How Long Will Desperate Housewives be Around?


There have been some questions and speculation because of the 5-year flash forward as to how long Desperate Housewives will be around. Between Edie Britt seeming to leave Wisteria Lane for good and Susan being in another man’s arms at the end of season 4, people are saying it seems that the end is near.

Well, according to their contracts, we will be seeing more of Desperate Housewives for a little while longer.

When someone wrote into the Sun Sentinel and said they were sad to see Desperate Housewives go, writer Tom Jicha had this to say:

Cheer up. Desperate Housewives is not going anywhere. The cast and creator/executive producer Marc Cherry are signed to contracts through the 2010-2011 season. When it returns in the fall, Desperate Housewives will have moved five years ahead in order to open new plot possibilities. This will lead to the elimination of some characters, primarily the offspring. James Denton’s future as Mike Delfino also is murky, since Susan will have a new spouse/live-in lover, played by Gale Harold, the actor you saw in the season finale. Then again, Edie’s arms will always be open to Mike, assuming Nicollette Sheridan isn’t also written out of the series.

Okay, I can deal with 2010-2011. That sounds good to me. What also sounds good are more plot possibilities. I think Marc Cherry knows what he’s doing and I do believe that season 5 is going to be great. None of us really know what to expect. Now THAT is good TV!

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    • Jane Boursaw

      I think Marc Cherry made a bold move flashing forward 5 years, but I also think it will pay off in the long run. The storylines had gotten stale in the past few years, and they lost some of the dark humor of the first season or two.

      I’ll definitely be tuning in, and hoping they capture some of the buzz from those first couple of years.

    • Julie

      I agree Jane. The more I think about the flash forward, the more excited I get about season 5. :)

    • emma

      i love desperate housewives as long as it comes back on i dfon’t care if they go forward 10 years! lol i really want it to start up again i miss monday nights at 8:30pm sitting in the lounge room with munchies lol