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Beauty Formulas Hair Removal Mini Cold Wax Strips

Beauty Formulas
Cold Wax Strips

A convenient and easy way to ensure effective long lasting hair removal leaving your skin hair free for up to 4 weeks.

With my recent trip to the beach (happened over the weekend btw), I did a bit of shopping in preparation for it. I got to thinking about hair removal and came across a few things that can help on that matter.

Actually, Sophie had a little something to do in introducing the idea into my head. That’s why when I saw this product on the shelf, I thought it wouldn’t do much harm if I experiment a bit. Besides, we all worry about the bikini line during beach season, right? The wax strips are also used on facial hair but, fortunately, I don’t have that sort of problem. So, my experiment only involved the former.

Suggested application:
For best results, hair should be between 3-4 mm long.
Make sure your skin is clean, dry, not irritated and free of oils and creams.
For best results, warm the wax slightly by rubbing between your fingers for 30 seconds and slowly peel the strips apart. Allow longer if required.
Remove any excess wax with a cotton wool pad or tissue moistened with baby oil.

Important Note: Never use soap, water, or alcohol to wipe away any traces of wax.

Beauty Formulas, Mini Cold Wax Strips

First of all, waxing is not for the faint-hearted. It will hurt. It will sting. You’ve got to prepare yourself for pain if you’re going this route. The wax strips are called cold since the wax isn’t prepared the same way like most waxing techniques. It can be used at room temperature. Easy to use. Just peel the strips off, apply on your skin then peel it off — removing the hair on your skin. Er, ideally.

Sadly, I’m not at all impressed with the wax strips. Apart from the painful process, hair removal isn’t 100% effective. Even when it’s economical since you can re-use the strip until desired result, having to do the task over and over isn’t what I call efficient. Using it on a small area as the bikini line, I believe that spending 30 minutes on this one task is too impractical.

Also, remember when it said that you can easily remove excess wax with just apply baby oil with cotton swabs on your skin? Well, I did that but there’s a red mark that’ll be left on the skin which won’t go away until a day or two. The area will have prickly skin (seemingly like gooseflesh), too. And if you pulled the strip in the wrong direction, there’s a possibility that you’ll wound yourself.

But to balance things out, after a couple days, my skin feels unbelievably smooth. I’m still not sure how long this will last. You know, before the hair grows back. I’ll make sure to let you guys know.

Anyway, if you decide to use it, make sure you schedule it a few days before you “show off” your skin.

P.S. Do you think it wise to use it to shape my eyebrows?

Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel

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    • GamerDarling

      Why use that? It’s like $8 bucks a month to have an esthetician do it for you.

      I actually use Nair’s version of these strips on my legs and I just thought I’d point a couple things out to that might be helpful…

      Taut skin. If you pull the skin tight before pulling the strip off it removes the hair far more efficiently, and with less pain.

      When applying, smooth the wax strip in the direction of the hair growth to get the best pull. You’ll miss hairs if you smooth against the growth.

      I actually use peanut butter rather than baby oil. which sounds weird, but because of it’s consistency it works better and is less messy.

      Always use an after treatment oil. I would actually call a local spa and ask them which they use. Usually the spa will carry any product used in their treatments, so you should be able to pick it up from them.

      Don’t forget upkeep. Ingrown hairs are common with waxing. Once the irritation has gone down make sure to use a scrub. Sugar scrubs are amazing.

    • Sophie

      Veet rules. I also used Beauty Formulas before, but I’m a firm convert of VEEET as I waxed my legs 30 minutes before my trip last weekend! I was stunned! Will post about it in a bit :D

    • Sasha Manuel

      Taut skin. Directional application and pull. Done all that as per instructions on the box.

      I do find using peanut butter as weird. Er, not entirely sure if I’m open to that.

    • Sasha Manuel

      Hey, Soph! I’m actually going to try VEET one of these days. I already bought a tube. It’s all part of the grand plan on experimenting on hair removers. LOL. ;) Can’t wait to read your review! :)

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    • tahn

      I actually tried this years back before I discovered veet. One thing is it does not get all the hair. There are still little strands of hair that the wax cannot seem to take off. But when I used veet, those little strands were not a problem anymore.

    • Sasha Manuel

      Another Veet fan. Thanks for sharing. :)

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    • paula

      wat kind of VEET do u guys use? i almost bought at home wax stuff but i am too scared and too shy to go to a salon. im scared bc ive used VEET foam stuff, left it on for 4 minutes and afterwards my skin looked like a cat had gone crazy on my legs with scratching! hurt soooooooooo bad. :(

    • Sasha Manuel

      I haven’t used the VEET tube that I have. It’s wax.

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    • blue

      uhmmm, i’ve just tried beauty formulas’ wax strip like 30 minutes ago and yeah, it didn’t actually remove the little strands or more of the shorter strands. is it true that it’ll take like 4 weeks before the hair will grow back? what kind of veet product are you using? i mean your best ever tried hair removal?

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    • Charlene

      I’ve tried these cold wax strips and it’s never as effective as having someone else do the job for you. Try Lay Bare Waxing Salon in Metro Manila — it’s fast, affordable, and relatively painless. Women’s services range from Php100 (eyebrow, upper lip) to Php1500 (full body). Prices are Php50-100 higher for men.

      Visit for more info. You can book an appointment online, call your nearest branch or text 0917LAYBARE :)

    • Tracy

      actually, I use Nads strips on my mom’s arms… she is 73 and has bad thick dark hair on her arms from diabetic meds she’s taking… it works great and the odd hair missed I just tweeze. They also include these little packaged wipes for any stickiness left behind. I wouldn’t use anything else.

    • fecansek

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    • tiff

      I used this product the way you would use it. It’s not as good as Veet’s cold wax. As for the reusing. I reused it for 5 times and it wouldn’t stick to anything anymore after that. Also after using it, the following day althought I didn’t mind the few hairs that was left there, it made the skin of my legs peel. i don’t think it’s the soap I used since my legs are the only ones that are shedding the skin. I don’t think it’s the baby oil since I used that before. I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction too since my legs aren’t inflamed or itchy. if it’s supposed to do that, i don’t think so. This product is a BIG disappointment

    • jeanevee Valdez

      Hi Good day!

      where can we contact distributors on your Beauty Formula Products here in the philippines?

      Thank you