Are Those Tattoos Mr. Brad Pitt?


*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

Brad Pitt seems to be showing off his tattoos but we’re not really sure. Kinda bizarre kind of tattoos huh? Although it somehow makes sense knowing the kind of tattoo Angelina Jolie has in the back of her shoulder. It’s like the altitude of Thailand or something. So who knows what that strange looking thing is at Brad Pitt’s back. I’m sure some of you(ladies, particularly) couldn’t care less what it is right now.. LOL.

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    • R. Sue

      Angelina’s tattoos are the lat. and long. of the places she adopted (or gave birth to, in Shiloh’s case) each of her children.

      These, though, I have no idea.

    • Banana

      With or without the tattoos, he is still HOT!!!

    • simone

      THE Tattoos on brads back are drawings Angie made. She was scheting on his backon nite and they decided to geyt iot madei nto a tattoo.

    • Andreas Marcus

      Reminds me a genealogical tree.

    • Nyka

      Maybe it’s just the beginning of a tattoo. Maybe the Tat guy started and then Brad whimped out.

      Either that or an Alien barcode.

    • fang

      i like it! To me it reminds me of the manga drawings of the Major out of ghost in the shell!…

      his not that hot to me, too old! [my opioun, sorri 2 people who fancys the pants of him]

      Barcode or twilight skye

    • Kbigs

      The one on Angelina’s shoulder are, as R. Sue said, the latitude and longitudes of where she adopted her children, and the one on her shoulder blade area is some sort of Cambodian incantation to keep her and her Cambodian son Maddox safe. So, there’s a little more meaning to her tattoos than just the “altitude of Thailand”…