Consumer Reports On The Best Bras conducted a very important bra investigation ;) recently and you’d be surprised(or not) but definitely happy to know that Cheap Bras Are The Best!

So how exactly did Consumer Reports did their research? Well, they bought 3 different brand of bras, similar styles(seamless, with lightly padded cups) and sizes(34B). CR handwashed the bras 3 times, and gave it to 3 women each wears 34B bra sizes. They also had experts and a lingerie designer to check the construction of the bras. Here are the results :

la-perla-bra La Perla Vintage, $127 :  The bra, sold at several high-end stores, boasts top-quality materials, nicely contoured cups, and flexible, well-padded underwire that won’t cut into skin. But after three gentle hand-washes, the elastic material in the back twisted and curled, and stitching on straps puckered.


More of the Consumer Reports bra research after the fold…

victorias-secret-bra Victoria’s Secret Ipex demi, $45 : It has cozy fabric and cups that provide coverage without bulk. But the underwire may pinch, since fabric around it is thinner than in others, and strap stitching is flimsy. Poor cut of the fabric on sides made it pucker, and the straps curled in the wash.


gilligan-omalley-bra Gilligan & O’Malley padded demi, $11 : Bra-vo! It has better cup molding than the Victoria’s Secret bra; the underwire is flexible and well padded, so it won’t pinch or poke. This bra (sold at Target) also held up better after washing. All three panelists found it comfortable, with a good fit.

*SOURCE. *All Images Via Press With Permission.

There you go. If you think spending $100 or more on a bra will make you feel better, physically and financially, think again. :).

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    • Adiel

      I still love my Vickie’s bras…

    • Dexie

      I do too :)

    • ali

      Thanks for the bra advice. I’m going to try the Gilligan bra since I’m on a tight budget right now. This blog is becoming my favorite and most helpful shopping source!!! Keep it up!

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    • mare

      In their ShopSmart bra section, I loved all the fitting as well care tips!

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    • Laura V

      That ain’t gonna do the big-breasted among us any good, let me tell you. (None of those three brands even make my cup size. It is not actually possible for me to buy a bra that fits for less than $50 unless there’s a sale.) Thanks for nothing, Consumer Reports! :D

    • Erica

      To bad only the expensive brands make bra sizes to fit all shapes and sizes. I’m a 30F I dare you to find me an $11 dollar bra at Target. We’ll be BFFs if you do.

    • jen

      i wear a 34D and i agree with erica, find me a good bra for 11$ and i’ll love you forever. hell, find me a 34D and the same goes. it seems like no one makes that size. ive resorted to making my own. thank god i know how to sew. and at least i can guarantee materials, construction and fit. but even with that it still gets expensive.

    • Sophie

      Nice post. The Gilligan bra is very good for the price of course. My experience most of the time is that you can find good bargains in the $20-$40 range but make sure you look for sales.

    • Autumn

      Yeah, it is a lot more difficult to find styles that go beyond a C cup. Occasionally there’s a 34D at wal-mart, I question their sizing though. I’ve bought from there and they were still too small as far as the cups went.

      I think there needs to be a bustier part two to this.

      Don’t buy bra’s from Fashion bug.

    • Sharon

      How do us full figured girls find a good bra? We need ones with support that are comfortable too. Why is it next to impossible to find a good comfortable, supportable bra? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • Tania

      Yeah seriously, the kink in this is the bigger sizes. If I was a size A or B I’d have no trouble buying cheap bras–there’s nothing much to support. I HAVE to spend over 100 dollars on most bras because those are the only companies to come in my size!

    • Tania

      Sharon, in response to your question here are some of my ideas. I’ve been having good luck lately with Lane Bryant. 30 to 40 dollars a bra and they’re supportive and sexy for the most part. The bigger sizes…not so much. TRY THEM ON THOUGH. I’m normally a 42DDD or bigger but in their bras I’m a 38DD. I’ve had a lot of luck with all Prima Donna bras. I’ve had three of them for 4 or 5 years now and they’re still in great condition. If you live near one, try going to a myintimacy. They’ll hook you up.

    • Jenny

      Interesting to find that Victoria’s did not fair as well as a Gilligan bra, and the price difference as well!

    • bkmabrey

      I’m so happy to hear that the bra sold at Target fared well!

    • Fay

      That Perla one is way too expensive.

      That Target one… I need to try that out.

    • Tanya

      We don’t have target in Canada :(

    • Jenny

      I would like to try the VS Ipex. I am a VS bra gal!

    • Jenny

      An 11.oo bra sound like a great deal!

    • Dixie

      Ah bras-a seriously neglected part of my wardrobe-my only advice-when you find a great one-buy as many as you can afford-you never know when those fickle bra companys will discontinue your favorite.

    • Tanya

      my bewbs never had VS on em

    • Pearl

      thank you for sharing this review, i’ve been looking for the best bra out there

    • BKMabrey

      i need some new bras.i think i’ll check target out

    • Fay

      Wonder if the Perla is worth all that money.

    • Fay

      I love regular hanes.

    • Fay

      I think they’re comfy and great.


      appreciate the report


      thanks dexie

    • Rosanne Morrison


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