Get Kobe Bryant’s 2008 MVP T-Shirt


*Image Via NBA Store.

Any Lakers fans out there? Are you looking for the Kobe Bryan’s 2008 MVP T-Shirt? For $19.99 you can  Score the Kobe Bryant 2008 MVP T-Shirt at! Hurry before they all disappear. Maybe you can wear it the next time you watch an LA Lakers game :)

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    • Adiel

      Boo Kobe!
      Go Jazz!

    • LAE

      Jazz fans can go to H*** for booing D-Fish. That is one of the lowest things I have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

    • rc

      I hope all the people who judge others for their misstakes don’t have a heart attack, when they realize that they are not perfect! Recognize Kobe for his talent, watch him play and realize why others thinks he is so great! Stop judging him on his past personal life, just because your closet has not yet been exposed!! Great season Kobe and company!!! Bring it home!