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Looking Your Best in Photographs

michelle-cascio-photography-modeling With wedding and prom season here (can you believe it is here already?), you might be interested in some great tips I received from Michelle Cascio.  Michelle is a photographer with an expertise in modeling and helps models get a leg up with the agencies.  I asked her two questions that I was interested in hearing her answers to, and I hope her answers will be helpful to you too!

What are 5 beauty/style related things that people can do to prepare when they know they are going to have their picture taken and want to look their best (whether candid or studio)?

  1. Clothing: Reds, Blues, and Greens look the best on film. Remember, that’s not Pink or Teal, but solid primary colors.
  2. Smile in, not up. If you take your smile and bring it straight back it will prevent you from getting that spray of wrinkles around the eyes. The smiles with only the top teeth showing tend to be the most flattering.
  3. Dress for your waist so that clothes come in at the waist. Your waist is your most important figure feature. I see loads of people trying to,”hide” extra pounds with layers of clothing and in doing so they actually add extra pounds visually.
  4. Next time you are checking out those magazines, look at the models and mimic their pose.
  5. Shoulders back, face forward and chin slightly down. This simple step will help you lose the dreaded double chin and if your shoulders are back, your arms look thinner.

Keep on reading for the 5 biggest mistakes and more about Michelle’s business.

Image:  (c) Michelle Cascio, used w/permission

How about the 5 biggest mistakes that people make when preparing?

  1. Know your face. If you have a crooked smile see which side is higher and practice pulling the opposite side to compensate. Let’s say one of your eyes are bigger than the other, try to squint it slightly to compensate or angle your head a little. Spend some time in the mirror.  
  2. Don’t stand wide at the camera. I see people stand with their waist toward the camera… Unless you are a size 0 or 2… Don’t do it. If you point one hip toward the camera you will loose inches from your waist.
  3. Don’t cut yourself off. If you know you are going to have a picture taken, don’t wear things that are going to make you look short and wide. Capri pants are notorious for making women’s figures look undesirable.  
  4. No mug shot please. Sometimes people get so scared of getting their picture you can actually see them thinking,”get it over with already”. Relax, think to yourself, this time I’m going to look like I do when I’m primping in the mirror. Practice smiling with your eyes to convey life and inner happiness.
  5. Don’t be stiff. Try giving yourself some angles. Put your thumb in your pocket. Shift your weight from one foot to the other. If you’re standing, cross one foot over the other. All of these little tricks add dimension and interest to your picture.

Michelle Cascio conducts monthly workshops for models for them to learn and network with folks that can give them a leg up in the business.  Give Michelle a call if you are in the Chicago or Milwaukee area and you might be interested in getting a start modeling (262-997-0823), or even if you would like to ask her some questions – she is super sweet and so happy to help!

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  • http://www.juniorcelebs.com Nikki

    I always always always keep my shoulders back, and most often put my arms behind my back completely!! That way my shoulders look toned, not chubby :) Thanks for all the other tips!

  • http://www.myspace.com/want4plane1 Beau Nelson

    Awesome article! That Michelle Cascio is one amazing and brilliant person. She is way too kind to be sharing these secrets with us.


  • Chad

    Take my advice, listen to Michelle. I’ve actually had the pleasure of working with her several times, and her expertise and attention to detail has helped mold the careers of many start-up models, mine included. And if you’re looking to expand a portfolio, she would come highly recommended from ANYONE she’s worked with!!

  • http://www.mapleleaftwo.com/ Tris Hussey

    Those are great tips. You can also do chip up and crane forward for the chin problem.

    And being a little angled to the camera always adds a little extra punch too.

  • http://www.myspace.com/kristinhairandmakeup Kristin Murphy

    Anyone who is considering modeling should meet with Michelle. I have been providing hair and makeup services for several of Michelle’s models and I enjoy watching their careers take off! I have met some very nice and talented people along the way, and some very sweet friends!

  • http://www.sunehra.blogspot.com beautytalk

    Great tips! The one about preventing a double chin is especially useful.

  • http://www.myspace.com/houndstoothtrenchcoat Andrea

    Good tips! I have a round face and struggle with the appearance of a double chin in photos.

    Thank you for the expert words of advice. I would love to meet Michelle sometime and take notes :)

  • Andrea K

    Michelle is on the mark. Great article and great tips! Use them.

  • Brenna Revis

    Michelle is the best, and has helped me along the way in the modeling industry. She is a great person to ask for help and is very knowledgeable
    at what she does. She is the sweetest person you could ever meet. By the way, these are some great tips to keep in mind!

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  • Ronnie Roscioli-Greco

    Michelle’s models have graced the window of the Eclectic Angel in Kenosha and along with Kristin Murphy’s talent in vintage hair styles and make-up the models are the talk of the town!They are fabulous!

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  • Jodi Galush

    I have been working with Michelle for about a year. I have a clothing business that she has taken many photos for. Her photography and models been fantastic! Her enthusiasm, energy, awesome ideas and tips are endless! I have never met anyone in my life so willing to help others suceed and reach their goals.

    I would definitely recommend Michelle Cascio for any photography, modeling instruction and placement. She is absolutely great!!

  • http://fivefavoritethings.blogspot.com/ Moe

    Tips to live by. My MIL is a fanatic with the camera so these will come in handy.

    A problem I seem to notice is bulging eyes. Some people tend to hold their eyes open unnaturally until the picture is taken (to avoid the closed eye mishap) which isn’t a problem except they hold them open so wide. The same advice given for the smile works for the eyes too.

  • http://www.greeblemonkey.com Greeblemonkey

    I always tell people to “think gorgeous!” – It’s amazing how much better the shots look when they are not trying to hide from the camera and embracing the moment instead!

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  • http://vlynn.livejournal.com vlynn

    Another helpful tip is exhaling just before the shutter click. Too many people take a deep inhale and end up looking stiff or like a puffed-up baby bird. Shoulders should be back *and* relaxed down.

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  • salami michael obadele

    what about me?