• Sat, Apr 26 2008

Caption Contest

Brody is going to turn 1 on May 14th and I can hardly believe it. Now that he is crawling, he’s into everything and moves at the speed of light. Two days ago I heard him laughing with his older brother Duncan. I came around the corner to capture the brotherly love moment on camera and what do my wondering eyes do appear–but my big boy standing for the very first time.

Duncan and Brody2

Give this picture a caption. Best caption wins themself a free Spinlash. Contest ends April 30th; Winner announced May 1st.

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  • Tammy

    Since caption contests remind me of LOLCats and LOLDogs (see icanhascheezburger.com if you are unfamiliar…) I am captioning in LOLstyle:

    “I can haz birfday?”

  • Tammy

    And also as a side note, that spinning mascara looks so cool!

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Hey Tammy!! xo

  • http://brianneandjasonrice.blogspot.com brianne

    “Oh my gosh, Mom, you are never going to believe the funny joke Duncan just told me. Ok-ok. What color is a burp? Ready for this? ….BURPLE, hahahahaha”

  • Angela Taylor

    You spend the first year teaching your kid how to stand – and the rest of their life telling them to sit down and be quiet :)


  • Elaine Rosser

    Oh cool! Now what do I do?!

    Cute little boy!

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  • Theresa Krakauskas

    “Hey, Mom, Brody thought he saw a couple a giant spiders, but it was just some lady dat didn’t have Spinlash!”

  • Huguette E.

    ” Oh no mommy, standing was supposed to be a birthday surprise, you caught me”

  • betty

    I got the best big brother. Duncan told me by summer he’d have me running and then he’s gonna go one way and I go the other. giggle mom has no idea what fast is

  • Kathi Bryan

    “Oh, wow! Sometimes I even surprize myself!”

  • Michelle Simons

    I did NOT do do in my pants bucko!

  • Ann Babenco

    Holy Cow! Is that Mom over there looking like Hannah Montana?

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