• Wed, May 14 2008

The Cut Opines On Perez Hilton Clothing Line


*Image Used W/ Permission / Rachel Worth / WENN / Newscom.

Now I don’t feel so bad anymore when I *ahem* critiqued  Perez Hilton’s clothing line. I thought I was being mean which is really an understatement compare to what Perez Hilton does on a daily basis, heh. Here’s my quote exactly :

Who died and tagged him a fashion designer? Who was stupid enough to fund this P Nasty clothing line? Who was even more stupid to sit down in that conference room talking about a Perez Hilton clothing line? Interestingly enough, Perez is always making fun of celebrities coming out with their own clothing lines. Well, he opened the gates so here it goes. READ MORE!!

Well, New York Magazine’s THE CUT has this to say about P Nasty’s clothing line :

Today is a dark day for fashion, as we must report that Perez Hilton is launching a clothing line.

So he’s making up for others’ sins by giving us nightmares? How democratic of him. Night terrors for all!


This makes me feel so much better :). Thanks The Cut and thanks to Racked LA for the heads up :) . I know I’ve always loved you both :).

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  • Fay

    I would never have the guts to dress like that.

  • Fay

    It looks like him though.

  • Tanya

    haha oh no way would I wear this. Punkish crapola. I dislike him anyways.

  • BKMabrey

    Is it a joke?

  • Fay

    Those are not the most flattering colors. That’s for sure.

  • Jenny

    I am not impressed by his clothing line.

  • Jenny

    This clothing line is crazy!

  • Pearl

    Funky funky look

  • Fay

    Way too bright.

  • Fay

    His fashion line is not going to last..

  • Tanya

    haha omg imagine it was a joke that would be funny. this isnt april tho

  • Tanya

    I would wipe my ass with it if he gave me a sample

  • Tanya

    I would wipe my azz with it if he gave me a sample