CONTEST: Win a Sony Ericsson Z750a Clamshell Phone!


For this week I’m giving away one (1) Sony Ericsson Z750s clamshell phone!

The SE Z750a is Sony Ericsson’s first 3G/HSDPA handset for the U.S. Market! It features a mobile broandband for high-speed Internet connection and access to multimedia content.

Not only is it very stylish with it’s mirrored clamshell design, it’s very feature packed!

It includes a 2.0 megapixel camera with video capturing capabilities to capture those moments with your family and friends. And with it’s internet capabilities, you can send the photos and videos to your friends in seconds!

What a great way to keep in touch with your girlfriends!

And for a more techy view, here are the features on the Sony Ericsson Z750a:

  • PictBridge™ compatible
  • Media Player
  • AT&T’s Music ID music recognition application
  • AT&T CV video service
  • Memory Stick Micro™ (M2™) support (up to 8GB5)
  • Tri-band HSPDA (850/1900/2100)
  • Quad-band EDGE (850/900/1800/1900)
  • Bluetooth® stereo (A2DP) support3
  • USB 2.0 capable
  • Full HTML browser
  • AT&T Mobile Email
  • 2.2” QVGA 262k Color TFT display
  • OLED External Sub Display

So.. with everything said, who doesn’t want to own a Sony Ericsson Z750a?!


Post a comment with your name, a legit email address and an answer to this question:

What color would you get if you win the Sony Ericsson Z750a, Pink or Purple?

Your comment will serve as your raffle entry. Winners will be chosen randomly.

This contest is open to US residents ONLY.

And another thing, the SE Z750a is made exclusively for AT&T so you have to be subscribed to the AT&T service to use the phone. But I’m still opening this contest to all US residents since you can pass along the prize to someone (your girlfriend, boyfriend, whoever!) with an AT&T service.

Or better yet, why not sign up with AT&T if you win the phone? :)

Contest will run starting today until June 30, 2008! Comments posted on July 1, 2008 will not be qualified

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    • Hazel

      I was all excited to join and tell you that I’d pick PURPLE, until I saw the US residents restriction. :(

    • Lia

      Hahaha, sorry haze! I know how you feel, hehe! Don’t worry, if i have a contest that’s open to Philippine residents, i’ll let you know ;)

    • Phoebe

      If I was a US resident I’d pick PINK but since am not, am joining for my best friend in CA who loves PURPLE!!! :D (heehee I sound so enthusiastic!)

    • Kristen M.

      The name of this phone reminded me of this:

      …I think they stole the idea from me :)

    • Kam A

      I would pick pink! Thank you for the giveaway!

    • Daniela

      Pink! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

    • Pat

      I’d pick the purple — it’s different.

    • Mama Zen

      The purple is gorgeous!

    • Hil

      You know I love the pink, but I would have to go with purple … my son borrows my cell phone way too often. :p

    • cmaxwell

      I think purple would be cool. Thanks for offering it, and good luck everyone.

    • Bernard Lavilliers

      From pink me turns back, and so it is normal….

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    • John B

      Gotta go for purple!! :)

    • nikita

      I’m in the US so I’d choose purple!!!!

    • Wendy McBride

      Pink! Love it!

    • Kristi

      I would choose purple and thanks for the giveaway!

    • dr

      purple, then sandblasted.

    • Debbie Dorsett

      I’d have to go for the purple also. Good timing – my current AT&T phone is slowly dying!

    • Elizabeth C

      I’m a pinkaholic, so that’s the one I’d pick & would love to get. I actually need a new AT&T phone. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • David S

      Entering for my GF since she’s in US. I love the Purple, very different, so I’d choose that one for her.

    • Deven C

      Entering for my sister, she needs a phone, & she loves Pink, so I’ll choose that one for her.

    • Isabel C

      My daughter needs a new cell for when she comes home to the US, so since she loves everything pink, I will pick that one for her.

    • betty

      I’d pick purple, and thanks for giveaway

    • Ann B

      Oh for me…purple…..I love Pink too, but purple rules…

    • Hana

      definitely would have to pick purple, the color of wisdom :)


      and the answer is…………..PURPLE! it’s way too cool!

    • Linda F

      Definitely Pink!

    • Kari Follett

      Purple all the way!!

    • Frances Meris

      Since all my gadgets are pink, I would definitely go for pink. I am from the Philippines but my mom is in the US. You can coarse it through her if ever I win :)

    • ITrush

      This is cool, I was really excited to join your contest but.. oh… uumm, can u just remove the restriction? :(


    • Noreen

      Picking the Pink! Both are great shades of color.

    • Kim

      No doubt about it…


      Cool site.

    • Michele

      Purple for me! :) Thanks for the contest!

    • trina

      I heart purple! my blogname explains why..i have a US address so do i qualify? Im a big SE fan..i wish i can qualify lia!! thanks in advance! lol

    • Dach

      Well, I would of course pick purple. However, this phone is going to my girlfriend, to replace her craptastic Samsung phone from 2001. Fortunately, I’ve found a girl who doesn’t like pink, so she’ll take the purple one as well!

    • Amy

      Hard to pick i love both purple and pink but i do think pink its cuter so pink.

    • kailani

      Definitely pink. It would match everything I own! Thank you!

    • mannequin

      Pink. Pink rules. Pink rules in all categories.
      Sony rules. Sony rules in all categories.
      So, I would LOVE a pink Sony of my Ownie.

    • iam

      Pink. (:

    • Gina

      AT&T user? CHECK!
      DESPERATELY need a new phone? CHECK!
      Color I’d choose? PINK!

      This is awesome! My phone is dying and I can’t afford to upgrade for a while. Ack! This would be a blessing!

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    • Courtney

      I would pick a purple phone. I actually just switched over to AT&T, so this would be great!

    • Cindi

      I would choose the “Pretty in Pink” color. Thanks for the chance to win this lovely phone. Cindi

    • Angie

      I would pick purple for sure. One of my favorite colors. Thanks for the opportunity.

    • Aileen

      I’d love to have Purple! :D

      Thank you for giving me a chance to join. :D

    • Shilo Beedy

      I would have to choose purple since it’s my favorite color. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    • Katie

      I would choose pink. thanks

    • mamikaze

      I like the purple one.

    • RachelF

      Pink, for sure!

    • Michele

      Purple for me

    • Sky

      Purple! I love the great colors!

    • misty

      PINK! I love pink, and I love this phone. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    • Jessica

      Any present from my brother is ‘Barbie Pink’ if at all possible. Funny thing is, I like pink and would love this phone in pink. I’d never admit that to him though.

    • Gina

      I need a new phone BADLY! I’d choose the pink… THANKS!

    • Ginny

      I have the Sony Ericsson W300i & really need a new phone. My lovely daughter decided to play with it & cracked the screen, ugh! I’d love to win the Pink one, mine is just black & silver. This looks like a better model of what I have :)

    • International Freebies

      Pink for me please!!
      Thanks for the chance to win. :)

    • Elizabeth M.

      I’d go with the purple because I’ve never seen a color like that in a phone before. I’ve always had just silver. Fun and cool looking!

    • Colleen

      Pink! It has to be pink. My favorite color.

    • timothy speaks

      purple I love purple ;)

    • Mommy Cracked

      Dude, that purple phone has my name written all over it. That would definitely be my choice.

    • Deborah

      Pink! PINK! pink! :)

    • toni

      I would pick pink because I am a girly girl!

    • Amy L

      I would choose purple

    • Jo

      Pink please!

    • Sara B.

      I’m more of a purple person.

      Sara B.


    • hazel

      I’d get purple for sure =D

    • Julie Kenyon

      Pink is the best!!!!!!!!

    • margie gilbert

      as the song says “paint it black” make mine black!

    • Patricia Schraier

      I like the black but I’d take the piurple.

    • Monaldson

      Purple, please.

    • Ruby

      I would definately pick the pink one! It screams “RUBY!” haha It’s a hott model. Great giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity! :D

    • Kimberly Guenther

      Z750a, Pink is so awesome…please enter me for this fun prize. PS… Im sorry Hazel you can enter… Keep on the sunnyside hun : ) & check out several of the sweeps sites under search sweeps for international sweeps fun : )



    • Sharon Thayer

      I would pick the pink for sure! and since it is my birthday wed. this sure would be a nice “Happy Birthday to me” gift!! so I would keep it for myself .

    • Elisa Perkins

      Purple for me!

    • Ellinor Burke

      Pink, pink, pink, please!

    • Barbara

      love to have a purple one

    • ngoc

      i would pick the pink sony ericsson

    • Michael

      Purple for me. Count me in!

    • Henry Lee

      i love poiple

    • Beth

      Purple! Purple! Purple! Love it!

    • Pamela Arbour

      PURPLE-it’s bold, brash and makes a statement!

    • Russell


    • Rosalie Lavertue

      I would be happy with any color, good luck to every one



    • ben

      i’d pick purple. great contest.

    • kellie


    • katie

      I would pick pink.

    • annette

      Purple is cute.

    • John Sweeney

      purple for me



    • richard welling

      purple, the color of royalty !!!

    • LG Efron

      I would love the purple version.

    • Mary Lou

      I’d love to win a purple one! My favorite color.

    • Alicia


    • Linda Goines

      I want a pink one.

    • keith james

      a happy crimson

    • LeeAnn P.

      purple. without a doubt, purple.
      Thanks for a great contest!

    • erik bryant

      I would have to go with the pink one if only as a conversation starter!

    • cathy

      Purple is my favorite color so I would select that one.

    • Dianne Osmundsen

      Purple would be stunning. Thank You

    • Ginger

      I’m all about purple; would love to have a purple phone :)

    • Veronica Sanchez

      The purple one is really purty!

    • Lisa

      I would pick the purple!! Very cute!!

    • Lacinda Boulware

      I would pick purple! Pink is everywhere!
      Love the color!

    • Timothy

      Purple is ny favorite.

    • Dena Oliphint

      Pink . . . baby

    • Kristi T

      Love the Pink one!

    • Shakeia Rieux

      i want a pink one

    • Kim A

      It’s a toss up between the pink or purple…I guess I’ll go with purple to change it up a little (I currently have a pink phone). Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Catherine Carter

      I love purple.

    • Patricia Simpkin

      Pink is the color for me.

    • Ava G

      Purple of COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Eloise Carlson

      I would like the pink one, please! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • Betty Shoemaker

      Love the Purple, great giveaway.

    • Barbara Richards

      I just love the color purple.Thanks for the giveaway!

    • judy brittle

      we are purple people all the way. plus it looks fantastic and classy. thank you so much.

    • Michelle Rosborough

      Purple !!!!!

    • Diane Mason

      Ummmm….well, let’s see. My bedroom walls are purple, so I’d choose……PURPLE. I want it, I want it, I want it.

    • David Gresh


    • Susan C

      I would pick the purple, it’s such a fun color!

    • kurt kidder


    • Summer

      Oh pink, definitely :-)

    • jane jakins


    • Cindy Flores

      I think the purple one is awesome.

    • Naomi

      Purple, because it’s my four year old’s favorite color!

    • AJ W.

      I would choose purple. I really only like hot pink. The purple is really nice though. (:

    • Pamela Dickson

      Hard choice to make, but I’d have to go with the pink if I win!

    • Kimberly Kaye

      I would definitely choose pink!!!!

    • Stacey

      I would go with Pink!

    • Bailey’s Leaf

      Purple would be my color of choice. Oh, and we have AT&T for our phones, so it is perfect! :)

    • Nhung


      i would looooooooooove the pink one. =)

    • xiao-dong

      barbie pink of course

    • SAM WU


    • Beverly

      I have AT&T for my cellphone service. I would choose the purple phone because I have a pink phone right now.

    • Jenn

      I’d love the purple phone!! Ihave AT&T so that works out nicely! Thanks!!

    • Angela

      Purple, please!

    • Jen

      Oooh, really hard to say. Pink to match my purse, or purple to match the diaper bag (which I carry pretty much everywhere I go)? I have three daughters and we’re just all around a pretty girly household–pink and purple are BOTH our favorite colors :). Probably I’d do purple though.

    • Guilherme Paraiso

      i love the black one

    • Patty P

      I would have to pick the purple! Looks like a slick phone.

    • Andi

      I was just telling my husband that I wanted this phone! I would totally get the purple one!!!

    • gS49

      Purple, I guess.

      But I’d repaint it. (Maaco, anyone?)

    • Lindsey Langhans

      If I were the lucky winner of this cute phone, I would totally pick the pink one! I would pick the pink one because I’d be “tickled pink” :) to actually win something, as I never win anything!

    • Kathy Conley

      pink for me!

    • Andrew Hall

      I would pick pink for my wife.

    • Didi

      I would love to win the PINK one!! :)

    • Joey


    • Casey H

      I’d love to win this in pink!

    • Dan Smith

      Purple for me

    • Susan Smith

      I like the purple color

    • Louise Brouillette

      I’d go for the PINK!

    • betty c

      Purple would be my choice.

    • Sonya Sparks

      I would definitely choose purple. Thanks for the chance.

    • Carol

      I’d choose purple, which is a great color for me!

    • Carissa D.


    • Kathy Schell

      I would pick the purple one. Thanks for the chance to win.

    • Catherine copeland

      Post a comment with your name: Catherine Copeland

      a legit email address: teechbiz at yahoo dot com

      and an answer to this question:
      What color would you get if you win the Sony Ericsson Z750a, Pink or Purple?

      PINK PINK PINK PINK PINK. Did I mention I want to win pink?

    • Bill


    • Jim A.

      my wife likes pink

    • Paula

      Purple, of course!!!

    • Steve

      Definitely purple!!!!

    • Paul

      I gotta go with purple

    • pat

      purple is more my speed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Kimberly Cook


    • Lucille Cumming

      I would definately pick pink! It will match many outfits and my cell phone holder! I wanna win, I wanna win, I wanna win!

    • Margaret Smith

      What a great giveaway. I would love to win one of these in purple. Thank you so much for offering this contest.

    • Marilyn Wons

      Purple! thank you for the contest

    • NS PEARL

      I want the purple one.

    • swankygirl

      ooooooooooooooooh!! PINK!

    • Shannon

      Very slick phone – want the PINK!

      Shan in VA

    • Cheryl M

      I would LOVE to have a new PURPLE phone. It is my favorite color and my cell phone is over 5 years old. This would be an awesome update. Thanks for the contest.


      purple, thanks

    • Cindy Thurman


    • Kathleen Porteous

      I would pick the purple one. I have always loved the color purple and having a purple phone would be fabulous!

    • Denise


    • Melissa C

      If I won, my pick would be the pink one.

    • Jacquelyn Cannon

      I am a Libra and I love the pink one!!

    • Jenelle

      I love the purple one (although I’m not terribly picky and the pink is cute too)

    • jffryclough

      i’ve always liked purple-icious

    • Connie Froman

      Pink for the Susan Komen Foundation

    • Tonya Keener

      purple…no question!

    • Rozie H.

      Purple all the way! I would love to win this because I’ve been wanting a bluetooth for a long time but don’t want to sign another contract to get one. Thanks for a great chance to win.

    • Tony T

      The black one with the grey/sivler outline looks sharp.

    • susan varney

      love to have the purple

    • Jodi Adams

      I would love to win the Purple one! Thanks!

    • PARKER


    • Joseph


    • Vicki wurgler

      I’d pick purple

    • charline s


    • Jill Myrick

      I would choose the Pink phone as Pink is definitely my favorite color.
      Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.
      I would LOVE to win !!

    • Abbey

      Purple has got to be the way to go. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • T. Coleman

      I love pink!! So I would love to choose the pink one, I would love to win as I’m never lucky, thanks so much for the giveaway.

    • Charity S.

      I would choose purple.


    • cynthia mccoy

      the purple is really pretty…looks like a cool phone!

    • Ken

      I would pick the purple one and give it to my wife we were married on June 30th

    • ouachitagurrl

      Pink! Pink! Pink! It’s so cute!

    • Joelle Sibley

      I would have to get the purple for LSU!

    • Anna

      Very fancy! I’d like a purple one!

    • joanne117

      Would love the purple for my daughter.

    • Fran Welch

      Since my father, sister, and best friend all went to Niagara University, I would have to choose purple.

    • Kathleen Bailey

      I would love the pink please

    • Denise Mower

      Purple please!

    • JoAnn Opfer

      Purple is absolutely my favorite, but hot pink runs a close second

    • christopher h


    • http://none JoAnn Opfer

      Purple is my sbsolute favorite

    • kc

      I would be very ecstatic to win the purple!!

    • Diana Lindeman

      The red one rules

    • Vanessa B

      I would love to win the Purple One!!

    • Megan B.

      Wow, fantastic contest, I would love the pink one! Thanks!

    • Victoria Ross

      purple please :)

    • michael

      I would choose purple to make up for dropping my girlfriend’s phone in a glass of coke. We already use AT&T

    • Dawn B

      I’d pick purple so I could give it to my daughter for her birthday.

    • TanjaT

      Great!!! Purple for me!
      Thanks :)

    • Brian N.

      Grapel…I mean purple

    • Julie Parrish

      I would love love love the purple one!!!

    • Valerie C.

      I love pink, as a matter of fact….it’s my favorite color :o) Good luck to everyone!!

    • Lisa T.

      I would pick purple

    • Cheryl W

      I think the purple one is prettiest!

    • klm39

      I would choose the pink

    • Tina Mitchell

      I would pick pink, it is the breast cancer survivor color!

    • sarah woods

      Its the Royal Purple followed by the Passionate Pink as Second; many thanks SW

    • Chuck Wade

      Purple to match my hair.

    • crystal nevcherlian


    • Danai

      I love purprle!

    • Pam Buchanan

      Purlpe!!! Its been my favorite color since i was 6. Awesome !!!!!

    • Angela

      I really, really need a new phone! I’d choose the purple one THANK YOU!!!

    • Barbara


    • Elaine

      Cute phone! I want pink!

    • Barbara Baker

      Hi and thank you for this awesome opportunity to try and get our hands on one.

      If I should win, I would have to, have to go with the purple…it’s my five year olds favorite color (and I’m drawn to it too).

      I so hope I’m the “chosen one”…

    • Jennifer Hedden


    • Donna S.

      AT&T customer here!!! I would pick the purple one, thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Pamela Kline

      the purple is to die for and I so love the style pick me pick me please

    • Nora Scott-Platt

      I am in the usa and I would choose purple

    • M Segars

      ooh purple!

    • Louise B

      Purple please

    • Jenny

      I would get purple, our school’s color!

    • Cheryl Nichols

      PURPLE,PURPLE, to match my purple SAKS bag!

    • Christina Barnes

      I would love to get the PINK phone, becuase it is my absolute favorite color in the entire world. I would be ecstatic to win!!!

      Thanks for the oppuritunity!!!!!!!

    • gale strong

      Definitely the purple!

    • Lisa Weidknecht

      PINK!!! Everything is better when it’s pink.

    • Angel


    • Ana

      purple, please

    • Tonya Froemel

      Purple for me! Hope I win!

    • Maja

      Purple. :)

    • Walter Van Tine


    • Pamela Ray

      I am all into PINK!

    • Thelma G

      Purple !

    • Ray

      I’ll take the purple

    • henry heath, Jr.

      purple is manly

    • Jon M

      Hey! I’ pick the black/charcoal color.

    • Gina Stratos

      I’d pick pink. My teenager hates the color pink so if I were lucky enough to win, I might actually be able to keep it!

    • Catherine I

      I prefer the purple – but both are nice!

    • Prudence White


    • Peggy Doty

      I love the purple one.

    • sheila B

      Pink for a girly girl, of course!!

    • Patricia Ray

      I would definitely pick the purple one.

    • Nancy Robbins

      I think I would choose pink because i have never been a girly girl and liked pink but now I think it is time for a change!

    • toasters


    • Allen Bivins

      Very nice giveaway, I think I would have to pick the purple one.

    • pamela hansen

      purple my fave color

    • Gina Benway

      I would pick purple! So pretty! Thanks

    • Kristi T

      I think I would pick the pink one!

    • Christine Bryant

      I would have to go with purple. Pink is a little too girly for me.

    • Judith Hopkins

      The purple one would make me very happy, I need a good phone!

    • Kimberly

      Pink is my favorite color.

    • David Coward


    • Margaret Lee

      I would be tickled pink to have the pink one.

    • Karen M

      At times like this I sure am happy I have A T & T. Gotta pick the pink! Thanks

    • Rebecca Hahne


    • Tim Miller

      green baby

    • Jessica Maurer

      I’m an AT&T user. I need this phone! My Razr has been crappin’ out on me & I need something reliable. My hubby is in Iraq so I need something that won’t shut off on itself!

    • Jessica Maurer

      Oh sorry — I like the pink one!

    • James Harris


    • Jennifer Russell

      I would go with purple for sure! Funky!

    • allan bradford

      good guys wear black baby

    • Jennifer Winn

      I would say PINK for sure!!!

    • Carol Ezovski

      We have AT&T! I like the purple AND the pink, but I guess I will go with pink.

    • Kristine Peacock

      I like the pink one best!

    • Laureen

      Definitely purple; thank you!

    • Steve


    • Denise

      Pink! :)

    • Pam Tufts

      I like the purple one

    • janet lindsey


    • Tammy Greer

      I’d pick PINK because it’s so me!

    • Heidemarie Burleigh

      purple for me

    • alice tracy

      Purple for me!

    • Irene

      My daughter likes the color of PURPLE.

    • Elizabeth Dehart

      Pink! Very cool phone!

    • Tabby

      I love the pink!

    • Jannet Tseng


    • catherine miller

      I would get the purple one, it’s really sharp looking Thanks for the chance

    • Randy Russell


    • marleen davis

      OOOOH the purple one is gorgeous

    • Charles Dugan, III


    • Tina

      I would pick Purple, That is my fav. color and it would go with all my stuff! Cheesy I know..

    • Julie Schwab

      I’d go for the ‘girlie’ pink color!

    • Bonnie Gee

      I think I would like Purple

    • rebecca

      Most definetly purple.

    • danielle

      Pink, because my daughter would love it, so girly.

    • Mark Pagan

      I wear pink often enough, but I’d take this piece of hardware in Purple, thank you.

    • Kiirstn

      using AT&T already–make mine pink!

    • Jean Ann Donnel

      What a beautiful phone. Though both are nice – I like the pink – pink for me. :)

    • Pamela Callahan

      I would get the purple phone – it’s different!

    • Bonnie Day

      pink please

    • Susan Burch

      i really like pink


      I would get the purple cell. It’s girly but not too girly.

    • Lisa Johnson

      i would have to say PINK because i would give it to one of my daughters and they all 3 love PINK

    • Carol Lawrence

      My choice is purple.

    • Dorothy Davidson

      Definitely pink

    • Marcia

      PINK! It would be easy to find in my purse!

    • debi welbon

      I would choose purple

    • Jeff

      The pink one is good for me. I have never had a cell phone yet.

    • Anthony

      gotta love the purp! (purple)

    • Tracey Byram

      Definitely the pink.

    • Adrian

      Purple for me thank you!
      Purple often is associated with Royalty too!

    • david basile

      purple looks great

    • Donna

      WOW I think purple would be great! Thanks for the contest!

    • pat ramey

      I would love to win the purple!

    • Ashley

      Pink! Many thanks!

    • Kathy Scott

      I would choose pink so that none of the male figures in my home would steal it.

    • Breigel

      i dont care if the cellphone is pink or purple because the important of cellphone is text and call for family use only thats the important one.

    • cristian

      i dont care what color of the because the real porpose of the phone is text and call and thats why because i have no cellphone yet because we are just to poor to buy.

    • Anne Angelopoulos

      Put me down for purple, I lOVE being Purple!

    • Vicky Boackle

      i would pick pink.

    • Jennifer M

      Pink. My current phone is pink.

    • kathy Weber

      I love this! I would definately need to have PURPLE

    • Reveille Patterson

      Thanks for the chance to win a great phone. I would choose purple.

    • sally wess

      definately purple

    • Bobby English

      I would pick purple.

    • Frank

      AT&T user for 10 years Black will match my other phone

    • Tracy

      tough choice but i need the purple

    • mike anderson

      I like purple. It’s a cool color.

    • Janet

      Pink! Thanks for the giveaway. :)

    • Jacqueline

      I think they are both cute. I would love to have the purple I think…no the pink….nope I want the purple one.

    • Leona P

      Id chose purple, Thanks for the contest

    • Steph

      I would choose the purple one.

    • Lisa L.

      Purple, definitely! Thank you!

    • doris ludden

      I would choose pink as that is my daughter’s favorite color and then we could fight over who gets to use it!!! Only kidding!!!

    • Heather

      I like the purple…thanks!

    • Vergie


    • Amy

      I would pick purple – how fun

    • Suzie Lockhart

      Purple is my absolute favorite color — so I would choose purple. Thanks for the contest.

    • Dawn Bates

      They are both so pretty, but I would chose purple because it is a unique color for a cell phone.

      Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Laura G

      sweet! I would love the purple one.

    • pat s

      My favorite color…purple!

    • Jason

      Nice giveaway, I want purple!! Thanks !!!

    • David W Hawkins

      Purple, please.

    • Holly Blanco

      We are adding our 13 year old daughter to our family plan before school starts in September. She would love a PINK phone.

    • Douglas Whitlow

      PURPLE, is my preferred presonal color.

    • Chrystal Davis

      Purple is the one I’d chose! Hope I win it!

    • Gloria S

      I would love the purple one!

    • AngelFace0821

      Oh it would have to be purple! No doubt. Thanks!

    • Sara

      I have a pink phone now, so I would want the purple! They are so cute!

    • sarah


    • Trevor


    • Elena

      Ooh, tough decision, since they are both so pretty! I think I’d pick the purple. Thanks for the great contest!

    • Debbie

      I would pick purple it is my favorite color.

    • Carol G

      I can’t wear purple, but can use it in accessories (such as a phone!)

    • Margaret Tipsword

      PINK….hopefully it will stand out enough that I will stop losing mine.

    • Ruth Utterback

      I would pick purple
      Thanks for the contest

    • William Wolff

      Purple of course.

    • Suzann

      Nice phone, I would like the pink.

    • Jodi F

      Pink for me please

    • Barbara Fox

      I would love the pink one!

    • Angela J

      I like the purple phone

    • Margaret

      I love the pink one

    • Rose

      Pink for me! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • tim brown


    • valerie mabrey

      I love the pruple one !

    • gala2

      pink -always

    • Julia Magrath

      This phone is so cute, I would love a pink one!

    • Keenan

      I’d have to go with K-State purple! Thanks for a great giveaway!

    • cathi rushing

      pink please

    • Anne D

      Well, I have to go with the pink since I’m a girly girl.

    • Katherine Ellis

      I love the pink one!!

    • David Cline

      Purple! Definitely Purple!

    • Maxine

      Purple for me please. Or pink as a second choice!

    • David Cline

      Purple, I love the purple phone!

    • Evelyn

      I love love love the purple.

    • mike groesbeck

      purple I think. wait. I would choose pink. no wait. are there any other color choices? then purple.

    • mary gallo

      Absolutely, positively, beyond a shadow of a doubt …….PINK

    • pat krueger

      pinky dinky doo.

    • jimmy rugland

      I don’t care what color it is. I would just love this phone to death. Tuck it in at night and make sure it ate all its vegetables. But if I had to choose. Purple.

    • Jennifer Barnett

      I like the purple one. Thanks for the chance at a cool phone.

    • Carlos Garza

      purple pleaaazzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • shelley ginsberg

      purple does it for me!

    • Monique Rizzo

      I would definately LOVE purple!

    • Cathy Kondra

      I Really Like The Purple One, but would probably choose the plain old Black one. That one would go with anything…LOL

    • Carrie

      While I do like the pink, I’m going to have say purple.

    • Rebecca Peters

      PINK! All the way! Great giveaway, I really am in need of a cell phone right now my hubby and I share.

    • Gayle Morgan

      I love the purple one

    • Randall Curran

      I’d like to win the purple one.

    • Babalu

      Pink is the prettiest to me.

    • jessica hilton

      pink of course…these look so cute

    • Lisa Olgren

      Pink, pink, pink. I love pink!

    • Amber U

      I was looking at these recently but they only had the pink at radio shack. I would love the Purple one!!!

    • g. l. penrod

      purple please

    • Denise B.

      I like the purple one!

    • Linda Lansford

      Purple for me

    • sandra kao


    • Nancy L

      Love the purple! Thanks!

    • Barbara Burney

      i like purple

    • David Benedict

      iwould like purple

    • Courtney Stoffel

      I love the pink one. What a cute phone.

    • Mya Brooks

      Pink and purple are my two favorite colors…LOL
      This was hard to choose, but I’ll go with purple just because it’s a unique color and I see so many people with pink phones.

    • Celeste Campbell

      Definitely pink, because the color goes with so much of what I already own (lots of stuff in the blue/green from robin’s egg blue to darkest teal).

    • janeh

      I’d choose the pink one…….

    • Amber S.

      I’d pick pink. Thanks for the giveaway!

      mommyof3inva at yahoo dot com

    • Sharon H

      I would NEED the PINK one!


      I would love the purple one.

    • kelsey

      purple 4ever!

    • Kristen

      pink for sure!!!!!

    • Margaret

      pink please

    • Jane


    • Linda Ellis


    • Peggy Miller

      Purple…for sure!

    • Kimberly

      Pink. Ericsson phones rock!! They’re my fav. Thanx for the contest.

    • Bob W.

      I would want a purple one.

    • Jennifer C.

      Definitely have to go with purple.

    • Carolyn Nedrow


    • Jeffrey

      Purple here for the wife.

    • Terry Vanderpool

      I would like the purple one

    • Mike Weisberg


    • Michelle

      Definately the Purple.

    • Sharon Jones

      purple for sure…thanks :)

    • Harry Barbee

      I dont think pink would go with my workshirts so I guess I would have to go with purple

    • Joanna Allison

      I would get a pink phone. This is a great prize. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Judy G.

      I would normally take the pink. I really like the purple with this phone, so I would choose purple.
      Thank you

    • alex

      pink :)

    • Christine

      I love the pink! Thank you!

    • Jessica Verdin

      I would love the purple phone.

    • Toby

      I actually like them both, bot since you’re pushing me against the wall, I guess I’ll go with Pink!

    • Albert

      My choice would be purple.

    • Pauline M

      Definately the purple one!

    • Gypsy

      Definitely pink!!

    • Catherine KingChuparkoff

      Love the pink or purple-why be choosy?!

    • Mark M.

      Purple sez me! :)

    • Lisa Turner

      Pink is my favorite color so “PINK” would be my choice! Thanks for offering this sweepstakes!

    • Margaret V

      Purple silly!

    • Brent Dotson

      Purple (my wife’s favorite color) I would give her the phone

    • michelle

      I love pink!

    • ron

      purple cause i’m a little bit country a little bit rock n roll; a little bit democratic and a little bit republican — go obama

    • Katherine D.

      purple, for sure. too many girls have pink nowadays. and i’ve been looking for a new carrier (currently with helio), so in fact i WILL sign up with at&t if i win!

    • Debbie Criss

      I love purple, always have. Please enter me, thank you

    • Joe Spatafora

      Well if I get the purple one I won’t have to paint it… to complete my Moby Grape outfit

    • http://gadgensita Valerie

      Pink for breast cancer

    • tom homrich


    • denice

      ewwww ooohhh awww, that’s so pretty. i’m a girly girl so i’d pick pink! and it has a 2 megapixel cam. how can things get any better? Sweet!

    • Andrew

      I want pink, my wife would love this.



    • Jennifer Lawson

      I would be happy with either, but out of the pictures I like the grey one best.

    • Steve Gibbs

      I would like the purple one, I just like that word,…. PURPLE, it kind of just rolls off my tongue, and is very fun to say it with a NY accent.

    • Lisa G.

      The pink is my favorite!

    • nicole barr

      I love the purple :)

    • P Hafner

      Pink, please.

    • Don

      Purple for sure.

    • Alison

      The purple phone is fab. Thanks for such a great contest!

    • jane yates


    • Bethany

      The pink one is awesome! What a cool phone ~ I’ve never had a hip and happenin phone before. :D

    • Vicki Andrew

      I like the purple one, thanks

    • OhSuZQ

      There’s a purple LG among us already, so this should be PINK.

    • Tonia Franklin

      pink is pretty. thank you

    • Winifred Gilmore

      Defintely P.I.N.K.!

    • Tara Hill

      Pink, baby, pink! It’s the new black!

    • Terra Heck

      Nice phone! I’d have to go with the purple design.

    • ann

      pink for sure!

    • cristian

      i think if i won the cellphone i will pick purple

    • cristian


    • Tia Carter

      definitely purple

    • Leigh Nichols

      ooooh…I LOVE the purple!!

    • Janice Golden

      Love the pink

    • Jamie Davis

      Definitely the purple.

    • Mary Casper

      purple…dare to be different!

    • Sarah Mitchell

      I like the purple.

    • Eileen Burke

      Love the pink!!!

    • happyathome

      Give me Purple, no more pink!

    • Katherine Frazier

      I like purple!

    • Michele Guinsburg

      Purple for me! Thanks.

    • John McLeod

      I think I’d pick purple. I’d rather have black. But, being a straight guy, purple would be better than pink.

    • hazel hunt

      I would pick pink! Thank you for the giveaway!

    • hazel hunt

      I would pick pink!

    • Brian Banks

      I like the grey, but if I have to choose between pink or purple, I’d choose the purple…

    • Sonja Hubbard

      Definetly Purple!

    • Kayce C.

      Purple is my favorite.

    • Robin Ingram

      I would go with purple…my current phone is pink, so I could use the change!

    • Kathleen B

      as the saying goes “When I grow old I’ll wear……..”


      Thanks for the contest


      I want a purple one-BAD!!

    • Rebecca C.

      Pink!! no doubt!

    • Stephen Dell

      Pink fo sho

    • Sheryl Lawless


    • Dyana Estes

      Would absolutely LOVE the PURPLE!!

    • Keitha20

      Totally Purple!

    • Janine Brotzman


    • Peggy Rydzewski

      purple please

    • cindy

      i like purple

    • Teresa

      PINK PINK PINK!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jill L

      Purple is my color!!! Thanks for the chance :)

    • Nicole Bryant

      You don’t really see Purple phones often….Pink seems to be the new black……….And Black is just expected……..So drum roll…………I choose Purple.

    • tjsheets


    • Richard Reis

      Purple sounds good

    • Cindy O

      Sooooooooo Pink

    • kathy pease

      i love the purple :)

    • Meredith Nguyen

      I love the pink!!!!

    • Mike T.

      Purple, definitely purple!

    • Daniel M

      I see a gray one up there (preferred), but purple

    • Julie

      I would love the pink one!

    • Jen

      Wow, this is a cool phone! I hadn’t heard of it before this. I would pick PURPLE.

    • Matthew Meisenhelder

      i would get pink and give it to my girlfriend !

    • Toni R.


    • kitty

      I’m going to have to go with pink.

    • Erica C.

      I’d have to do purple! Thanks :)

    • Naoya Kawasaki

      I love pick purple !! – How FUN FUN FUN!!!

    • Angie Brady


    • Norma Babcock

      Burple purple!

    • FNC

      Purple, it’s one of my favorite colors. Purple, green and gold, the colors of Mardi Gras.

    • Lisa Grimm

      I would definitely pick the purple! I love it :)

    • Tina M.

      Oh wow… I totally love PINK but I’d go with Purple because I have never seen anyone else with that color phone and I completely love purple too!!!!

      Great contest and cool site!

    • sherry gibbs

      Pink all the way!!!

    • Christie

      hmmmmm, I think pink.

    • Irma Doherty

      Definitely purple!

    • Cynthya

      I’d pick purple. I use AT&T so this phone would be perfect for me. :)

    • Terri B

      Purple, please.

    • Kathryn Clark

      I’d pick the pink one!

    • Debi

      I would pick the purple, because I think it is dofferent too and looks sharp without being flashy

    • Jean Fischer

      I would choose purple

    • jan koontz


    • Cindy McLalin

      Purple please

    • Susan M.

      OMG! What an awesome giveaway! I LOVE the purple.
      Purple has been my favorite color since I was 12. It is hard to find matching colors of purple. This would absolutely match the color of my car.

    • Ally P

      I would love the pink one!

    • Shelley Johnson

      The purple one

    • E. Cooper

      Purple – pink is getting so common :D


    • Jennifer

      Purple is my favorite

    • Eric Rollins

      Purple rules!

    • Sonya

      I would love purple!



    • Rick J Bryant

      I would clearly have to pick Purple…LOL

    • Fernando Salgado

      black one please.

    • Susan

      Definitely pink! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • phillip stacy


    • Coleman

      I pick purple!

    • Chrystal

      Purple, because it’s one of my most favorite colors!!

    • Tracy Ackroyd

      I choose the purple phone… my fav. color! Thanks!

    • Eileen D

      Pink, since it will easier to find in the black-hole that is my purse.

    • Julieh


    • Michelle

      Purple for me!

    • Kelly


    • Karen Foster

      What pretty colors – i think i like the pink one best.

    • Diana

      That would be a hard decision but I would have to pick purple because i cant think of one person that has a purple phone let alone one as cool as this one

    • Susan

      I would love the purple one!

    • Mishia

      I absolutely love the purple one.

    • Holly B

      Oh god the pink one is so cute!

    • Carla Spence

      I’d choose pink! Thanks!

    • Lori Berman

      Purple!!! My favorite color

    • Tracy

      The purple one is so pretty. It would have to be that.

    • Mephy

      I’d pick the pink one.

    • R Hicks

      I would have to have the purple one. Purple me everything!

    • Jessica Cote

      I’d pick the purple one because I currently have a pink phone and purple is my favorite color. It’s also one of the colors of my favorite team. LSU! :)

    • Terry Cross

      Purple please!

    • Jill Miller

      I love the purple phone :)

    • Amy


    • Katherine Pape

      I would definitely pick purple!

    • P K Ray

      PINK for me!

    • Catherine

      Purple! My favorite color

    • Chrysa

      Definitely the pink!

    • Dennis Johnson

      purple please

    • Susan Ledet

      Without a doubt, purple for me.

    • Tweaka

      Purple.. am I like everyone else??

    • Tammy Walker

      purple : that color is so me

    • Maya

      HII!!! i was a clutz and fell into a creek with my cell phone in my pocket. did not know it was there until 2 hours later, and of course it did not work. I would be sooooo greatful if you could get me a purple sony ericsson Z750a!!!!! thanks so EFFING much!!!!


    • Connie G

      Love the pink.

    • Samantha Pruitt

      the purple is great!

    • Belinda Shaw

      I’d really like purple please!

    • jen gersch


    • Steven Weatherby

      Purple please

    • P. Adams

      The purple phone, Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Sara Thompson

      I would pick purple for sure, its so cute! I would love to have this phone.



    • Martha J

      Gotta be purple!

    • JRG

      I’d go with black, please.

    • Dawn Cummings

      i like the purple one!

    • Michael Cassidy

      Hey that purple one looks kinda cool!!!!!!!!

    • Sarah Z

      Purple all the way!!

    • Henry Farley


    • Marilyn Higgins

      I love purple

    • Tobster

      I’m not normally girly, but I’d have to say the pink!

    • Stephanie Adkins

      Purple for me!

    • Margaret Lindsley

      I love PURPLE!!!!!

    • Denise

      Pink for sure.

    • Beverly


    • Trisha Dowling


    • Jay French

      Purple – looks good.

    • Michele

      Purple for sure! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

    • Christine E.

      I would definitely pick pink. My daughter would go nuts : )

    • Elizabeth J

      I would go for the pink.

    • Tesa

      I’d pick purple!!!

    • dee

      purple is royal

    • Kyle

      I’d get pink, because pink > purple.

    • Yvonne Huff


    • Sue

      I would choose my favorite color, purple!



    • wanda flanagan

      purple rocks

    • Lisa

      Both colors are awesome!! Since I have to make a choice, I would choose the purple one.

    • Michelle Simons

      Purple is fer me!

    • Hazel

      I would love to win the purple one, as it is not a color seen very often for a cell phone. Unique!

    • Tosha Barber

      Pink!!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Diana Lewis


    • Annemarie

      I would chose purple.

    • Amy Phillips

      Pink for me please!

    • Lisa Renea

      I would pick the purple. It’s been one of my favorite colors all my life.

    • Joanna Smith

      Hi there! This Sony Ericsson Z750s Clamshell Phone certainly has all the bells and whistles! I am so impressed with the specs on this hot little number that I want it in PINK! I love being techie and having the latest and greatest in technology but I never forget that beneath all that is a girlie girl who loves to be pretty in pink! Thank you for offering this amazing Sony phone – but it is so much more than a phone!

    • Kathy S

      Love,love,love the Purple! This is a cute phone!

    • james maberry

      purple, looks awsume

    • Deanna Diebler

      Pink would be very nice

    • Marion B

      I would like the purple one please!!

    • http://google diane redcay

      I love the color purple its every where in my yard



    • Roger Deming

      The rich Royal purple one for me.

    • Jason Lawless

      Purple please!

    • Kelly

      I would pick the pink one! It’s so pretty!

    • Julie

      Purple sounds great!

    • Nycole Klein

      I would want the purple one.

    • Storm

      oohhhh definately purple! I’d love a new cell phone, mine’s at least 3 years old and believe me, it’s seen better days, lol

    • Kim

      I love the purple!

    • Patricia Hill

      Purple please

    • Debra B

      I would choose Pink because I love pink and the phone looks so cool, thanks for the contest

    • kerry


    • Claudia Cooper

      I’d be tickled pink if I got a purple phone!

    • Pamela

      pink of course

    • Mary B

      I’ll go with the “Purple”

    • Rita

      Purple, THE color for ME!!!

    • Gladys Addison

      I would pick purple.

    • Andrea

      Wow great phones! Would love to win the purple!

    • Keit Dotson

      Pink, it is my two year old son’s favorite color. Don’t worry, it is only a “phase” and I am sure it will only put me in therapy.

    • Jayme Isaacs

      I Would Pick Purple

    • marybeth i.


    • judy

      luv purple.

    • david


    • Karen A.

      I’d definitely go for the purple one!!!!!

    • Tunde

      Blue please!

    • Sonya Allstun

      Purple for me my favorite color and also an Att customer

    • Gabrielle R


    • Andrea Evans

      I would definately pick the pink one, it is my favorite color. Thanks for the great giveaway.

    • Karen

      purple :)

    • Tera K

      Pink forever!

    • Sue Farrell

      Definitely the purple.

    • irene diaz

      Purple, so cute!

    • Angelia McDonald

      I need a new phone so bad, mine phone looks like a kid used it as teething ring. :(

    • Roxann

      My phone broke and I’d love to win a purple one! Thanks for the contest.

    • http://OLS Lisa

      I love the color purple…that’s the one I would choose!

    • Miranda Allen

      Purple! its my daughters fav color

    • Jennifer H

      I would so have to go with the PURPLE one! Thanks!

    • Laurie

      Tough decision, but I think I’d go with pink!!! Thanks for the contest :)

    • Rose Roberts

      purple of course

    • Michelle Hohertz

      I’d choose the pink one :)

    • Zakiya Williams

      I would choose the pink one. I take everything in pink!

    • Bobv

      Pink for me!

    • Crystal F

      Love the purple one! Thank you!!

    • KristelH

      I would pick PINK! Thanks!

    • Jessica A

      the purple one! thanks!


      Purple…It’s my signature color!

    • Linda H.

      Purple is the one! Purple has been and always will be my favorite color.

    • Alka

      I would get the purple!!!
      Thank you.

    • redtwinkle

      Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win the purple clamshell phone.

    • Jennifer

      I like the purple!

    • http://? John Everette Malesky

      Purple would be my choice

    • Susan Collins

      Gotta have the Pink Clamshell Phone !

    • Suzanne Lewis

      Pink is my absolute favorite color, so I would definitely choose the pink one.

    • Sonya

      I love the purple, super cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • Nancy

      I would choose pink! Thanks!

    • Rosanne Morrison


    • D Johnson


    • Heather Curtis

      I’d love purple, it would go great with my hair! ;)

    • BarryV

      Pink is for me

    • P. Harmon

      When I read clamshell phone, I thought of spongebob…anyway, I like purple. However, if too many people pick that, I change my mind to pink.

    • Marie Walser

      I’d choose purple

    • Beth

      Pink! Definitely PINK!!

    • Lydia Denning

      I would love the purple one.

    • John Deal

      Purple please. Thanks.

    • Renee Turner

      Definitely purple

    • Walter

      Purple would be a nice color.

    • Kathleen

      I’d dig either, but I think I would pick the purple.

    • Donna W

      Pretty in Pink!

    • Nikki

      Definitely pink. My favorite color!

    • Kari Stevens

      Having the Pink Sony Ericsson Z750a Clamshell Phone would not only help me stay in touch with loved ones from other states, but the beautiful pink color matches my breast cancer awareness ribbon. Fighting since March of ’08 and still going strong

    • deb

      I’d pick purple . . . purple rocks!

    • Colleen Jensen

      I’d love the pink clamshell phone,thanks.

    • Mary Ann

      The color purple–if you please. And thanx for the chance to win it!

    • http://onlinesweepstakes Susan Newman

      I am ealready an AT&T subscriber. I would love the purple one. Thank you!

    • ed

      It would be the purple for me… Thanks…

    • Sherry

      Purple here, great giveaway, thanks.

    • sue pink thats what i think.

    • Monica Cross


    • Ron Miller

      black thanks!

    • A Casson

      Purple, please.

    • Barbara Johnson

      I’d pick pink and give the phone to my daughter in college. Pink is her favorite color.

    • william causey

      purples cool

    • Patricia

      Me encanta!!
      I will love the pink one pink one !


    • Janine Morris

      I love purple but PINK would be easier to find in my purse.

    • Jennifer Jozwiak

      Purple because I love that color!

    • Karla V

      I would pick pink. Thanks for the contest.

    • Gloria Dornin

      Pink for breast cancer awareness :)

    • laurie

      your site makes me think pink!

    • denise

      Pink is my favrorite color!

    • jeffery

      Purple for sure!

    • Emily E

      Love the purple!! Cool contest.

    • Paul Obe

      I would like the Purple. thank you

    • Paul Obe

      I would Like the Purple one. thank you

    • Thu

      Purple for me please. Thank you for having a great contest!

    • Dan


    • Donna Vance

      Purple because it’s one of my favorite colors.

    • Tobye

      I like pink.



    • Tina

      I love the purple one! Great phones!

    • Meredith Peters

      The PURPLE is the most beautiful cell phone I’ve ever seen!

    • Patricia Mortimer

      Already got AT&T,just need the pink phone

    • Michael Mortimer

      The purple is way cool!

    • Pat N

      Purple-it’s my favorite color.

    • jeanne

      The purple would be awesome to own

    • Tammi Worrell

      Definitely the purple

    • Cindy Osborn

      Purple, please!

    • Tonya Bruce

      I have to vote purple…thank you for this contest!

    • Kelly

      I love the Pink one,thank you

    • Gale Cox

      I would take a purple one.

    • martha

      I like purple. Thanks for the giveaway.

    • http://yahoo kenney

      I would pick black and give it to my dad

    • Angie P

      Cool phone! I’d pick purple.

    • Carolyn Hagerman

      This Hot grandoma would love the Pink!!!!

    • Brandy

      I’d like purple if I were to win. Just because it’s more fun to say “purple” than “pink” ^^

    • Cathleen

      Purple is sexy

    • Jacob LaFountaine

      I like the Purple

    • Kim Carter

      Purple – the color of royalty and greatness!! :-)

    • Michelle S

      Purple please

    • e l rogers

      I would want the purple one because I have never seen a cell phone in that color. It would be very unique!

    • Joely C.

      The purple is very pretty – I’d love to have it! :)

    • Jeanine P

      I would choose the purple! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    • Debbie Murray

      Pink as that is my favorite color!

    • iza lajter

      pink! i love pink !!