Congratulations Vin Diesel


Vin Diesel and girlfriend Paloma Jimenez welcomed their baby daughter on April 2nd. Congratulations to the Fast and The Furious star. 

Everyone is having babies now eh? Our Hollywood Hunks are all growing up. Now if only someone could tame George Clooney and grace us with his perfect genes :). Or maybe not, depends how a woman looks at it..hehe.

Anyhoo, congrats again Vin Diesel.

(Image : Newscom)

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    • Mikel

      That’s cool. I always wondered why guys seemed to have abandoned pride in being a dad, at least in popular culture. Think about it. “Men’s Interest” mags all all about girls, tech, cars, etc… and almost every parenting mag is aimed at women. There is indeed a masculine side of parenting that needs to be rediscovered in our culture: The protector, leader, teacher. When I became a dad I looked and looked until I found a magazine called “Dad” published in the UK with 007 on the cover. That was a cool “men’s” perspective on being a new dad. OK, that’s my father’s day rant. I’ll stop now. :-)

    • Dexie

      I hear you Mikel. That’s why I try to bring a little bit of “Dad” and “Family” flavor here at SKB :)

    • stephanie

      this is the saddest thing i ever heard. i am literaly heart broken. i wanted to marry him and have his babys. she is one lucky person. and im jealous.