• Sun, Apr 13 2008

Spinlash–Finally Clump Free Volumized Lashes

makeup minute spinlashSo you love how your mascara lengthens but you hate that the formula is clumpy– Spinlash was created just for you. Designed to rotate 360 degrees in either direction to coat your upper and lower lashes, this synthetic brush glides smoothly through each lash giving you more volume and more perfectly separated lashes than ever before.

Spinlash will require you to add a little more time to your makeup routine, as the mascara head rotates slowly to get every lash and it’s not something you just brush on. I thought it was going to be awkward to have this rotating wand near my eye, but Spinlash is super gentle and it was pretty neat to see my lashes come to life.

While Spinlash comes with its own mascara, you can use any mascara with this product. For the image above I used the mascara that came with Spinlash, but I intend to try it out with my Lancome High Definicils. Although High Definicils didn’t clump going on, looking back at the picture I had posted, my lashes did tend to stick together. Looking at that picture and then coming back and looking at this one–you can see the difference.

While I may not use this everyday, I think it will definitely be used for when I plan to go out.

www.spinlash.com $14.95

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  • http://Spinlash Pat Hill

    I would like to knwo if you give free sample of this spinlash. I woul like to try it to see if it is all that it is suppose to be, and to do. Please e-mail me and if so, I will send you my address. This sounds real good, now I would like to see. Thanks

    Pat Hill

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Hi Pat,

    You could email Spinlash and ask them if they give samples, but most likely they don’t. They usually only go out to beauty editors.

  • Robin

    It works great. Use it with your own mascara

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  • http://www.makeupminute.com/spinlash-finally-clump-free-volumized-lashes/ Barbara

    I am interested in the possibility this product MAY work…but not willing to pay for yet another disappointment by infomercials.
    Will you send a free sample?
    If so, I prefer black mascara.
    I have just thrown out a box full of makeup that did not live up to it’s commercial.
    I work hard for my money.

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Barbara, I’m not sure why you are asking me to mail you a sample…? I only reviewed the product–this is a makeup blog.

  • Sylvia Spingler

    I really want to try spinlash – I see a price of 19.95 on their website – but looks like they send 2. Other sites chg 14.95, but do they send 2? or 1?

  • Sylvia Spingler

    what do you think of l’oreal lash extensions?
    I just saw their ad – worth trying??? How expensive is this product??