Become a Clinique Insider

clinique-insiders-club Clinique is starting a new program, called Insider’s Club, whereby 20 women will get a sneak peak on Clinique’s new products, and be able to write reviews on, and be their guest at special events.  The program will last for 12 months, and you get to audition to join! 

All you have to do is go to this page on, submit up to 50 words on why you should be chosen, and upload a video showing that “you’ve got what it takes” to be in the Clinique Insider’s Club.  The 20 chosen women will receive a welcome kit of Clinique products and a Flip Video camera.   I sure do love my Flip. 

So hustle on over there and sign up – and you better tell me if you are chosen!!  I hope they are ready for all the applicants. ;)

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    • Antoinette M.

      Wow! Thats a great news! Thanks for sharing. I”ll sign up right now.

    • ann d

      speaking of videos… came across the neatest mascara idea while surfing youtube. just thought i’d share it with my fave beauty bloggers. :)

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    • mragrotime

      This is pretty cool, I love it!