Kevin Federline Is Spending Britney’s Money Really Well


Well, it’s nice to know Kevin Federline is spending Britney Spears’ money real well. In designer suits. I mean Brit Brit’s ex-hubby doesn’t have to work, no child support to pay (except the kids he has with that other woman, where he gets the money, hmmm??), he doesn’t even have to pay court costs. It doesn’t matter to him how many times he has to wake-up early for another court appointment. Britney Spears pays for everything. As usual, HEH!

But yes, at least he’s buying nice suits for brief appearances here and there just to remind people, hey, K-Fed is still here. Papazao ain’t going anywhere. Nice suit and tie K-Fed!! Nice diamond stud earrings too.

I just had an epiphany. Since most of Britney’s employees are family members anyway, starting with her Dad/Conservator who gets paid at least $2500/week,  maybe she should hire Kevin as her stylist. hehehehe! Keep it in the family right? =P

(Image : Newscom)

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    • http://sheknowsbest Amy

      IN MY VIEW: The eyes really are the window to the soul. Beware of people like Federline with lizard eyes.They have one philosophy in life and that is:

      me me me me and me again. I am very sad to think all the Britney fans paid for all those concerts and CDS just so that this lazy ass can life in luxury.

      Unlike what selfish goldiggers would think: No, I am definatly not jealous of his lifestyle . I just really hate people who are Selfish and money hungry at other peoples expense. Believe it or not, but not everyone is as selfish as you goldiggers out there.And just because Britney is a naive kid, gives you no right to abuse that!!!

      Britney worked half her life, having to giving him half after the divorce.
      Why does Britney have to work half her life for this scum bag???

      What exactly did he do for for Britney???He lied to her about loving her, he is constantly lying about being a good dad ( please how did he treat his other children from the previous marriage?) He wanted her to be submitted to rehab and a clinic so that she would appear like an unstable mother, and he of course like the much more stable dad.

      His real love and aim: Definatly not his children!!!!
      His real love and aim ONLY : himself, me ,myself and I and of course MONEY!!]

      He wanted to manipulate everything , drive Britney down to the deepest dumps so that he would get the kids and she would then have to cough up money to pay.She would of course have to give a certain percentage of her salary for the kids, as does he, but she earns much more.

      There is something very wrong with the law. Surely the amount that Kevin gets
      is way to much to support the kids. Why cant they just be paid enough for the kids only ? This way Kevin and people like him will only take advantage and use the rest of the money on themselves. Look at how irresponsible this guy is with money anyway!!He would have been on the street if Brit had not rescued his unworthy ass. so glad you left him Brit.

      Please never marry again Brit. Not even with a pre-nup. Check all the loopholes out with MANY lawyers first. Dont spoil your boyfriends. Let them pay their own things at all times. You are giving them a ticket to use you,if you pay for them.