Michael Kors Tie-Dye Polo Shirt, Yay Or Nay


*Image Via Neiman Marcus.

First it was the tie-dye seersucker short, now it’s the Michael Kors Tie-Dye Polo shirt. Compare to the shorts I actually like the tie-dye shirt. I love the sky blue and white tie-dye work. Very refreshing with white chinos or jeans, don’t you think? Very Hampton’s. So this tie-dye polo shirt gets a YAY from me. How about you? Find it at Neiman Marcus for $175.


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    • http://mike mike

      NAY! this is a terrible idea in the fashion world.

      from, Mike

    • Denise

      I dig it totally! It is awesome — I knew kors had a sense of humor!

    • debbie

      Yay, Kewl!