• Thu, Jun 19 2008

What’s New From Rimmel London

kate rimmel londonHere is a list of the newest products from Rimmel London:

Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick–Availble in 20 shades and said to last up to 8 hours. I have yet to come across a lipstick that actually stays put that long, so I may just have to try this one out.

Lasting Finish 16 Hour Foundation–Available in 10 shades, transfer resistant, with semi-matte coverage for up to 16 hours. The testimonial from the 52 year old woman from Florida on their site sold me on it. Now I have to try it.

Now I don’t know why I am only stumbling across this now, but I am intrigued by their Stay Matte Foundation. The testimonials on the page say it works. I may have to scoop this product up as well to wear on cooler days this summer (like it’s been for the past week–40′s at night, summer where are you??)

*Photo Credit: Rimmel London

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  • Lori

    What about their Lasting Finish Mineral Powder Foundation? I purchased it, but I am a mineral powder virgin. I can’t find any info on it! How do you use this stuff??

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Lori, can you link it? I don’t see that on their website.

    With any mineral powder foundation you want to get a good foundation brush and blusher type brush to put it on (I always recommend Billy B Beauty’s Paintbrushes). Dip the top of the brush into the powder, the turn the brush right side up and tap so that the powder goes down into the brushes hairs evenly, dap on the top of your hand (for excess powder) and then buff on your face. Sounds more complicated than it is, but mineral foundation is great at concealing imperfections and also has built in SPF.

  • Lori

    It’s not even on their website yet! I know it’s genuine because I bought it at a store that sells Rimmel products and it had its own advert. Maybe there was a brush but I didn’t see it? I opened it and there’s this sponge. If I remove the sponge there’s a 3/4 inch sifter. I thought mineral powders used brushes, so this threw me for a loop!

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Lori that is weird. A sponge for mineral powder? If you are in the US I definitely recommend Billy’s brushes. If you search my archives, you’ll find the review on them.

  • Lori

    Thanks!! I’ll look at them!

  • http://www.unskilledhousewife.com Jessica

    I am going to try the lipstick!

  • http://www.themomsbuzz.com Adriana

    Shannon, did you try the stay matte foundation? Let me know. I am looking for one, but I want to see what you have to say about it! Adriana

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    I haven’t yet Adriana, but it’s on my list. :)

  • Yan

    The sponge is for easy application so that you can put the mineral powder on when you are on the go and don’t want to spill mineral powder by using a brush. Leave the sponge in place and simply pat the sponge on your hand until the powder comes through. Then you can apply the powder to your face by patting your sponge to your face. It’s like the Urban Decay or Philosophy mineral powder.

  • Elaine.White

    i purchased a mascara called magnif’eyes approx 3 months ago from Boots in Street Somerset. Strangely the bristles on the brush have dissappeard leaving only a few, I can’t understand what has happened to it, never experienced this before, are you aware of any such problem. I’m curios as I always buy your products and have never had any problems

  • http://www.makeupminute.com Shannon

    Hi Elaine, I don’t sell any products, I just love writing about them. You stumbled across a beauty blog. :)

  • http://carefreebeaty.eu jane

    This is a good source for non-toxic organic mineral…

  • LISA