiling fans.

    • ~ Aliesa ~

      ~I sleep in a T-Shirt with the window open~

    • Sherry Conrad

      I am a crank up the ac kinda girl, the heat does me in every time unless I am right on the ocean, which I am unfortunately not at the moment.

    • http://www.dailyobservations.blogspot.com tricia

      I put my nightgown in the freezer, and cool my sheets with an ice pack :)

    • Janet M


    • Bonnie Daiello

      Turn on a tower fan and aim it right towards you.

    • Michelle H.

      I can’t stand the heat. I have to have air conditioning in the summer.

    • * * HeLeN * *

      On a hot night I sleep with the window open and two fans circulating!

    • Bari

      Cold showers and cold ice cream keep me cool

    • Terri B


    • Tisa

      I whine and move the least amount possible! ~ :)

    • Terri Lannan

      I use the AC (way more than my husband would like) and a fan.

    • Becky Grady

      I take a nice cool bath and crank up the air conditioner.

    • Theresa Wagner

      a cool shower, a window fan and a cold glass of iced tea.

    • Michelle Rosborough

      A nice cool bath.

    • Kristen Hendricks

      I keep cool on hot summer nights by not sleeping with any blankets. I feel much cooler without any blankets on hot summer nights. This is a great giveaway and I really hope I win. Thanks.

    • http://thriftyjinxy.blogspot.com/ C Duran

      I like to sit in the back yard with a breeze and an ice cold glass of iced tea.

    • Sandy

      I sleep with the fan on and only in my underwear.

    • http://n/a A Casson

      … stay cool by chilling in the lounge chair on the back patio sipping my iced tea and enjoying nite breezes

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