Hey Mr. Ashton Kutcher, That’s A Lotta Prints


*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

Sorry Ashton Kutcher, you’re cool and all but this plaid blazer with the dotted necktie is just too much for me. Not to mention you wore black trousers with it. The right pants to wear if you’re going for plaid blazer is actually jeans. To go even further, plaid blazer would look good with solid white color shirt, which you’re wearing so thank you for that, jeans and certainly not a printed necktie. Be bold, sure, but too bold could land you in She Knows Best’s Nay-Lister of the day :(.


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    • Casey H

      He’s so good lookin that I have to look past the clashing of the tie/blazer. I do prefer him in jeans and a t-shirt though.

    • http://www.sheknowsbest.com Dexie

      It pained me to do it but I gotta educate him(and others)..LOL. Demi is letting him loose too much ;)

    • Mikel

      So true. I even get distracted with people on the news wear patterned or striped ties with striped (or even worse, checkered) shirts!

    • Elizabeth M.

      Sometimes I think an inflated ego gives the impression that anything can be worn and pulled off. It’s simply not true. I like him a lot but not this look.

    • Mikel

      And did you notice the short tie again? What is up with this “short tie trend?”

    • http://jarjac.com Jarjac

      I like the look. I’d definitely have to disagree with you on the jeans suggestion. Let’s stop encouraging people to dress down. I like a world where people wear slacks, not tracksuits or denim.

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    • http://www.kogmedia.com patrick

      always with the cool jackets…