• Tue, Apr 22 2008

Sean P Diddy Loves His Diamond Cross Pendant Necklace


*Image Via BuzzFoto.

I guess if your diamond encrusted cross pendant necklace is as expensive(I’m assuming) as Sean P. Diddy Combs’ necklace, you’d wear it often too. This time though, Diddy opted for a white zip-up hoody. The last time we saw him wear this cross necklace, he was sporting an all-black ensemble which gave us a Lesson In Wearing Blings ala P.Diddy.

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  • http://www.beauty-blogs.com Armine Abrahamyan

    I like his so much. He is great and very different from other and that is what makes him so special!


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  • Casey H

    What really is his freakin name these days? Puffy, fluffy, doody, Diddy, P Puff, Sean P, seriously… how many times can one man change his name!?!?!

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  • Alex Pratt

    A cross pendant necklace should be worn with a plain white t-shirt only

  • http://www.beatitudescross.com/our-products-silver-necklaces-c-4_1.html Sterling silver cross pendants

    The guy always knew how to choose his crosses :) Loads and loads of diamonds! :D