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This is one product that I’ve known and used since I was a kid and was conscious about scars. I can’t recall who recommended it (most likely my mum) and I used it religiously for sometime.

Here in the Philippines, Sebo De Macho became a household name when it comes to scar removals. Most of the individuals who have used it can attest to its effectiveness while there are some who have been grossly disappointed. I’ve been searching for studies done on it but I failed to find one. I only have memories of some scars disappearing and others lightened but not thoroughly removed.


Sebo De Macho ii | Beauty Bento Box, The Asian Beauty Blog 

Sebo De Macho is made of an oily substance, most likely kept at a sebum state, and is generously applied onto the surface of the skin where the scar is located. Generally, it’s recommended for scar types that are just darkened skin and not the ones that skin has regenerated (or something to that effect). As far as I remember, it causes the skin to lighten, making the skin tone even.

It’s best to keep in mind that the ointment is not a magical tool that will erase scars. What it does is to make it less prominent (for large-sized ones) and will cause the dark skin around scars to lighten. Though some scars will indeed be removed, though will only depend on its size and type and if application is done on a regular basis.

Time frame for application is not determined or unknown to the author.

If you are interested to give this product a go, you can buy Apollo Sebo De Macho for $1.99 over at PinoyGrocery.com.

For the rest of you beauties who have already tested it, let us know just how effective (or ineffective) it is. Perhaps you can even share some tips on your use (frequency and such) so we can all learn from each other’s insights.

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    • Crissy

      When I was kid (back in 1991 hahaha), I had a lot of scars on my knees. Our home remedy was Sebo De Macho. It is effective, but you have to apply it religiously.

    • http://www.beautybentobox.com Sasha Manuel

      Thanks for sharing that, Crissy. That reinforces the idea that Sebo De Macho’s effectiveness lies on just how religiously you apply it. It’s long been around, eh? :)

    • aryanne

      Question: Is there an “allergey effect” of sebo de macho? has anybody experienced having skin allergy to sebo de macho? need to know please. thank you.

    • http://friendster.com aries

      is it really effective?????????pls resp0nd.

    • http://NA abby

      it’s effective but only on fresh scars..

    • Jane

      its effective! lightens up scar…

    • jackelyn

      pwede ba matanggal ba yung piklat kahit matagal na cya?

    • isah

      yup sebo de macho is REALLY EFFECTIVE if you follow these 2 simple rules:
      1. apply sebo de macho AS SOON as the wound healed.
      2. apply it regulary. i apply sebo de much as much as possible.

    • buggy

      pano pag matagal na ung scars pero ang itim pa di matatanggal pa kay ng sebo de macho?????? i really need to know…pls

    • buggy

      pano pag matagal na ung scars pero ang itim pa din,, matatanggal pa kaya ng sebo de macho?????? i really need to know…pls


      Sebo de Macho lightens the outer areas of the scar as long as you apply it religiously. It is not a scar remover since it lightens the scar surface and doesn’t metabolize the scar tissue. Expect that topical or flat scars may be remedied by this salve but may not be effective on pit scars or scars that protrude outwards the normal skin level.
      -end of message

    • janet quiambao

      i just want to ask if this product is ok for pregnant woman.pls. let me know? tnx a lot.

    • http://www.beautybentobox.com Sasha Manuel

      Janet, I don’t see anything wrong with using it. But it depends on what you want to accomplish then I would recommend that you ask your doctor. :)

    • Gina

      A question.
      Does anybody know if Sebo de macho is available under another name?
      Is it available outside the philippines?

    • princess

      nag patanggal ako ng syringoma kahapon at kailangan e laser..nag iwan eto ng maliliit na scars,matatanggal kaya eto ng sebo de macho..?

    • JOHN

      ANO pa ba ang ibang product na nagapaputi ng skin na ang dermatologist cutirize the black spot sa mukha?????
      is sebo de macho works or is it a different product

    • http://sdsfe@yahoo.com xtian

      i just wnna ask..
      i put sebo de macho all over my face.
      is it bad..will it cause harm?

    • http://www.yahoo.com revengie

      yup yup.. it really works.. give it a try for 1 week.. just massage your skin with it.. it is used externally so it is perfect for both pregnant women, women or men…

      yung mga small scars.. for sure magcleaclear.. dati butas butas ang face ko dahil sa pimples.. after a month of using it.. malaki pinagbago.. nadagdagan pa ako ng confidence.. apply it bago matulog para mas effective… basta after applying just sit down and relax.. para ma reconstruct ang skin nyo.. may slight na pagbabalat sa area ng scar.. which is good.. sign of effectiveness..

      apollo so far is the most good brand.. di kasi mabaho compared to other brands..

      i’m just wondering.. bakit kaya walang nag revolutionize ng product na to.. tulad ng gluta, atringents, etc.. weird..

      it is around for about 40 years.. or 30 ata… woah..

    • ela

      I’ve used Sebo de macho over the years but I wasn’t able to consistently evaluate its effectiveness, but recently I’ve suffered oil burns mostly from cooking (hurts a freaking lot) I have taken a new interest in Sebo de macho hoping to lighten these pesky scars. I went to Watson’s to buy one and I saw Apollo SDM and Watson’s SDM, I didn’t know which one was more effective so I bought 1 of each. I used Watson’s first (the one with plastic container) since that was the first time I’ve seen it I’ll admit I was a bit intruiged. I have been using it for 2 weeks on a daily basis applying religiously, and when I say religiously I mean a lot every hour even! I’ve noticed that the older and smaller scars were getting harder to find. If I didn’t know it was there I swear I wouldn’t have seen them! I was pleased with this development and when I went to apply another coating of the seemingly magical cream I found that it was missing (I think my sister got a hold of it though she wouldn’t admit cause she has one of her own). But since I had spare SDM in my possession I wasn’t so bummed about it. So I proceeded to use Apollo’s SDM I haven’t seen progress yet but who am I kidding? Its just the 2nd day! I have to give it time to do its job, but still I’ll be waiting to see if its living up to expectations. Sad to say it doesn’t work on kelloids though, I don’t think anything could.Watson’s is only 12.00Php and Apollo’s 14.00Php even if you apply it all over your body it wouldn’t hurt your wallet! Just don’t use it all up in a day.. So there..But it wouldn’t hurt to try would it?

    • kad

      do it really works??

      i got this friend who really need to remove all her scars and im helping her to find a good product that can really restore all of her scars…

      is sebo de macho true??

      is it fast???

      what other brands can help??

      plss answer..!!!!!!!!!!1

    • eduardo

      i have chickenpox! i will use this to remove the scars… all the blemish should be dry before i apply it right?

    • http://none camille

      is sebo de macho still effective even the scars last for almost eight yers?

    • http://www.beautybentobox.com alvin

      Pls. pray for those who have scar(I’m one of those) because it’s very embarassing and because of it I loss confidence..pls pray for us..thank you and God Bless you all.

    • http://www.beautybentobox.com alvin

      Pls. pray for those who have scar(I’m one of those) because it’s very embarassing and because of it I loss confidence..pls pray for us..thank you and God Bless you all.

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    • http://yahoo reAnnz

      is Sebo De Macho really Effective?
      pls. answer

    • Tiffany

      i’ve heard a few stories this product works. & i am anticipating to try it but recently i can’t get a hold of it. i have a few acne scars that i want to get rid of. i live in new york. do they sell these at asian markets or only filipino markets? thanks for any help!

    • http://www.beautybentobox.com/apollo-sebo-de-macho-scar-remover/ vanessa

      my gosh!!!na try kuna ang lahat ng mamahaling pampawala daw ng scar!!!but it dosnt work…nahihirapan kasi sa scar ng face ko kasi maputi ang mukha ko kitang kita tlga as in!!nakakahiya till one day may frnd told me 2 try sebo de macho!!!sabagay wala namang mawawala kasi mura lang naman so nag try akong gamitin!!!hangang sa bigla kung napansin na unti unting nawawala ang scar sa mukha ko i cant bilieve it super tlga!!well siguro nga depende sa skin natin kung hiyang tayo o hinde kasi ung pinsan ko sabi nya di daw totoo pero naniwala sya nung nakita nya ang pagbabago sa face ko!!hehehe tnxz a lot lol!!

    • Lucio


      i found this site useful… check this out.


      baka makatulong….

    • ralph

      How about the light scars?

    • http://www.splendicity.com vincent

      mta2nggal po ba ang scars na iniwan ng pimples kpg gnamitan ng sebo de macho?

    • http://www.splendicity.com vincent


    • mayme bihag

      hahay!!ang rami2 ko ng scars sa paa, kadalasan mosquito bìtes,dahil sa subrang katì kinakamotkamot ko ito hnggng hndi ko na nlmn na ngdurogo na pla ang balat ko sa kakamot…gusto ko sna mlmn kung epktibo ba tlga ang sebo de macho..plz hlp me 2 lost dz scars.

    • lenie

      nkakatulong ba ang sebo de macho sa scars na nagtatagal ng mahigit 10 yrs? or pwede ba ito i apply sa mukha na ngkakascars dahil sa pimples? pls rply po. maraming salamat.

    • yanie

      hello…..hope you can help me…….
      gusto ko sana malaman kung mai chance pa ho bang mawla ang scar for 20 yrs. na …
      lagi kasi ako nka pants, nahihiya kasi ako sa mga scars ko sa paa..nkaka turn off po….lalo na po sa work ko….nahihiya na po ako…lagi po kasi ako nahahalata sa office na lagi nalang nka pants/jeans..

      sana po matulungan nyo po kami…..

      maraming salamat po

    • http://www.gwapa.com GWAPA

      i have an allergy but it is already healed…but of course the scar is still there..do you think sebo de macho can lighten it/but im just afraid if sebo de macho can cause allergy too??? pls respond..i really need ur answer ,and thank u very much,im waiting

    • http://www.gwapa.com GWAPA

      is sebo de macho can erase or lighten a scar??? i have a scar from allergy and it is still fresh…is it ok to use it??? i think its a little bit itchy because sebo de macho is glossy to use..pls respond

    • http://www.gwapa.com GWAPA

      i also use OSEUR im my arm because i have a scar in it..

      • phamteng

        chin chan soo b un un mena? katialis nlng puti dn un . . .haha

    • gen

      ;nakakatanggal ba ito ng mga old scars?, mga 15 yrs na na scars.. pls. reply..

    • http://www.facebook.com jennifer

      hi everyone, i’m 20 years old. when i was 5 years old -18 years old, i had lots of scars which made me lost my confidence. I was bullied at chool because i have lots of scars because of mosquito bites and some are big wound that resulted to dark big round scar(name it all it was totally yucky!). So when i turned 18 i was forced by mom to use sebo de macho, for only 3 months i’ve seen the effects, some scars have lightened, but not dramatically.but atleast it was not that visible. i recommend sebo de macho, apply it with patience and you’ll see the effect. hope it helps!
      jen of manila,philippines.

    • http://www.splendicity.com April Jane

      um,I would like to know kung paano i-aapply at kung kailan dapat i-apply ‘yung ointment..
      um..kung..mahaba ‘yung damit like shorts or puruntong kailangan pa bang i-fold?..kasi napansin ko pagkagising ko,kagabi lng ako naglagay..nawala na kasi ‘yung pinahid ko at may kakulitan din kasi ako ‘pag natutulog..and..mawawala po ba talaga ‘yung mga peklat lalo na kung 17 yrs na sya sa katawan?..kasi I’ll turn 18 nxt yr pa..ehehe^___^..
      ..um,..safe din po ba sya sa mukha?..wla talagang side effects?..
      pls tell me..thank you very much guys! :D

    • vin

      hi! for those people asking question like,is sebo de macho works even your 16 yrs old,yes it really works, according to my observation. I am 17 yrs old now and i’m applying sebo de macho for about two weeks and I can say that this product gradually enlightens the dark scars of mine.

    • http://www.facebook.com/jlelopoz James Lyndon

      I’m 16 years old. I’ve never tried this one but my sister uses it. I can see that her scars on the legs are gone.. she’s so flawless now! Well, I have a plan to use it on my pimple scars. Is it safe?

      • phamteng

        c may b gmgamit nian kya plan nging candidate cia ng bb. talavera. . .

    • blaize maree

      hello.. is sebo de macho. effective if you are in 17 years of age?? help me pls.. i am now college student.. we have a ballroom dancing. so i dont know what to do.. kagagaling cu lang sa chickenpox.. last MAY 2009.. gano sya katagal mawawala??!! i need your answer as soon as possible.. please.. responce.. thank you.. god bless..

    • stealth

      tlga pu bng nka2tanggal ng peklat ang sebo de macho? sna da best 2 s pgtanngal ng peklat

      • Kylie

        sorry, ang alam ko discoloration lang po natatanggal na marks hindi ung as in peklat na nagkeloid or malalim na peklat.

    • Bong

      Ang sebo de macho nakaka-lighten ng skin?e kasi moreno ako,at nasugatan ako sa mukha,tapos ang peklat ko yung ‘pinkish’ e maitim ako,kung lalagyan ko pa ng sebo de macho,mas lalong makikita ang peklat ko..huhu panu ba eto?

    • WTF

      hay nako ilang years na tong peklat ko matatanggal kaya ito ng sebo de macho? kasi medyo maputi ako eh. nag ka chicken pox kasi ako. nahihiya nako makipag basketball at mag swimming miss ko na rin mag shorts TT

      reply kagad thanks

      • ria

        sebo de macho can remove scars and chicken pox marks as long as you use it constantly.

    • denieli

      paanswer naman po ung tanong kung mppgaling p ng sebo de macho ung more than 15 years na na scar… ung scar po ang my 15 years of age hnd ung mgaapply.. thanks!

    • jESS
    • http://pinksky.luved.net Eunice

      nakakatanggal po ba ito ng pimple marks/ acne scars?
      please reply asap! :)
      desperate na kasi ako eh :(
      normally kasi makinis face ko… pumangit lang dahil sa pimples na na-pop ko.. masyado kasing tempting eh… kaya eto nagiwan ng red pimple scars.

    • Zac

      hi there i just bought this ointment a few weeks back.
      i remember using it when i was a kid and i do remember the smell and colour.
      well recently i bought three of this ointments, and i was wondering, does anyone know the expiry dates for these? because two of the three looked normal (white, smelt the same as it was before) and the third was yellow-ish brown and had an awful smell and im curious whether thsi thing would expire seeing how it differed from the other two.
      pls reply

      • Kai Tian

        there is a BBD printed on the bottom of the tin just below the barcode. there are 2 dates printed there, the earlier date is the manufacturing date and the later date is the best before date~ ok?! hope it helps!

    • ….tin tin

      …how long will be remove the scars?

      • ria

        depende yun dapat constant ang pag gamit hanggang sa matanggal

    • engelie

      gusto ko pong manghingi nang payo about my scar , matagal na kasi ito almost 18years ‘napaso nang tambotso’ gusto ko sanang mawala agad ang piklat ko kasi nka2hiya na talaga, may nagsabi sa akin na effective daw yong SEBO DE MACHO, makakatanggal ba ito sa peklat ko after 2months?

      please replyn nyo nman ako..

      • Kylie

        depende po yun kung anong itsura ng sugat, kung nagkeloid ba or hindi, kung nangitim lang pero smooth parin kahit papaano, mawawala yan pero di saktong 2 months. kung nagkeloid maglilighten lang pero nakaumbok pa rin ung peklat~

      • GELLY


    • pacificislander

      this product works really good.. This is one of my aunts secret for her flawless skin.. She has a basket of empty tins of this product.. It is really effective but you have to put it on the scar/dark sports religiously. I, myself is also using this for my pimple marks, like what other fade scare products, this doesn’t lessen the scars/spots right away. It takes time po xa. Actually you will not see any result in 2 moths or so, that IF you using this very often..



    • chickenpox

      hi itatanong koh lang poh qong safa poh ba gamitin ung cebo de mocho sa scar nang chickenpox in face.. txtbak asap

      • mike

        Nagkaroon ako ng chickenfox 10 yrs ago. at halos tadtad sa mukha ko. nagpunta ako sa kung saang dermatologist para humingi ng gamot nila. kung ano ano ang binigay nila sa akin na cream at skin bleach para maalis ang scars. then finally naisip ko gamitan ng sebo de macho. in just 1 week nagfade away lahat ng scars sa mukha ko. pati sa katawan ko. ganun kabisa ang sebo de macho.

      • phamteng

        vicks nga ilagay mo. . pwede p inhaler kung my hika ka. . .

      • hannah

        hi there.. nkagamit n rin aq b4 dhil sa isang accident sa skul.. mlaking scar ang naiwan sa ibabaw ng nguso q non.. suggest ng lola at mama q non gumamit ng Sebo De Macho, it took almost a month, kc even nung katu2yo plang ng sugat nilagyan q n.. very effective xa, its barely there, nki2ta q nga lng xa pg tinitigan pero sa normal n tingin wla n tlga, yun lng kc natigil q pg aapply s sugat kya my ntira png konti… ngayon after 7 yrs kttapos plang ng chicken pox q, patuyo plang cla, gumagamit ulit aq.. really very effective, yun lng mlagkit lng tlga xa… additional suggestion q s lhat ng babasa at ggmit ng Sebo de Macho, really effective xa lalo ng kung hndi p ngtatagal ang sugat n ntutuyo, bsta persistent ang pglalagay at konting pxenxa mwawala yan.. trust me, subok n subok q n yan.. =>

      • annie

        seryoso, “chickenFOX”??

    • phamteng

      VICKS ang ilagay nio. . .epektibo yan khit s ketong haha. . .. . . .

    • darkskin

      just try to use sebo de macho…
      it will just lighten the color surrounding the scar, or it can remove almost all of it, or it will just not work. that’s it!

    • Cyndi

      I’m a big fan of sebo de macho. I keep a couple in my room, bag and even in the office. Years ago when i went diving,i got stung by a jellyfish (it coiled around my entire left arm!).it got red and swelled up etc etc point is, after i had my antihistamine shot w/c reduced the swelling, the scars were still horribly there. so i used SDM for about 2 months religiously. after shower, before going to bed and rubbing on a few layers every chance i get in school or church. and it amazingly erased the entire scar.

      it also worked on my scars from cuts, scratches and insect bites. but you have to be patient and give it some time to take effect. also you have to be consistent and apply ur sdm everyday and night. its that easy actually

      • Kai Tian

        oh really?! coz i just got a bruises and cuts from a minor accident last week and started using it when my wounds dried up, i use it everytime i think it needs to retouch. it’s been more than iwice a day, the smaller marks are almost invisible but the bigger ones are still here… so i need to continue applying it for 2months too?

        by the way thank you for your testimonial on this product, because of that i am not loosing hope that my scar will be gone sooner~ ^_^

    • chi

      yo. i have slits on my wrist. is sebo de macho effective? would my scars fade away? my cousin proven that it’s really effective for pimples..but i’m wondering if it’ll also be effective for these scars i’ve got on my wrist…

    • by gelly

      3 years na po yung peklat ko sa katawan ko,how many times a day po ba pwede mag-apply ng sebo de macho,kasi after kong maligo nag-aaply na kaagad ako.Tama po ba yung ginagawa ko?

    • gelly

      At may pekla pa po pala ako na galing sa paso ng tambutso 5 years ago.Matatanggal pa po ba ito gamit ng sebo de macho?

    • Manilyn Francisco

      ilang araw poh bago mag work yong sebo de macho

      • ria

        dapat po constant ang pag use ng sebo de macho hanggang sa matanggal

    • silentannie

      …hi.. effective poh ba yung sebu de macho sa kagat ng lamok??..im 19 y/o pwde poh ba yun??pano ba gamitin yun kasi poh gusto ko maglightened ulit ung legs ko..and natatanggal din poh nyan ang barricus veins….???tnx a lot i hope i’ll get an answer soon tnx..

    • carmelei

      sebo de macho — lightens the scar, basically it won’t work like magic as said in the above info… if you want faster scar remedy try contractubex or dermatix… these are sold in the market already… though still, it’ll take time for the scar to diminish ^^

    • Lyssa

      i’ve been using this for almost two weeks and since it’s summer (and i have nothing to do) i re-apply like every two hours. if you do this, your scars will fade in a shorter time. my scars are really old but after using this often, to my surprise, my scars really lightened.

      • jhessa mae

        hmp, tlaga po , effective kahit matagal na ! kc nag try din akong gumamit , 2 weeks lang kso, kc tinamad na ako , pero kung effective tlga kc almost 17 yrs. na to , peo di na ganong halta ehh,.. pero i will try using it again

    • rose

      SDM is very effective..when i was little i got burn by hot boiling water on my chest, it left scars!! i was scared that it wouldnt come off but my mom told me to use sebo de macho so i did..to my suprise all of the scars on my chest were gone!! ^_^ u cant even see the scars anymore..it blends to my real color skin!its like nothing happened to my chest!!so yeah i recommend sebo de macho!!

      • ria

        natatanggal ba ang parang bilog sa mukha ng sebo de macho

    • Mikaa

      Two months na po kong nkapaglagay nito. Di parin po natatanggal scars ko. Effective po ba talaga yan? Pasukan na po kasi. Mhirap gumalaw lalo na pag babae ka’t nkapalda ka sa school. Conscious lang po ‘ko ehh. HELP naman po please.

    • lady christifanie t. mataya

      im just starting to use it and i still dont know how effective it is.. i would, again,post here kapag umepekto..

      as of the moment, im using it for the scars of chicken pox. im 21 and i really hope that its gonna be effective to me.

    • engie

      i have 2bigs scar in my feet, worry tlaga ako kung paanu mata2gal ang scar ko kasi paso sya ng tambotso,nagtry ako ng iba’t ibang produkto pro wlang nangyari, nung may ngsabi s akin na e try ko daw ang Sebo De Macho bumili agad ako s pharmacy,ang ginawa ko b4 ko nilagyan ang scar ligo muna bago lagyan, kailangan talagang e rub mo parati ng 5mins, almost 8 months nwala yong big scar ko sa paa.

      • malou

        New scar ba sya? ilang months na yung scars mo nung nilgyan mo? kase preho tayo sa scars. paso sa tambutsyo..

    • kimsoohyunlover

      meron po akong pasa tapos nag-black na siya , di matanggal. pwede kaya ang sebo de macho dito.? I hope so, kasi sa thigh pa namn un. eh ang hirap pag magsusuot ng shorts.

      • jc

        magpants ka nalang

    • Elpee

      Will it take long to lighten the scars if they are a month old? Cuz I just had chicken pox a month ago and I have lots of big scars on my arms. How long would it take til all of em heals?

      • Elpee

        What I mean is that, I was healed a month ago from chicken pox. My chicken pox started april 9 and ended on may 1 2011 with full scars all over my body and now it’s june. So 2 months ago, My pox started and left me with scars a month ago.

    • jeremiah

      meron po akong peklat sa may ilong 5 years na po 2 matanggal po kaya 2 ng sebo de macho?pls reply nmn po?

      • ken

        dahil po desperada akong matanggal ang scars q..nag apply po ako ng erase solution e nasobrahan ko lalong nagblack yung scars ko tas bumili aq ng contratubex..walang nangyari… im looking forward to dermatix as of this time…madame nato…lalong nagrered at nagblablak…please suggest po naman if anu pong dapat gawin…tnx po…

    • lea

      guys, for serious scars, rosehip oil if highly effective but it’s quite expensive.

      ContratubeX is also available in leading drugstores in the Philippines. you can ask the pharmacist about it. it is less expensive that rosehip oil but still, it’s not cheap :)

    • lea

      i mean, it’s less expensive than* rosehip oil

    • lea

      CONTRATUBEX nga bilihin nyo sa mercury drug. mas epektib yun mga 500 piso isang tube ng ointment.

    • lady rosselle

      this product help my face clear and also light my dark spots thanks 4 your product !!!!!!!!!!!!

    • noe

      Yes its true. It works for the new scar. My 9 y/o daughter and I have been using it.

    • marxa

      pwede ba gamitin yan sa stretch marks.

    • Nico

      pede ba to gamitin para matanggal ang tagihawat? sa muka? reply! thank you

      • konstantin

        mgdonate ka ng dugo para malinis yang circulation mo… sometimes tagiyawat comes from toxin in your blood.. donate blood to purify it..

    • abby

      hi po. pwede bang gamitin ito sa dark spots sa mukha? at pede po bang gamitin pang tanggal ng tagiyawat po? please po. sana may makasagot thank you

    • mary rose dazo

      pag poh ginamit ko 2 sa aking peklat ilang month poh bgo mtanggal?

    • robs

      How long it will use to totally remove the scars?? Will it takes months or weeks?? pls reply.. thanks

    • Jake

      Guys, effective po ba eto, kasi meron ako scars 3 months ago na ata semplang sa motor matatanggal po ba eto ng Sebo de Macho.. if bbli po ako ng sebo de macho kelangan po ba branded.. reply plss!

      • DR.jay

        3-2 effective ang sebo de macho 3-2 months ang gamutan nyan kelangan 2lo-2loy para mawala ang mga scars specially sa mga keloids

    • brianers

      meron po aqng acne marks pwd bng gmtin ang sebo de macho pra mwala eto?????reply poh,.thank’s a lot,.,.

    • Edz

      M0re effective ang sebo de macho kpag fresh pa ang scars,lalo n qng m0re than 3x m0 ito gagamitin with rub ha atleast 3-5 mins ang rub,.after nun,makakaramdam k ng kati.,cguro un n!umeeftive n xa!

    • kaycee

      i had skin rashes since i was young..can this product remove this shits??if you know other solutions,please call/text me..:09994797648

    • rose ann

      tanung ko lang po nakaka tanggal po ang cebo de macho kc po baka gamit ng gamit ako hindi nmna pala efective tanung ko efective po ba o hindi

    • Joycie

      Guys.. I have scars on my face because last month ngkaron ako ng chickenpox.. mtatanggal b ng sebo de macho to? I used contraburex but it doesn’t work. :( pls somebody help me. tnx!

      • heizel


        base on my own experience e,kusa mawawala ung scars cause by chickenpox, pero if sa face better u try bioderm ointment,ung sebo kasi mejo mabaho un pero pede din un

    • Fudge

      nakakagaling po ba yan ng acne Marks!?

      • heizel


        hindi ko p nasubukan to sa acne marks but i think ok xa..un lng mejo mabaho ung amoy nito, best to use before u sleep.

        But if you don’t mind i suggest ung BIODERM ointment, it cause 15 pesos lang or 20 if im not mistaken to any mercury drug. un ok n ok un sa acne marks bsta bgo p din.


    • Ash

      effective ba ito sa cut?i mean ung sa suntok..pls reply!!

      • heizel


        any kind of wouds na pede mgcause ng scar e effective to. bsta fresh wounds,from cuts, from boiling water basta any kind of wounds na fresh pa..un lang u need to be patient ksi maxado matagal ang epekto nito..months pero sure nmn na mwawala ung scar

      • heizel


        any kind of wouds na pede mgcause ng scar e effective to. bsta fresh wounds,from cuts, from boiling water basta any kind of wounds na fresh pa..un lang u need to be patient ksi maxado matagal ang epekto nito..months pero sure nmn na mwawala ung scar

    • Zerafyinah

      naku.. may chickenpox scars po ako and I’m using sebo de macho para matanggal sana matanggal agad especially ung asa face cu!!(T_T)

    • Hailee

      effective po ba yung Sebo De Macho sa burn marks sa mukha caused by garlic? Gaano ho ba katagal bago makuha yung burn marks?

      • heizel


        Yeah effective xa sa mga burns pero it takes too long tlaga kya dpt regular k mglgay at least twice a day, ung sakin n burn cause of hot soup e mg1 month n pero andun p din scar pero ngfade ung kulay nia khit konti,mtagal tlga epekto nia.


      may pag asa pa ba namawala o mag fade kahit paano un burn ko sa arms kasing laki kasi sya ng piso

      sumali kasi ako ng brotherhood mga ilan months lang nag inactive na ako

      • heizel


        fresh wound or burn ba xa?kung fresh pa xa..mwawala p xa but it takes months bago tuluyan mwala and dpt regular k din mglagay at least twice a day. Yung sakin ksi n fresh wound from boiling soup e mag 1 month n xa andun p din xa with regular use of cebo de macho pero ngfade xa khit papanu,lumiwanag n xa…

        pero kung old wounds na xa…ung tipong month old na…e mejo mahirap n xa mawala


      • wawawa

        tagal nga umepekto nq sebo de macho eh., may higit isang buwan na ko gumagamit nyan., hiyang hiy na ko humarap sa mga tao…

    • rex/dancer

      – paq naq donate po ba nq blood may age limit po ba ? kc 17 planq ako .. paq naq donate ba ko kasama pa parents ko ??
      nkaka-asar yunq mqa darkspot ko sa muka., tagal nmn umepekto nq SDM eh… isanq buwan na .. tsk.. pinturahan ko nlnq tonq muka ko, hahahahahahahah grabe hiyan hiya na ko humarap sa mga taong kumakausap skin nq face to face… wew

    • malou

      Eh pano kung 2 months old bago mo nilgyan? mageefect pa ba sya?? :( gsto ko na mwala peklat ko ehh :(

      • babaya

        also try lotions that have liquid silicone (dimethicone). check the ingredients listed on the bottle before you buy.

    • ent

      panu ba gamitin yang SDM ????? umaga at gabi lang ba ? manipis lang ba ang pag pahid., tpos pahid lang ba ng pahid hanggang mawala yung pag ka oil !?????????????????????? help p0h…

      • heizel

        @By ent:

        papahid mo lang sa place na gusto mo gamutin, yes! day and night and kung magagawa mo na mayat maya lagyan much better. And yung amount ng ipapahid mo e ung tama lang sa laki ng gagamutin mo.

    • jamiiii

      eeeh pano kung years ago na ung scars??may pag.asa pa rin baaaah??kagaya ng ring worm……nag cause kasi xa ng peklat sa knee ko, ngayun ko lang na realize na, kakahiya xa :<(((((((((((((

      please answer me. can sebo de macho help me with this problem?????

      • yana

        may mga scars ako sa legs..and they’re really dark..i can’t even wear shorts ang quarter pants.. so, i tried applying sebo de macho..it’s been a week now.. at nakita kong nagla-lighten sya…yung diameter ng scars ko, lumiliit din. tiyagaan lang sa pag apply. =)

        sa tanong mo, maybe it would. =)

      • babaya

        try tamanu oil, palmer’s cocoa butter, or licorice lotion (lady godiva).

    • babaya

      try tamanu oil, palmer’s cocoa butter, and/or licorice lotion (lady godiva).

    • babaya

      or use lotions that contain liquid silicone (dimethicone). check the ingredients listed on the bottle before you buy.

      other ingredients that can lighten dark scars:
      kudzu (Pueraria lobata root), bearberry leaf extract, mulberry bark extract, orange oil , and gotu kola/Centella Asiatica.

    • prince

      matatanggal ba ang piklat ko sa mukha pang ginamit q ang cebo de macho na ito?

    • lucky

      pwede bang gamitin ang SDM sa 5yrs na peklat..gusto ko lang naman maglighten sya…ngaun ko lang kasi narealized na pangit tingnan kasi medyo madark sya..mag eeffect pa kaya sya?

      Thank you so much!!!

    • desperate_jen

      friends, effective ba tlga ang sebo de macho? may peklat kasi ako, napaso sa tambucho ng motor about a month ago. i am so desperate na kung pano xa matatangal. i desperately need an answer if its really effective. thanks :)

      • jerry

        effective nga bah? ganu ktagal makuha ang pimple scars

      • ivy

        ….. effective ang SDM sa paglighten ng scar, ipapantay nya and skintone at soften nya din, basta mayat maya ang paglagay,,, tyaga lang… kung gusto nyo may medyo mabilis kaso mahal… DERMATIX.

      • rojj

        magkano ang DERMATIX ??

    • Jess

      proven na effective and sebo de macho, since I was a child, lahat ng scar ko malaki man or maliit umpisahan ng sariwa na scar, basta maya maya ang apply, its like a miracle, next thing you know di mo na maidentify kung nasaan ang scar mo…

    • jenny

      …., hi’ isa ako sa kanila my scars hmmm… wish ko sna yung sebo de macho ay effective dahil gusto ko tlaga mwla ung aking scars since my child it was an accident then na damage ung skin ko dito sa aking dalawang legs but id try to use sebo de macho but wla pa xa umiffect. therefore i need ur help….. tnx i share my experience…

    • Gen

      15 na ko mga 1 year na ren akung gumagamit ng SDM at sobrang effective nya pag nag lalagay kasi ako ni rurub ko sya ng matagl para umepekto sya agad tapos siguro mga 2 weeks na continuous na pag lalagay at pag rurub mo sa mukha mo ng SDM tlgang mawawala ang peklat mo . Ung peklat ko nga na galing sa bulutong ( chicken pox ) nawala tlga sya as in pumuti lht kasi nga kinukoskus ko tlga sya tapos pati ung acne marks mawawala tlga bsta patience lng po :)))) Promise effective sya ..

      • maycie

        cgurado ka ba?? hha.. kasi ako hindi naniwala, ilang bisis ko na kasi sinubukan, eh hindi pa rin matanggal…,, kainis nman………..

      • erald

        gen sure ka bang effective sa chickenpox ksi 1 month na ako naglalagay e wala parin nang yari!! effective ba talaga??

    • lindsay chan

      Hi! How about mosquito bites? Effective po kaya to? A few months ago kasi lumipat kami sa house na malapit sa farm and madaming lamok sa area. Weird, kasi madalas ako makagat ng lamok, unlike the rest of my family. And mas malaki pa problema ko kasi sensitive ang skin ko kaya konting kamot lang magpapantal or sugat na so nagkaron ako ng mga dark spots sa legs. Hindi naman malalim ung mga scars pero gusto ko sila mawala kasi di maganda tingnan. May iba pa po ba kaung alam na product na pantanggal ng scars? Hope u can help me. Thanks!

    • mine_2010

      I Have scars n super tagal na. Can SDM remove it? huhuhuhu

    • Cy

      i have plenty of scars such as acne scars and the large ones i have on my legs and knees. i’ve been using this cream for about 1 month now and it has made a huge difference. i didn’t only lighten up but it became softer in such areas. which, i don’t think is a bad sign. some reviews said that the longer you use this, the better. my acne scars on my face are unnoticable now. as long as you apply it twice a day. once in the morning and once at night, it’ll give you a better effect :))

      • Princess

        Hey is it true that it can heal/remove acne scars. I’m bothered because of the appearance of acne scars on my face lately. Its not that deep but it really made me so insecure of myself..please help. I just can’t afford those treatment made by dermatologist since I’m still a student and I know that my parents won’t let me try those treatments. :)

    • precious

      hi! ano po marerecomend nyo sakin..
      un scars ko medyo matagal na talaga siya am 18 now 14 plang ata ako meron na cya…

      • Kristine Mae Jimenez

        U can try sebo de macho :) You may want to use Contratubex or Dermatix for better results :)

    • Kristine Mae Jimenez

      I’ve got a really large scar kasi nadapa ako and hindi lang siya gasgas. Mababaw lang din naman pero with the use of SDM and petroleum jelly, it’s really lighter now. As long as u use it religiously like kahit more than twice a twice and i-massage mo sya para magpenetrate talaga ung gamot :) <3

      • kirsten mae

        can it remove peklat? kamot kase ako ng kamot nung batapa ako..

    • maganda ako

      matatanggal pa din ba ang peklat ko sa binti pag nag lagay ako ng SDM ? ahm , napaso kc ako sa tambutso .. matagal na tu .. thank you po . GODBLESS :))

    • angelito cruz

      ah . kahit po ba matagal na ung peklat o kahit na pilat na eh matatangal pa po ba ung? paki answer po pls??????

      • blaze

        oo matatangal pa naman yan pag nilagay mo ng isang gabi at bukas kunti kunti mawawala na yang peklat mo o kaya mag hilamos ka ng perla ng 12 na beses at atska ipahid mo ung sebo de matcho yun at pede kna mag pahinga o matulog ka ng 4hours at pag gising mo mag hilamos kauli ng 12 na beses ng maige at punasan mo sya ng tu ung towel tska mo ysa pulbuhan at tapos ulit ulitin mo yun hangang gumaling ung peklat nyo ok wag nyo itong titirisin ok ba at araw araw nyo itong gagawin sa iisang linggo

    • anastazia

      is sebo de macho really effective? its been a year ndn kc mula nung huli qng nkpgsuot ng short and its bcoz of scars…………plz answer nmn po my chance p bng mtanggal to? thnks

    • Jane

      Hi, ask ko lang kung effective ba yung sebo de macho sa sugat na nabakbak na tapos magiging peklat.. I had a motor accident kasi, then my right leg was full of wounds then now, nagbabakbakan na yung mga balat ng sugat kaya nagiging peklat na siya, that’s why im asking if sebo de macho is really effective, because more than 2weeks na akong nag aapply but nothing changes
      . Thank You! :-)

      • gi

        I have tried it since my childhood days. Every time I would have scar,my mom would put sebo de macho. It would lighten my scars and at times totally removed them. On how effective it is really depends on the kind of scar and the time you will put SDM. If the scar is not from a deep wound, it has more chances of being removed. It is also better that you put SDM the soonest time that the wound has been healed. It worked in most of my scars that is why I use it now with my daughter.

    • sunshine

      .. EffECtiVe BA taLAga iTO?? BAkit xA EffEctiVE as ScAr REmOver????

      PAkiSagOt NAman..[prOject kc]

    • Fritzie

      I’ve been using SDM for a couple of days now. And my pimple scars starts to lighten na. I agree na just rub lang talaga yong SDM sa scars nyo para magpenetrate siya sa skin. But it will take time talaga unlike sa mga mamahalin na treatment.

    • grace

      uhmm. napaso ako ng kumukulong tubig. tapos nmula .. im sure mag pe2klat to. maalis kya ng SDM to?l

      • heizel

        Hi grace!

        Yes! definitely maaalis pa yang ng SDM.same situation tau napaso then namula..un sebo agad ginamit ko. twice a day k mgpahid or more ms maganda

    • raquel anacay

      ,hello,gz2 q lng itanong qng nk2galing b ung SDM,,s nangitim na kgat ng surot s legs q,hnd 2loy aq nkkpg shorts,,nagamit nmn aq nun,mga 1 mth n pro hnd q p rn mssb qng effective nga,plz ans po,,tnx

      • carlo abelido

        try mo na lng ung contratubex mas mabisa …. makikita mo pa mismo na matatanggal talga mejo mahal nga lang pero effective naman.!!

    • jai

      ahm pls paki sagot naman po ahm matatangal po ba talaga ang peklat kase i have a scars galing sa dance pactice namn kaya yun di ako makapag short kase i got shy when i see this scars pls anwer me ! thank you

      • heizel

        hi jai!

        If ung peklat mo is years na or 6months mahigit na e its very impossible na matanggal p xa ng sdm. Pero kung fresh p ung peklat for example 1 week or 2 weeks or a month, pede pa un..actually hindi nmn talga tinatanggal ung peklat pero it will help para mglighten ung kulay nia na parang kakulay lang ng balat and un need mo talaga ng tyaga pgpapahid atleast twice a day.

        I hope it helps you a lot.



    • princess

      effective po ba yung cnsbi nyung contratubex ba yun pti dermatix? mtgal n kc tong peklat ko.. amfft 2 yrs n ata napaso s motor.. mtatanggal pa ba to nun? tska mga magkano po ba yun ?

    • ramil

      amh ask ko lng po kun kya mtangal ang scars ko s may noo may dalawang tahi kc xa.. pero bgo plang . kya, kya ng sdm yon

    • renz

      ask ko lng po.. problem ko ang scar s muka dhil s pimple
      mabisa po tlga ang sebo de macho
      need ko po ang sagot nyo…

      • ms.peklatin

        may skin asthma po aq 13 years old pa lng po aq pag may activity sa school natatakot aq kci baka pag suotin ng maiksing short at makikita ang binti q…napakadami kc kaunting kamot nagpapantal…nadadagdagan pero di nababawasan :(..naglalagay naman aq ng sebo kaso tumitigil minsan kc nawawalan na rin aq ng pag asa na mawala ung peklat q..kaya pa help naman kci di aq makapagshort ng maiksi pati kci aq na tuturn off sa sarili q eh :(

      • miss bisaya

        di po dapat kayo mawalan ng pag-asa. ako nga suko na sana ako nong nagka chicken pox ako at talagan OMGEE, daming itim2 na maliliit yong mukha ko. pero di ko talaga tinigilan gumamit nito. hanggang sa namalayan ko nalang na nawawala na yong itim2 sa mukha ko and ngayon di mo na talaga makikita ung mga scars. para nga lang ako hindi nagka chicken pox eh.

      • Jaja

        Gaano katagal mo sya ginamit nong napansin mong wala na yung mga chicken pox scars mo? May chicken pox ako ngayon at anDami sa mukha. So worried. :(

    • glyndon

      uhmm. effective po ba to sa ringworm na naghilom na pero may bakas??

    • honeysty

      ask ko lng po kung hanggang kelan ko po gagamitin ung SDM kasi 2 taon na ako merong peklat last year ko lng binili tapos nag stop ako ngayon ginamit ko po uli kasi mag papasokan na po grade 6 na po ako ….. ngayong grade 6 plano ko po sana na short socks kapag nmn po ginamit ko i2 baka sakali umipekto ilang days nlng po magpapasukan na di parin natatanggal ang peklat kuuu waaaaaaa!!!

    • miss bisaya

      yes po, effective po talaga ang sebo de macho. i used that nung nagka chicken pox ako at talagang nawala po yong itim2 sa mukha ko. and i’m using this ngayon para sa peklat na sanhi ng pimples. very effective po talaga ito.

      • che2

        anu ung ginamit u?

    • lj6

      mga 2 weeks bago matanggal ung peklat kht sang part ng katawan… effective yan kht san … nagamit ko sa dark spot,peklat at kht anung klasing peklat,,, effective sya

      • kath

        2 weeks?? d nmn eh.. im using SDM for 4 months until now but the good news is my scars is lighter rigth now.. it takes tym..

      • che2

        anu po ung gamit u cos 2wek lng nawala na.

    • rachel

      i ask lng if effective po tlga toh s mga scar ng chicken pox?

    • Princess loly

      hey i have got scars on my legs because of mosquitio bites i stupidly scrached them because they were so itchy and know i have brownish scars on my legs so i heard that vitamin E cream is meant to help alot i tried it it made them lighter when i applied it but then they just went brown again is this cream avaliable in australia and america and where do i get it from and will it get rid of the brown scars because it seems for me they are never going to go away :(

    • nicca

      kaya po ba nitong tanggalin ang kelloids ?
      kase i have kelloids sa binti ko ang now nahihiya kase ako
      can SDM effectivly remove those kelloids ? how may months po kaya ??
      please reply po kayu thanks

    • circe

      I don’t think it will work for scars na nag-kelloids, kasi I tried it myself but it didn’t work especially kung medyo matagal na yung scar. Actually, nag-lighten sya pero kelloidal pa rin. You can try contractubex pero medyo mahal, php 500 for 10g, and it only works for scars that is within 2 years. I can attest though that SDM really works for healed wounds and fresh scars. I’m using it again kasi I just had chicken pox 2 weeks ago. Ilang araw ko pa lang sya nilalagay at ung iba nag-lighten na but not yet fully removed. Kahit naman anong scar remover it takes some time. I tried contractubex pero namula sya so I stopped using it and now trying good, old sebo de macho. Hope it works. Lalo kong nagtiwala ng makita ko post ni miss bisaya. =)

    • Ponomi

      I have Hyper-pigmentation and I was wondering if I can use “Sebo de Macho” to lighten up or remove scars. Most of my scars were from mosquito bites that I scratched.

    • Victoria

      Makakatulong kaya ang sebo de macho sa pagtanggal ng scars? Kasi i had 2nd degree burn, kaya tinanggal ng surgeon ang upper layer ng skin ko its dry right now..Namumula sya then turns into black at saka may red na tumutubo na parang may tubig sa loob..Does anyone encountered this kind of problem? Hindi sya maganda..Please need your suggestions..thank you..

    • ericah

      ask ko lang po kung may gamot pa sa na irritate dahil sa katialis nangitim sya at nag mark na sa hita ko parang mansya.dati wala nman akong peklat simula ng gumamit ako ng katialis namula sya tapos nag mark na ng itim..may posible pa ba po matanggal ung itim ano po dapat ilagay at gamitin.txtbk po tnx

    • stephanie

      How effective is the cream? I had an allergic reaction and it left hyper pigmentation.

    • Jel

      Hi. Sa mga my hyperpigmentation due to mosquito bites, SDM would help to lighten the dark spots. Nagkaroon na din ako before ng dark spots sa legs dahil sa mosquito bites pero kusa nalang siya nawala. But it took 5 months bago totally nawala lahat ng hyperpigmentation ko.

    • Ellezur

      hi po !!
      ask lang po ako kung effective po ba to sa mga scars at maari po ba itong underarm whitening. saka saang part lang po maaari itong gamitin ??

    • Ellezur

      ano po ang effective na solution sa mga scars at pangingitim ng underarm.? tsaka sa mga blackheads po ..

    • JASTRO

      sa stretchmarks daw ba effective? Thanks

    • kenneth

      ilang months po bago po matanggal ang scars na malalim.

    • junierich anne tobias

      paano magtanggal ng scars na halos 13 years na??? please beep me back

    • abby

      super effective ang sebo de macho.. ive used it eversince and it works .. kuminis ung legs ko coz before i have ths teeenny bites from insects na nagdarken.. and i apply it like a lotion as in everyday.. and now flawless na uli.. nwala ung mga scars.. thanks sa sebo de macho

    • Kathleen09

      I have this old scars. I’m applying Sebo De Macgo every night. I started since i’m 8 yrs old. but i stopped applying, because this Sebo De Macho cannot remove this stupid old scars.is sebo de macho effective? I’m continuing applying it again. because i’m shyyy, I can’t wear shorts and skirts on our school. because my classmates laughs at me. now, i lose my confidence. even my BOYFRIEND, he laaaughs.NOW, IS SEBO DE MACHO EFFECTIVE TO REMOVE OLD BLACK SCARS? If no, please recommend me a effective one. I need this. ALSO MY LITTLE SISTER, so help me!!! answer. ASAAP! THANKYOU FOR YOUR KINDNESS

      • diane

        how old are you now? meron ka pa rin bang scars ngayon? do you think sebo de macho is effective?

      • kathleen09

        I’m 13 na po. super hiyaaaa po ako magwear shorts. now, teachers day po sa october 5. my teacher told us na to wear shorts for our dance po. hindi naman po gumagana. can you please recommend me one? thanks

    • nica

      try using castor oil on fresh wounds. kasi it promotes faster healing and hindi magsscar un sugat. thean sa peklat, ok rin sya, 1 or 2 weeks lang naglilighten na un scar, even un mga dark ones dahil sa insect bites. madaming nagagawa ang castor oil, 30 pesos lang yun 120 ml bottle sa drugstores. i can attest to it! :]

      • Juvie

        Kahit matagal na po ? Pde parin matanggal yung scar?

    • clare

      hi po.. suggestion na po kung ano pwede ko ilagay sa legs ko ,, kasi nagkaroon ako ng mga pantal tas nangitim sya,, ano kaya mabisang gagwin ko para mawala agad,, thanks please reply asap ,,

    • Micha

      Ilang Months po bago matanggal? Effective po ba talga?

    • mahal koh

      ilang araw po ba ang paglalagay ng sebo para mawala ang peklat

    • sam upuan

      paano matanggal ang scars?/

    • http://www.facebook.com/arrahlabyuh Arlaine Suehiro Sabido-Braga I

      Matatanggal pa po ba kasi napaso ako sa ilong, natalsikan ng mantika. Please answer po. Salamat

      • wendell hizola

        pde po ba sa mukha lagay ung sebo de macho ???!

      • louise vee

        yes,actually you can apply it all over your face in the evening,..sa umaga you’ll feel your skin more supple and moisturized.,and nakaka-lightens ng dark spots causes by acne.

    • jhessa mae

      pano , po ba matatanggal ang scar na dulot ng kagat ng lamok na kinamot kc ehh my allergy po ako, , almost 17 yrs. na po akong nag sa suffer!. , ung iba po lyt lang, ung iba super dark.. plzzzzzzzzzz … pahelp po ako! :(

      • Mary Belle

        I also have this unnattractive dark spots caused by mosquito bites on my legs. Months ago, I’ve applied cebo de macho for like once every other day or whenever I would remember, and got no results. Yup. Disappointing, but this week, I thought I should try it again. So I bought a small one and religiously applied it more than twice a day.

        After a few days, I can notice a difference on the color and the spots look lighter now. :) You just need to have patience because changes dont happen overnight. I also noticed a little peeling of the skin so I gently rub it with cloth when taking a bath. You may also want to apply sunscreen so as not to further darken the spots.

        I hope this helps. :)

        P.S. I also tried applying a little bleaching cream every night and it kinda works too.

    • ChiChi

      I’ve used this since I was a child and it always worked for my mosquito bites and small scars. Definitely effective!

    • Gloryouz

      Hi, i did obverse the same results as described in this article. My friends had to religiously apply the Sebo in the morning and when going to bed. The scars, one from a motorbike and the from a jellyfish sting only lightened; but it certainly did look better. Then they switched to Contractubex gel which was more effective and worked quicker. Hope this helps. :P

    • emerson cadiao

      10 yrs na akong ngtitiis sa peklat ko sa gilid ng ilong ko. pwd pa kayang mawala ito

    • wendell hizola

      pwede ba gamitin sa mukha ung sebo de macho ????!

    • nica

      It will much more effective if you will massage your scars with applied sebo de macho.

    • Anna

      D yan efetive cebu de macho wla rng kwenta yan maubos pera mo sa kbibile nyan no efect pa rn yan

      • cj

        ubos tlaga? mura mura nyan….tas ang isang sdm ilang weeks mo nang gagamitin..effective po sya…

    • Anna

      Maliliit lng na peklat kaya nyan cebu de macho pag mga scars streghtmarks d nya na kaya yan la pa rn kwenta jan muubos pera u jan sa kabibile nyan

    • cccute

      Ginagamit ko nato for almost 2 years hindi nga lang araw-araw, pag matatandaan ko lang, so far effective nmn sya kailangan lang araw-arawin…though it will only lighten the scar hindi talaga 100% mawawala…

    • ihateyou

      patagal ng patagal, pamahal ng pamahal na rin ang sebo de macho at nagkaka less effective…nung una 10pesos lang yan, at makikita mo talagang nawawala yung mga scars mo, ngayon 20 na yung malaki at parang wala nang effect.TSSs..-_-..

    • carla

      paano ba matangal ang peklat 12 years na akong inaasar ng aking mga friend pls tulongan nyo akong matangal ang peklat ko sa binti pls comment

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    • angela

      hi vanessa, mga ilang days nawala yang mga scars mo? reply kaagad plss
      meron kasi ako peklat sa ilong at maitim. gusto ko na talaga syang mawala.

    • seeeei

      it actually works on old scars..
      like me, i used it and the scar dissapear…
      if you apply sebo de macho more often…its effective..

    • dfghjk

      its available at oriental markets.

    • yanie

      mai chance pa ho bang mawala ang scar kung mga almost 20 yrs. na?

    • babyface

      yup! i can attest to its effectiveness. a few years ago, i had a big wound at the back of my knee. i took care of my skin ever since i was a kid and when i had that wound, i worried so much about that and i knew it would scar so bad (it was i think 4 inches wound). when my wound healed a bit and when it started to develop black scab, i started putting cebo de macho rigorously and lavishly. i did it every minute, every hour… i never left the wound unmasked with cebo de macho.. i did it for a month i think or more than that.. and guess what? after more than a month of application, it’s traceless now! it’s like i haven’t had a scar on that area. it was wonderfully amazing. their tagline is true, it really works on new scars…i can say, good result is a guarantee but i think it depends on how much effort you’ll do to put cebo de macho from time to time. it’s the cheapest treatment anyway so it won’t cost you too much money no matter how much amount or how many times you applied it in a day.

      hope it will work for you too. ^_^

    • babyface

      yup! i can attest to its effectiveness. a few years ago, i had a big wound at the back of my knee. i took care of my skin ever since i was a kid and when i had that wound, i worried so much about that and i knew it would scar so bad (it was i think 4 inches wound). when my wound healed a bit and when it started to develop black scab, i started putting cebo de macho rigorously and lavishly. i did it every minute, every hour… i never left the wound unmasked with cebo de macho.. i did it for a month i think or more than that.. and guess what? after more than a month of application, it’s traceless now! it’s like i haven’t had a scar on that area. it was wonderfully amazing. their tagline is true, it really works on new scars…i can say, good result is a guarantee but i think it depends on how much effort you’ll do to put cebo de macho from time to time. it’s the cheapest treatment anyway so it won’t cost you too much money no matter how much amount or how many times you applied it in a day.

      hope it will work for you too. ^_^

    • gen

      ,.can it remove scars like 16 yrs.?

    • gen

      ,.does it work for scars that are 16 yrs. old?

    • Nina Faith

      I got the same prob as well. I got this skin asthma and now it’s healing so my skin is chipping all over and I got lots of scars I wanna put sebo de macho but I’m morena I’m afraid it might make my scar more visible dahil nga it ligtens skin diba? Help me

    • Roberto

      oi kua pwede tlga to sa mga peklat
      samukha meron ako ksi e