Prince Pulls Off A White Embellished Tunic Look

Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival 2008 - Day 2
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No one can pull off a white embellished tunic look as good as Prince. Seriously, not even I, a woman,  LOL. Here’s a little to from me, just because Music Icon Prince looks good in a white tunic that doesn’t mean you would too. So unless you’re singing about a Little Red Corvette or wishing for a Purple Rain while strumming to a guitar, Do Not, and I repeat, DO NOT copy this Prince Look. Please for the love of all fashion and sanity, let Prince hold on to his style identity. You don’t need to be copying any of it, under any circumstances. Thank You!! :)


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    • mikel

      Exactly. This is similar to the Slash post where I commented that anyone else who tried to cop his look would instantly be labeled a poser. On-stage clothing is such a different animal from practical street fashion. Unless you’ve just come off your own tour bus after a big show, do not attempt this look!

    • Casey H

      Only Prince (or the artist formerly known as) can get away with wearing 95% of the stuff that he wears. But this looks nice on him, cool, casual, not purple.