Nick Lachey & Drew Lachey + Joey Fatone Matched Their Suits


*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

It’s nice to see half of the 98 Degrees back together again and performing with an N’Sync member, huh?  It’s reassuring to know that whatever rivalry people tried to put between their Boy Bands hasn’t affected them. I mean look at how much fun The Lachey brothers and Joey Fatone are having. They even matched their suits, down to their neckties. It’s probably coincidental but it’s still nice and interesting just the same. I wonder what they were singing. Hmmm :)

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    • http://myspace Lisa

      Nick ALWAYS looks better than any guy around. I would give my life to spend one ordinary day with him. So many men should take a few pointers from him, caring, kind and oh so beautiful, inside and out. NICK LACHEY IS THE BEST MAN I EVER MET……..