Fabu Website: Know.Label.


I am in love. No, no, I mean it. I’m really in love. And once you finish this post you will be too. Guaranteed.

I found another on-line shop with amazing clothes & accessories with prices for everyone. And when I say “everyone” I mean EVERYONE; From my high-budget fashionistas to my Hot Mamas who know how to look just as fab on a budget (*raises hand* I’d be in group # 2 thank you very much…)

And since I’m not a selfish girl, I always want to pass the love onto you: my lovely gals. You ready?

First up, we have the faaaaabulous dresses (many of which are perfectly maternity friendly!):



How about some casual wear:




Handbags anyone?


And let’s not forget the jewelry:


Can you believe the prices though?!? I love the fact that there’s a little something for everyone.

I didn’t show you gals the half of it. There’s some really great items on this website. The only thing missing is shoes, but that’s such a minor detail b/c you can find shoes everywhere. Who knows? Maybe they’ll add that later *hint, hint to the store!*

I’m so impressed that I’m awarding this site an “HMD The Hotness Award”. Have to.


Gotta go now ‘cuz sistah girl got some shopping to do… Happy Shopping and don’t forget who hooked you up ;)

(all pics courtesy of ShopKnowLabel.com)

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    • http://www.beautygirlmusings.blogspot.com Monique

      thanks for sharing this! i just checked out the handbags on the site, and they are amazing! love the one you posted! everything else looks good too, but like you said, there is so much! Wow…

    • http://www.hotmamadaily.com Pascalle

      Hey Monique! Glad I could be of assistance! ;)

    • Terry

      Thank you so much for this wonderful recommendation! Great job!

    • Terry T.

      Just wanted to thank you for this amazing recommendation:) It’s honestly my favorite site now! With such great prices, I’ve bought so many things from them already. Anyway since you hooked us up I thought I’d share this coupon code I just received from http://www.shopknowlabel.com : firstpick40
      It’s 40% off everything on their site! Yea I know!

      I guess they’re doing a complete overhaul with the site and are clearing out their inventory so they sent all their newsletter subscribers this code before the sale opens to the public. I’m sooo excited!

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    • sajjad

      very good