Props To The Fabulous Life Of P.Diddy and Jay-Z


The human race knows that when Sean Combs parties, he PAR–TAY’s :). Here he is with pal Jay-Z, a mogul of his own, partying it up in Cannes. Gotta give them both props on how stylish they look. Jay-Z in his gray 3-piece suit, while P.Diddy is in his white suit with black trim lapels, and all his blings. Did I forget to mention their Aviator sunglasses?

*Image Used W/ Permission / Newscom

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    • Olly

      I was there where PDiddy held his night. Suited in white, he entered the club through the crowd and joined his crew on stage next to the DJ. He did a few songs – Stronger one of then and then proceeded to order 6 bottles of Cristal but funnily enough he drank water and sipped on juice. He also brought along Lindsay Lohan and they stayed for around 2 hours before heading back to their yacht to part the night out.

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    • Big G

      They do look smooth but c’mon fellas. Why is Puff drinkin champagne out of a white wine glass? And Hova is worst. He’s drinking out of a red wine glass! Look like you’ve been there before guys.