Breaking News: Leona Lewis Has Lost Her Sheep

Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis

Newsflash, dahlings: The absolutely gorgeous, stunning, fabulous songbird, Leona Lewis, has apparently given up singing in exchange for a herding career. Damn. And I was totally digging her tunes.

Thankfully, she has decided to take herding high-fashion though, as seen here with her stilettos of choice. But let it be known that while I appreciate her effort, I still give her a giant “Nay” in the shoe department. Why? Well, though the shoes are purdy, they totally do not do a thing for her legs. Which is a crying shame.

Anyhoo, the dress is all wrong, too, so aside from her beautiful face and hair, this look is better off left baaa-aaack in the fields somewhere…to be eaten by sheep.

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