• Fri, May 16 2008

Introducing Shains | Eco-Friendly Bracelet That Says Something


*Image Via Shains Press 

And when I said an eco-friendly bracelet that says something, I mean like literally says something. Shains is recycled rubber bracelet and cuff which has letters, numbers, and over 36 cool icons so you could create your own message. The bracelets are available in 9 cool colors and fit most wrists and ankles. Visit Shains website to pick your bracelets and how much elements you want to make your statement. The prices are so reasonable too especially with what you could do with it.

Aren’t they just too cute? Like I said, it’s an eco-friendly accessory :). I can’t wait to see my own Shains bracelet  on my wrist :).

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  • mannequin

    oh, i love these. Thanks for the link; I’m going to forward that to *my significant* other!

  • Lolobug

    Eco-Fun!!! Fantastic accessory!

  • Fay

    These are eccentric and fun.

  • BKMabrey

    the colors are cute.

  • Jenny

    Love how they are made from recycled rubber!

  • Jenny

    Lots of icons make them very unique too! Nice colors as well.

  • Pearl

    this is one funky accessory

  • Fay

    Very cute idea.

  • Fay

    going green is great.

  • Tanya

    green is good stuff ;)

  • Tanya

    oh and these bracelet’s are great