4 Reasons NOT to Wash Your Hair Today

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The hair care industry would love for you to believe you need to shampoo your hair daily in order for it to retain it’s shine and ability to control. Well for those of you with controllable hair. Some of us wear ponytails a lot. But I digress…

While there’s nothing wrong with having really clean hair, there is something to be said about NOT washing your hair every day. Here are a few reasons for going every other day or even every couple of days:

  1. Hair is healthier – Your scalp produces natural oils that keep hair healthy. By washing away these oils every day, your losing some key hair nourishment. When you don’t wash your hair, you’re allowing these oils the time to penetrate and become absorbed by the hair making it as soft and shiny as any expensive hair product.
  2. More control – Sometimes by allowing hair to fully dry and allowing for a little bit of product build up, your adding more control to your hair. My hair is definitely more manageable if I leave it a couple of days without washing than if I were to wash it every day.
  3. Keep your color – Hair color does fade as much when hair is washed less often.
  4. Cheaper – You’re saving money by not using shampoo and conditioner every day.
  5. It’s better for the environment – By not washing your hair your saving water – and by not using lots of big towels to dry your hair all the time you’re saving on washer and dryer usage.

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    • http://thebeautybrains.com Left Brain

      These are good tips but I would add the following modifications.

      1. It’s debatable whether not washing makes hair healthier. True, if you don’t condition, you’re hair will have more time to absorb it’s natural oils and feel better. But oils found in hair conditioners or other treatments actually work better than your natural oils so if you shampoo then condition, your hair will be just as healthy as if you didn’t shampoo.

      2. More control is true depending on the hair style you want. If you want a natural style, not washing works better. But if you want a polished, sophisticated look, you better start with a shampoo step and use styling products.

      3. Keep your color…absolutely true. The more you wash, the more color you’ll lose. And don’t be fooled by the versions of your shampoo for “color treated” hair. They are really not much different.

      4. Cheaper…absolutely. Although, if you’re using a reasonably priced, high quality, mass market brand, the most you are going to save is maybe $50 a year.

      5. Better for the environment? True. It saves water. It also helps to clean pollution out of the atmosphere as we wrote about on our website.

    • Madawg27

      Finally. Someone has made a list showing that it’s OK to not wash your hair everyday. People think I’m crazy when I say I only wash my hair every other day.

    • http://www.bizchicksrule.com Bridget Wright

      Or, you could do I like I do and not shampoo your hair for 7-10 days! Why? Because I can!

    • dh

      I don’t wash mine every day either. I have also found out that some of my friends don’t, but that’s mostly to make their hair color last longer. So maybe the older you get, and the longer you want your hair color to last, the more likely you are not to wash your hair everyday.

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    • rose

      My best friend thinks I am gross for skipping washing my hair for a couple days, but my scalp is so dry I don’t have to worry about ever looking greasy! Plus when it does get oilly (about 3-4 days) it it is even more satisfying when getting out of the shower and running my hands through my hair.

    • Frank

      6. Lice prefer hair that is showered daily, as their eggs won’t stick properly to hair that has natural oils in it.

    • http://fourreasonsnottowashyourhaireveryday leonnie

      this web site is quite good it tells you some good reasons on how not to wash your hair every day.All these reasons are very well backed up and explained well. I also think that te commenting from the readers are good because it tells you that quite alot of people dont wash there hair every day.

    • Eddie

      I haven’t washed my hair in years, I don’t need an excuse, I just don’t care enough to put in the effort, it’s my hair and I’ll do what the hell I want with it, society would rather me smell of some dead scented whale and I find it disgusting.

      If you want to smear yourself in layers of ozone destroying, money wasting, weird smelling powers and potion though go ahead, I smell natural and how evolution WANTED us to smell.

    • Shirley

      Oh my goodness…I agree you should not wash your hair everyday only at least every other day please. I am a hairstylist and I see your hair and believe you me I want you to wash it at least before you come into a salon.

      #1 Because you will “feel better” & that is what most of the younger generation wants to do.

      #2 Because if you use a healthy shampoo you will need very little of it. Thus saving packaging, product etc.

      #3 It takes very little water to clean your hair if you are not pampering yourself.

      #4. Let that sebum build up and it can clog your glands and you can regret that real soon. No product build up on your hair is a “GOOD” thing. Natural oils are good when kept in check you bath each day don’t you?? Why are you washing away that natural oil?????

    • Shirley

      Frank don’t believe that about lice…seen too many cases contrary to that.

    • Sandree-dee

      well, i hate washing me hair

    • Victoria

      Well, I haven’t been washing my hair that often, and I find that my hair is much softer after a couple days then it ever is after using an expensive salon conditioner for the same time. Forget cheap, forget protecting the enviroment, it just overall looks and feels better. I also find that letting my hair dry naturally leaves it really soft as well, as opposed to drying it with a blow drier. Even worse, straightening it! Just combing it after getting out of the shower leaves it straighter then the actual straightener does.

    • vania

      I have a friends which always washes his hair and he is bald and he can’t understand that washing it each day is responsible for that. And of course the industries are happy making people believe you need it each day, but what about your hair-health, the environment, your pocket, time, etc ?
      Don’t play the game of the industries… use just a few toiletries because when you use too many of them, or the not healthy ones then… you are making something against your own health, the environment and just to make the businessmen richer!
      Use olive oil to clean your makeup, avoid to use sunscreen as the nanoparticles on them can harm your health, don’t let children use cellphones as their skull is thinner and the microwave waves can harm them specially and adults should use messages (read the study of “Interphone”) to avoid tumors, prefer to eat oils that are natural instead of the hydroganated ones which are specially harmfull to the body, don’t use the eyeliner in your water line as this is specially bad for your eyes and can create blepharitis, try to use organic lipsticks as many of the other ones can have lead (yes, and lead affects the IQ of people and children specially and it builds up in your bones.. damaging for a long long time), don’t use bleaching moisturizers which have hidroquinone as it gives cancer… The European union established 1.100 substances that can not be in cosmetics (to prevent different sickness) and the U.S. goverment just banned ten!!!
      You see ? there are many inventions that are for making richer businessmen no matter the health of men, women, children, the environment……

      • mikeee

        how does he always wash his hair if he’s bald? He wouldnt have hair then you moron

    • TryThis

      Ok so I cut ALL my hair off September 20, 2009 to about 1 inch! It was unbeleivably short! Well, here it is December 22, 2010 a little over a year later and my hair is a little longer than 10 inches! I decided to allow alot of the natural oils from my scalp to take its course so I only washed my hair once every 4 weeks (sometimes I cheated because I couldnt stand the ickyness) because Im so conditioned and used to having the squeaky clean feeling and no oilyness! I would pull my hair back in a light ponytail as to not pull violently at my hair & if I was gonna be around in group settings of course I wanted my hair freshly washed. But I took the last year off, just for myself & I really havent “been around” people a whole lot (no Im not depressed lol) and my hair is AMAZINGLY shiny and omg its soooo healthy and full of natural body. I have all new growth, no split ends (or very minimal) and all this time of allowing the natural oils to work its magic has really paid off. I will now go back to washing my hair more frequently but NOT everyday or even every other day as to not ruin what I have accomplished. I highly suggest doing this is you can muster it and get used to it. It does take alot of discipline but being self disciplined is a GOOD thing. Good luck.

    • marcia wright

      My daughter has not washed her hair for “environmental” reasons…but is smells awful. I can spell her from 8 feet away. What can I say to her?? I respect her convictions, but she just plain stinks. Do you all not smell yourselves?? I am a mother who needs advice.

      • B


        Baking Soda and Vinegar will become your new best friends and will play a big role in keeping your daughter happy and keeping the stink away. Show her this link: http://simplemom.net/how-to-clean-your-hair-without-shampoo/

      • Oz

        This is an extreme case, where it sounds more like she is being unhygenic. Not only have I not washed my hair since February of this year, but my girlfriend (a fullblooded neat-freak) has had to admit that her boyfriends’ hairis healthier and smells nicer now, than when I was using shampoos and conditioners. Keeping my hair clean, and washing it is two different things. I brush and comb my hair, which cleans out any dirt, grit and dead skin cells. If your daughter is having trouble keeping it from reeking, it may need to be washed with something such as the baking soda and vinegar solution B suggested. However, just brushing the hair will eventually lead to better hair quality. The oil will eventually do its’ job of cleaning the hair follicles and scalp. Your daughter needs to do some maintenence. That’s all.

    • Macy mason

      Not washing your hair everyday lets natural oils build up. But if your used to washing everyday just shower in cold water. And don’t wash your hair until a couple days have passed.

    • Gabii T

      not only do i not wash my hair everyday, i use tea and herbal hair rices, as well as natural conditioners like mayonnaise on the tips of my hair. I never use heat products on my hair and its much better for it :)

    • Paha

      YOU NEED TO WASH YOUR HAIR! Having a oily scalp will just clog it all up, and once it’s clogged by all that build up your hair will expericing fall out. I know this because i had to live on campus for a month and 2 weeks without washing my hair… i was seriously losing all of my hair!! within 10 days i already noticed my hair was falling out unusually more!! If you dont believe me, Take note of your hair after leaving 2 weeks!!!

      • Oz

        So you’re saying all of our ancestors during ice-age were bald? I’ve gone months before without washing my hair, and its’ healthier then, than it is when I washed it daily.

    • i know all

      Washing your hair is bad for you, it gets rid of essential oils needed for healthy hair and scalp.

    • Megan

      This is not mentioned but I would like to point out that whenever I skip washing my hair for a couple of days; it straightens itself. Burning your hair with a straightener is completely unnecessary if you just let your hair do it’s thing.