Michael Kors Tie Dye Seersucker Short, Yay or Nay?


*Image Via Nordstrom.

As soon as I saw this Michael Kors Tie Dye Seersucker Shorts I asked my husband if he would wear it. He gave me his resounding answer of  NO. I informed him that “good coz I’m about to NAY it” to which he reciprocated with “Freaking NAY the HELL out of it“.

Sorry Michael Kors. Maybe your tie dye shorts would get a different reaction from the other She Knows Best Men. Guys? Is this Michael Kors Tie Dye Seersucker Shorts a YAY? or a NAY?

If you’re a YAY and want to buy it, well by all means, go to Nordstrom :).

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    • Mikel

      Totally NAY.

    • peyton

      these look great and he looks great in them.

    • http://www.startriteshoes.com Boys Footwear

      That is going back to the 50′s..I kinda off like it

    • http://www.styleosophy.com styleosophy

      I would not recommend this look for any of my clients. They are different, and may be better looking with the shirt out, but in this mode they are unflattering.

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