Is Kat Von D HOT?


*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom.

Do you consider Kat Von D HOT? Look, don’t get me wrong, I like her, I think the LA Ink chick is actually cool. Plus in my own feminist-ish hoorah, I say, Go Girl. But I just scrunch my nose every time I see her in clothes like this(Arrggghh, my eyes) showing her body tattered with tattoos. So I’m curious. How many guys think a woman filled with tattoos is Hot. And how many Men think a woman who happens to be dating Nikki Six, is Hot. Just thought I’d throw that in there..LOL. Cast your votes below.


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    • Mike

      No. Definitely No.

    • valEpunk

      of coursE shE is!!!! im totaaly falling in lovE with hEr.!!! shE makEsmE gay!!

      i lovE hEr!!

    • Heather

      Well i think she’s great. If i wasn’t girl i’ll definatley love her :). she’s tough and beautiful! that makes her hot

    • priscila

      yes!!! she’s soso hot… is very cool!!
      i love her…
      saludos desde argentinaaa

    • Lu.-

      I think… her personality is hot, but not her body. A woman with tattoos is hot, but her body is not really in shape!
      She’s really cool, but anyway. She’s not phisically hot.

    • Protein Shake

      Total hotness!

    • anthony

      “(…) but her body is not really in shape!”

      what?! she looks great to me! she’s got a slim body.
      she’s really sexy and i love her tattoos.
      she’s a rare beauty, i found her face gorgeous.
      she’s hot!

      (you could have choosen a better picture of her)

    • blabla

      (im not kidding xD)

    • heather

      how is she not in shape? she is in amazing shape, she is not a stick but she is curvy, which is actually more in shape than the manly 20inch waisted girls u see everywhere, i would love to be in hspae like her.

      I think the tattoos are amazing and very hot!!!!
      Her clothes are amazing, she has the body to pull it off so its fine.

      As for her hair and make-up, although her hair can be a bit hit and miss on occasions i think in general its amazing!!!!!

      Her personality, her looks, the tattoos, everything!!! she is hot!!
      and im a straight girl!!!

    • http://google kitkat

      i have a body exactly like her and i hate it!
      guys tell me i’m hot all the time buti just HATE the fact that
      i dont have an hour glass figure and i am skinny.
      i only weigh 115 and i’m 5″3 not to mention i have 34 DD
      but seriously mt body is horrible.
      my waist looks huge and its starts getting smaller as you go down.
      notice how Kat’s body does the same!
      ughh it looks fine on her but do guys really think its still hot
      even if your body is like that??

    • arman360

      hell yes shes DAMN HOT..

    • jessika

      Im sorry to piss antone off but that bitch is the best looking girl ive seen in a while she diffrant,spunky and just dont jive a dam that is what makes a girl sexy her attidue and here confudence!!!And she has it all.OH yea im striat tooo but she is a great role modle for young women u never see here really naked and u never here anything bad about her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andy

      I think her clothes are truly horrible.
      I used to think she was beautiful before the plastic surgery, now she looks like Cher, or Demi Moore’s daughter.

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