Rebonded Hair

Sasha, Rebond

Unplanned. But I welcome this change. I needed a bit of boost and cheering up. A trip to the salon does help when you’re in need of an upper. So, yea. I’m now sporting a rebonded hairstyle. Straightened an already straight hair. Heh.

My sister was scheduled to go back home to Oz yesterday afternoon. However, before leaving Manila, she decided to make an appointment with our family’s token hairdresser, Rene. He’s the head stylist of RENSHIVA. Before Rico Gallegos of FIX Salon, I’ve been a regular of RENSHIVA.

The original plan had included my sister having her hair rebonded while I simply wanted a trim and a mani/pedi. But we managed to strike up a great deal with Rene, which ended up having the sister get the following done:

Hair Colour
Hair cut
Foot spa

We spent a total of six (6) hours in the salon. Gawd. It came to a point wherein we were afraid that we won’t be able to bring my sister to the airport in time. We had to go back home to pick up her suitcase and for her to get ready for a 12-hour flight. Gah. Good thing things worked out well.

When I had my hair cut short early this year, I was actually considering on having it rebonded instead. However, the latter is a whole lot more expensive so I thought cutting it will be better for my pockets.

GorillaPod First Experiment

Now, looking at my reflection, I see a straighter, reddish-brown (courtesy of the hair colour treatment), layered short hair. It now lacks the usual volume but it does look healthy and shiny. I like that it still looks natural and not the stringy, straight that I sometimes see on women who had their hair rebonded. It’s a little on the limp side but I reckon I can work with a few styling products along the way. BUT they’ve given me some tips on care and maintenance:

Don’t let the hair get wet for the first (two) 2 days.
Don’t tie your hair.
Find a good moisturising conditioner.

Perhaps you guys have more tips to share? If you’ve had your hair rebonded, perhaps you can tell us your own personal experience.

Photo© 2008 Sasha Manuel

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    • maria

      Hi, May I know what branch of FIX Salon is Rico Gallegos based in?

      I also have straight fine hair (same as yours), is it advisable to have it rebonded just so as it would constantly be straight?

      Lastly, where is RENSHIVA?

    • Sasha Manuel

      On Rico, full contact details can be found here. But quick answer is F Salon in Greenbelt 3.

      If you want your hair to be less of a chore to keep straight then by all means go have it rebonded. This sort of hairstyle is recommended for individuals who prefer to wear their hair down and loose but removing the fear of making a mess each time. Less stress on brushing it and keeping it in place cuz tangles won’t be a problem anymore.

      RENSHIVA is located at Agoncillo Building, Severina Diamond Avenue, Severina 18, Parañaque City. For appointments, you can call +63 2 824 2529.

    • Lia

      Sasha!!! :) I’m glad you had a rebond, haha! :)

      I recently chopped my hair really short, but I can’t wait to grow it out and have it rebonded again… :P Nothing makes you feel better than soft, silky hair, haha! :)

      How much did it cost to have your hair rebonded? My home-service guy is currently out of commission *sniff*

    • Lia

      As for tips, as much as most people say it’s high maintenance, it’s not really that hard to maintain.

      It’s important tho to always condition your hair everyday especially during the early months. But as it gets longer, you can actually just condition your hair like once a week.

      I actually used hot oil treatment as conditioner :)

      I think maintenance also depends on your hair type. If you’re hair is not really that curly or wavy, then maintenance isn’t so hard. I had straight hair to begin with, and I just wanted it to be wash and wear so I didn’t have to get anal about destroying my rebonded hair.

      AND, you can actually tie your hair, just don’t tie it very tightly and don’t use rubber bands. Instead use the soft, cloth ponytails.

      Tho one thing I didn’t do is use hairstyling products. The rebonding process uses up so much chemicals so I was actually iffy about using products. And yes, get used to the limp hair, no matter what you do it’ll be limp, haha! But it’s a good kind of limp since it looks sooooooo soft and shiny! :)

    • Sasha Manuel

      You cut your loooong hair?! Ack. When?! Rebonding at RENSHIVA usually costs around Php 3,500.00 – Php 5,000.00 but this will depend on the length and connection with the hair stylist (lol). It also usually comes with hair colouring and they can throw in a trim.

      On the tips for rebonded hair, first of all, thanks for sharing all that! Sounds like you’re a real veteran, eh? Hehe.

      I’m currently using REDKEN intensive conditioner. I’m planning to use a lot of intensive conditioners, more than I already have, that is. Ha.

      As for tying my hair, I use a head gear to keep the hair away from my face while working or putting on makeup and such. No ponytails nor hairclips just yet. As for hair products, I use a hair polish on occasion and that’s about it.

      I love my rebonded hair so far. It’s a really nice change. :)

    • monika

      i got rebonding done but i dont know which shampoo&conditioner will suit me i had straight hair before rebonding

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    • lei

      the only thing that is sad about treated hair is u cant stop it from fallin.
      i never tried rebond coz i am used to relax my hair.
      the only tip that they told me is that,always dry ur hair using a fan or blower.
      haaayy is there any good tip for falling hair?

    • Sasha Manuel

      Use a mild shampoo and thoroughly condition your hair. I reckon that would work. :)

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    • giselle delmonte

      hi i just wanna know how much will cost for the hair rebonding

      • Hemani

        It depends upon the length of hair, as the standard cost at VLCC is 7000 and if you go for some other renowned saloon it is like 8000 to 9000 for below shoulder level hairs

    • lewe

      hi…. is it safe to have a hairdo one to two months after rebonding? my friend will have her hair rebonded today and her wedding is on december 6 this year. will it be useless to rebond her hair today if it will be exposed to sprays and all sorts of chemicals during her wedding day? i told her that she will undergo hair rebond after her wedding. but she didn’t listen…. :)

    • Lezah

      I recently had my hair rebonded at Sir George Salon, Timog branch…. What a big Mistake!! And take note, my hairstylist is George himself. I have been growing my hair because I knew I was going to visit Manila and I wanted a trusted salon to style my hair(like how they do celebrities there). My haircut was okay. It’s as short as Katie Holmes’ hair. Two things that bothered me… he didn’t ask if I wanted bangs but he cut it short anyway, it was too late for me to say anything. Second, the assistants pry too much! He insisted that I get my hair rebonded. (My hair was already straight and shiny to begin with). I came back two days after and I asked George if I needed to get my hair rebonded. He didn’t look so sure but he said since the back ends of my hair was wavy he will do a semi-rebond… After spending 4 hours in the salon and paid Php 4,500 my hair was ruined!! As a professional/celebrity stylist, he should’ve explained to me the possible outcome of rebonded hair. It’s not like I insisted on getting it. I asked for his professional opinion but, he still ended up ruining my hair and I’m very furious and dissatisfied. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone to be atyled by George of Sir George Salon. I just wasted so much money!!

      Thanks to Ms. Maya and Jun and the rest of the staff in Bambi Fuentes Timog Branch for trying to save of what’s left of my hair and for being honest to your clients. I appreciate your honesty and your help.

    • BELLA

      does swimming spoils th rebonded hair?

    • tarang

      hi i would really like to share my experience of re bonding . i rencently get it done from a gud saloon, i was also confused bout getting it done or not. one my friend who already got it done before 6 months , pre rebonding she had wavy hair and with smooth touch, after rerbonding her hair got compleately changed, she always use proper conditioner and mild shampoo always oil her hair but she had neither applied any hair mask nor serum after rebonding and even clip them the way she want . her hair quality is still the same . she followed a diet with full of proteins.
      all these fact made me on to go for re bonding…
      dont think just go for it but dont compromise with saloon for the sake of cost discounts.

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    • tina

      i had my hair rebonded last week by someone who works in a local salon.he came to the house and did home service. i was dissatisfied with the result coz it was still wavy after i rinsed it on the third day. i guess my expectation was too high since i have been rebonding my hair for the last 4 years(every after 6 months)and the result always satisfy me(david salon). the person who worked on my hair told me that he is willing to do it again . my question is ” is it safe to rebond my hair again?”please help me on this one. thanks

      • 2chubby

        for me yes its safe… kasi 2x ako ni rebond yong una kasi dry and wavy yong hair ko so e binalik ko sa knila then inayos nila at satisfy ako sa resulta sobrang bagsak at shiny pa apply kana din ng hair protein para mas sobrang ganda :)

    • http://yahoo mylene danao

      i used to have a long, shiny, soft hair and i decided to cut it short…and that is my biggest mistake my hair is now “nagtampo”…wavy and dry…i want my hair back so to make it soft and shiny again i want to undergo rebond…i just want a salon that is known for their rebonding process and of course F salon promises a good output on my hair? pls. help…anyway how much does it cost?

      • zelzen

        if you really want a great output you should choose the best.. having a beautiful rebonded hair depends on how you take care of your hair after rebonding..

    • sonal

      how rebonded hair get back to its original look..actually i got my hair rebond one month before n now i want them to its original look soon.. how it can be possible plzz suggest m.. i m very thankful t u….

    • ellennie

      Hi, I want to rebond my hair….but is the colour done after rebond or before? Also, wont it damage the hair as well??

      Please advise…..coz im thinking whether i should colour my hair a week in advance or a week after rebonding…gawwdd!

      • zelzen

        a hair cellophane is done usually after rebonding and that gives you a colored hair depends on what you like.. Go! for the rebond..

      • venus

        Hi Ellenie!

        You have to undergo rebonding first and after 1 week you may go through hair coloring. rebonding before coloring will give a better result.

      • Michelle Cortejos Dico

        Can rebond and color at the same time. laging ganun ginagawa sa amin ng friends ko pag nagpaparebond.

    • Rina

      Hi. pina kulay ko yung hair ko last month, pwede konaba siyang ipa rebond? hindi ba siya ma dadamage? plz help

      • gee

        okay lng sya irebond pag colored, ang masama ung magpapastaright tapos colored ung hair. :)

      • venus

        Hi Rina,

        You may rebond your hair but you have to choose salon na gumagamit ng loreal products. Loreal have special rebonding products for any type of hair.

    • fhaye

      it is possible to color my rebonded hair, even if wala pa syang 6 months??

    • ashley diaz

      hi i just reboned my hair 1 month it okey if i color my hair??it will not cause damage??thanks!

    • Jopay Reyes

      Asking for help…i have problem to my hair…my hair is dry!!!!i already try rebonding..but it does’nt hair is a little bit curly..I want something different for my hair..Wat is the best for my hair,i want my hair super straight and shiny!!please help me!!!What is the best saloon,i can go…and what is the best treatment for my hair..thanks!!!

    • Cha

      Is it applicable to dye my hair even if rebonded? It was like 5 months ago already. Please answer.

    • Gleiza

      Is it still healthy for my hair to have hair color after 5-month rebond?

    • jeeeemi

      is it okay to cut my hair into a bob after rebonding it. It’s been about 9 months since i had it rebonded. I went to Ricky Reyes and they said it’s not a good idea to cut it short because it was rebonded. HELP!

    • Jopay

      Hello..Ano po bang klaseng Loreal ang pwedeng gamitin pag pina-rebond ko hair ko?Pag nakapag pa rebond po ako,pwede po ba magkakulay?Ilang weeks o Months ako pwede magkulay ng hair?Wala na po kc kabuhay-buhay hair ko…Dry sya fall hair.I usually use conditioner everyday.Can u please help me for this?Thanks!!!!

    • joann visitacion

      try having protien treatment it helps make the strands of your hair stronger. Dont brush your hair when its wet its the time when hair is most delicate.
      Just do air dry with your fingers using fan.You can opt for real hot oil (coconut oil not cream) as alternate treatment helps the growth of your hair. I am not really a hairdresser but i got a salon in bacolod -Ysabella’s this is what we always tell our clients and usually it works. goodluck!

    • vivian

      I had my hair rebonded back in march.. it’s now august and im thinking of colouring my hair.. do you think that will ruin my hair? and loose it’s straight-ness?

    • vivian

      how did it get ruined? though now actually.. i have lots of split ends because of the chemicals from rebonding back in march

    • larry arizala

      LEZA, F.Y.I. George have been in the salon industry for 23 yrs. and have rendered his services with numerous affluent and influential people of our society (for more than 20 yrs.),hundred celebrities trusted his styling skills, even the 2 giant TV networks specifically ABS CBN Star Magic (formerly Talent Ctr.) and GMA Artist center has availed his expertise to do make over and enhancement for their talents. George studied in the following Hair academy such as; Vidal Sassoon Sta. Monica U.S.A., Toni & Guy Sydney Australia, Le Salon De Orient Technique Academy in Hong Kong. He does hair rebonding almost everyday in the past 7 years.More than a thousand client get rebonded from his salon including Model / TV personality – Ms. Wilma Doesnt (who’s Known of her Kinky hair and never had a problem with her rebonded hair) and you were the only one who complained about it. I think you did something wrong to your hair, hindi mo sinunod yung advise nya, “not to take shower in 2 to 3 days’ after getting rebonded, or pinagawa mo yan sa ibang salon, that explains the reason of not coming back to complain or refund your money, it’s a ussual reaction of a client ‘get their money back’ or ‘have it fix’. Unless you really have ‘something’ against George(personal issues).

      As I mentioned earlier regarding his achievements & experienced, George is a credible Celebrity Stylist. Lastly, this is a matter of credibility…. and you are not credible to judge or comment on who are better stylist. You are just one of the client who seems to have an attitude problem which most salon encounters.

    • Sir George should close

      Larry, two words for you and your salon (Sir George) obviously your a friend or staff. F*&^ You! Guys, dont dare to visit this salon. Staff are too noisy. Like a salon in a squatters area. Stylists should not be called stylists as they are out of style. Try to see the owner himself George. Do you see any class? Not to mention Red. The tall slim guy in Timog branch-who the receptionist said a senior stylist. Senior? I dont think so. I dont understand why they just cut your hair without understanding what you want. Waste of money- so overpriced for stupid haircut.

    • lenypenny

      Mylene, dryness is a function of moisture in the hair. You may want to undergo deep conditioning treatment before you have your hair rebonded. Rebonding will open your hair cuticles all the more if you have dry hair because it contains ammonia. Go for hair salons that are reliable but reasonably priced, not cheap.