Anita Grant Hair Care

I just came across Anita Grant’s hair and skin care lines and I am actually salivating. After having a bad experience with conventional products she decided that she could make her own products using natural ingredients. Here goal was to demystify the process and ingredients so that the consumer can be empowered to do it themselves. While I am definitely going to try some of her products, she provides information on how you can create the same products and others yourself at home.

On my list of must sample goodies is her Organic Kelp and Ylang Babassu Shampoo Bar and the Organic Carrot and Wheat Germ Cleansing Oil. All of her products are made to order in small batches using fair trade and organic ingredients when possible. All of the packing is 100% recyclable and/or biodegradable. Please tell me what you think of her product line if you have tried it out. I’m busting at the seams in anticipation. I will let you all know if they deliver or not. I feel like a school girl with a crush. You had me at whipped hair butter.


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    • liz

      If you go to nappturality or any other hair site, you’ll find nothing but raves about Anita Grant’s products. The only concern that is ever voiced is about the postage fees (which isn’t anything that can be helped)

    • jazz

      I’ve tried a few of her products and yeah, they are good.

      I loved the Kelp and Babassu shampoo bar, it makes your hair clean without feeling ‘stripped’. It actually suds up really quickly.

      I’ve tried the whipped butter – very light, absorbs into your hands and hair really quickly. I don’t particularly like the lemon scent, but that’s just me, nit picking. It’s light enough so that it goes away.

      The chocolate mask for your hair is really scrummy, and it’s very heavy. For my 4a hair, it really soaks up the moisture.

      The samples are the best way of trying out her products, they last a fair bit and you can see if you like them or not.

    • Julie

      I actually have my friends who have tried out her products, they find it really great, as it is made of natural ingredients it never gives that extra dry feel nor causes any actual damage.

      So maybe it is defintly the time to give it a try!!

    • Dana

      Have you used Anita Grant’s products yet??? Where can the products be purchased here in the US??

    • Noel Boehm

      Dana I haven’t been able to try them yet. The last two times I tried they were either sold out or on vacay Boo! As far as I know they are not available in the U.S yet. I still hope to try them before the year is out

    • Als


      I just got loads of her products.
      The Sapote oil is amazing.. my skin and hair feels softer and less dry after two days of using it.
      Also, got one of the peppermint flavoured lip balms for my bf, which he is loving.
      I bought lots of the samples.. the coconut and rosebud oil is amazing on my face.
      I’ve yet to use the conditioner and the shampoo bars… The caffe latte hair promade is good as well.

      The customer service is amazing. I emailed her asking about products I can use for locs and she sent me back a long email with lots of tips and ideas… that was before I ordered her stuff.
      So good to find a natural hair and body company in the UK.

    • Dolcevita

      Since my umpteenth big chop i have continued to use silicone-laden productson my 4a hair, up until about two weeks ago when i switched to silicon-free, mineral-oil free, sulphate free and paraben free products. This includes ANita Grant stuff. I cant believe how soft and beautiful my hair feels. I ordered the rhassoul clay (looks and smells like chocolate but its CLAY), Barbassu and Perppermint shampoo bar (havent tried this yet) and Creamy Cafe Latte hair cream,. and the Mango and Coconut whipped butter. Co-Washed my hair in Giovanni 50:50 conditioner, DEEP conditioned with the Rhassoul, added some Giovanni leave-in conditioner and twisted my hair in a combo of the whipped butter and the Creamy Cafe Latte. My hair is light and bouncy, I have ringlets y’all – I couldnt be happier. The Cafe Latte I used very liberally since my hair is usually very dry and troublesome even after a co-wash. The rhassoul was good, although my hair looked better when i conditioned with Giovanni 50:50 conditioner last time – but maybe i didnt make my rhassoul up correctly – it was supposed to be a melted chocolate consistency, whereas mine was more like chocolate milk.

      For the first time since being natural i have not needed to use any additional glycerine-based product after washing my hair.

      I am extremely happy with AG’s products – it gets a 9.5/10 from me and i dont think i have ever marked anything so highly. Worth every penny and I can’t wait to throw my money at her again!

    • Michelle Smith

      Finding products that work well with your hair – there’s nothing like it. :) I wish you many, many good-hair days.