Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie Are a Royal Mess

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Princess Beatrice

Happy Monday, dahlings!

Well, a little bit of laughter to brighten the start of your week courtesy of Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, seen here attending a wedding over the weekend. Good stuff, eh?

I didn’t know this, but evidently horrific fashion and ridiculous headpieces are staples in the royal wedding attire repertoire. Isn’t that something? Now, what I would die to know is: do these chicks think they look hot? Would some dude at that same wedding be just so completely bitch-slapped by the beauty of these headpieces and dowdy dresses that he would just have to get the girl’s number? This would all be interesting to know, eh? Maybe I need to get my snarky self invited to a royal wedding someday to see how it all works. Hmmm…

Now, no one could dispute the intricacies of Beatrice’s butterfly disaster. It’s whacked-out for sure, but kind of cool in its own right. (Though I would surely contest that it belongs on a human head.)

Eugenie, on the other hand, is not only sporting a wiggy head-topper too, but hers totally looks like the napkin origami you’d find on a cruise ship, no? Seriously, now. If you’re going to wear something freaky on your melon, at least make it a cool freaky, yanno?

So anyhoo, loves, hope these royal messes help make your day a good one. Always good to have a hearty guffaw at someone else’s expense, no? Sure it is.

Image source: Newscom

Want to see more headpiece horrors? Go Look!

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    • Peggy

      She could have at least gone for some more original-looking butterflies. Those appear to be paint by number.

    • Jimmi

      With warm thoughts is the heart own way of sending loving thoughts today… Your so beautiful and smart. Thanks

    • fashionfixated

      Yes, yes they are!

    • elizabeth anne

      their dire need to detract attention from their visages, is outweighed by the propriety of not stealing the bride’s thunder. why are there are two of these at every wedding?

    • Ian

      I’d knock one into that Princesses Beatrice though. Do you think she has seen any real cock action.

      • Bibi

        I can’t stand the royal family, but even I think y’all a bitchy lot

    • riis


      tha’s really true???
      ha ha, I can’t believe that butterflies head piece
      where’s the costume party for Beatrice??

    • alan

      Those two doppelgangers are the ugliest trolls ! Better come up with huge dowries to get rid of these two. UUUGGGHHH

    • alan

      Randy Andy– Do not procreate anymore!! Look at what you produced–two of the most atrocious “so-called”females probably in the world. Stick to cocksucking your navy buddies.

    • alan

      I am shocked, shocked. Used to be such, children were locked up in an attic or tower. Did Sarah set them free as a revenge for not being invited?

    • alan

      Philip Treacy should be beheaed for producing such ugly creations as should the Duke and duchess of Pork for their porkers–Eugenie and Beatrice. OINK OINK

    • alan

      Don’t shoot the messenger– I am from Canada. I saw a few things on CNN-USA. They said Katherine is a Jew–her mother is a Goldsmith. Jewishness-is that a word??–goes through a mother. Therefore, how can a Jewish lady marry a guy who one day will be a king and the head of the Anglican church. The Anglican church does’t like Jews–I’ve been to services all my life.How is this to be rectified?

    • LDS4EVR

      Oh my, I’ve never seen such ugly concoctions as excuses for hats. Attached on the forehead for goodness sake. LOL. They looked like two secretaries who won a trip to London and got a $300 shopping spree at Sears to boot. Kind of reminded me of the dreaded cousins that nobody wants to show up at an event due to their vulgarisms. I have a feeling that these lovelies will one day marry black men. LOL

      • Excuseme

        What does them wearing ugly hats have to do with them marrying black men? Please keep your racist comments to yourself.

    • Mona

      I have a feeling that they have at one time or another been the victims of a “HOGGING” scam. Google the term hogging. LOL