John Travolta With Mustache, Yay or Nay?


*Image Via BuzzFoto. 

Not everybody is digging John Travolta and his new mustache but I do. I think John Travolta with a mustache looks cool, sexy and fierce :). I like his new hairstyle too. Clean cut and military inspired. What do you think?


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    • Tris Hussey

      Umm, no. Not that good. Like mine better.

    • Casey H

      This is just NOT flattering for him!! He’s a good lookin man who aged well, dont ruin it with that thing on his face!

    • JKT

      Hmm, I think that he’d look a lot better with no facial hair. That look probably wouldn’t work on any man, regardless of age. Nay.

    • Meme

      A BIG FAT NAY!!
      Travolta donates millions to what amounts to human suffering and crimes against humanity!
      Scientology is a criminal organization. The CULT is on the verge of collapse from the exposure of it’s abuse, brainwashing, slander and harassment of critics, suppression of free-speech, and advocating the murder of psychiatrists. Travolta claims to support gay rights yet supports an organization that claims to cure gays (seen as a disease or “abberation” in scino terms) SHAME ON TRAVOLTA AND SCIENTOLOGY!!! PROOF LINKED BELOW IN HUBBARDS OWN WORDS!!!

    • Dave

      Rock the handle bar

    • maria jose

      hello i love john travolta

    • Lexi

      I don’t think it look to bad actually! I mean it could be worse right?! And i heard that he only did that because of the new movie he is making “The Taking of Pelham 123″ And thank god he has taken that ridiculous hair piece off!! He looks so much better with his natural hair!! Not that stupid toupee!!! =]

    • kim

      he’s sexy

    • l

      i love john travolta but i don’t like with mustache!! is orrible!!he is better and good with more hair and without mustache…………..

    • widemedley

      nice gaystache

    • denis

      you are the king

    • mr flex

      i dig the ryder look i tryed the look but cant grow it in full

    • Ian Richard

      Im copying this look its FUCKIN TITS