Celebrity Fashion Gate : Sarah Jessica Parker VS Lauren Santo Domingo | Nina Ricci Gown

sjp-satc-nypremiere_nc lauren-santo-domingo-nina-ricci-gown_nc

*Images Used W/ Permission / Newscom. 

O Ow, someone made a boo-boo. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a Nina Ricci gown at the Sex and The City Movie Premiere in NYC last week. Someone failed to inform SJP, the fashion icon, that Lauren Santo Domingo wore exactly the same Nina Ricci gown at last month’s Superheroes, Metropolitan Institute Costume Gala.

I highly doubt Sarah Jessica Parker would wear a dress that has previously been worn for the most important and anticipated Movie Premiere of her life if she knew about it. There’s actually photos of Lindsay Lohan wearing the same Nina Ricci gown except Lilo wore it with a black fur bolero. I can’t find a legal picture sorry. To add to the insult, Lauren is standing right next to Olivier Theyskens, Nina Ricci creator. O.o

But yeah, someone definitely made a boo-boo. Is it SJP’s stylist? or is it someone from Nina Ricci department?  It’s a whole different ball game if the dress was worn at a Fashion Week Runway. In this case, the same dress was worn,  in 2 of the biggest Hollywood Events, just weeks apart.

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    • Guy

      Who actually cares? If she looked good in a very expensive dress, then good for her. Forcing a “fashion “faux pas” on something that in actuality means very little seems like it’s meant to be “filler” instead of actually focusing attention and brain power on the human plight or common decency or the advancement and strengthening of our species. If you find this piece entertaining, then I want you out of the gene pool.

    • http://styleitless.com Dexie

      errr, GUY, you know you walked into a FASHION blog right?


      I was interested in seeing the two photos. The mark of a good designer is to create a garment that looks equally elegant on women of two different heights and body sizes. Thank you for presenting these for our perusal.

    • http://soidisant.com Star

      I read they misinformed/mislead SJP to believe it was unworn. Not good for Nina Ricci.

      IMO I like it on SJP, Laren’s necklace is too much for the dress. :P

    • http://styleitless.com Dexie

      yeha, SJP wore it better. Lauren’s necklace was an eyesore, heh.

    • Rachel

      I agree SJP wore it better, but what a huge mistake :( I do not envy the person who did that.

    • Nora

      I must say that I prefer how SJP wore this dress, I’m thinking that necklace really ruined it for Lauren.

    • Sonique

      SJP looks a lot better. Is it really that big of a deal? She looked nice in the dress.

    • Sonique

      who is Lauren Santo Domingo???

    • http://styleitless.com Dexie

      Sonique, Lauren Santo Domingo is an uber-rich socialite and VOGUE editor.

    • Joanne

      Fashion Faux Pas—tsk tsk Nina Ricci/Olivier Theyskens.

      According to Mario Grauso, president of Fashion Division at PUIG (owner of Nina Ricci), claims that SJP/stylist, only asked if the dress had been photographed. Umm…hello, it’s the Costume Ball! Of course it was photographed! Also, he mentioned that there was no need to divulge the fact that Lauren Santo Domino had worn it a month prior! Again…HELLO??? It was Olivier Theyskens & the Costume Ball….even if it wasn’t important to let SJP that Santo Domingo had worn it, at least the fact that it HAD been worn to the most important event in the fashion industry was warranted. To top it all, Mario said, “Is Lauren a celebrity? It depends on how you look at it.”

      Shame on you Mario/Olivier Theyskens/Nina Ricci for “forgetting” to divulge that info to SJP.

    • Marisa

      Lindsay Lohan actually wore it with a black leather jacket not a fur bolero…Anyways SJP looks better in the dress than both Lilo and Lauren

    • Fay

      They both look gorgeous. THat dress is mind blowing.

    • BKMabrey

      I agree – Who cares if they wore the same dress. They both look outstanding.

    • Fay

      This is a dream gown. It’s the prettiest dress I’ve seen in a long time.

      Reminds me of something that Cinderella’s godmother would create with her magic wand.

    • Pearl

      this is a too much billowy gown

    • Fay

      Just love this gown.

    • Fay

      It’s a dream come true.

    • Fay

      Absolutely gorgeous.