• Mon, Jun 30 2008

A Summer Sight: I Want Lisa Rinna’s Bathing Suit Bod When I Grow Up

Lisa Rinna frolics (and, thus, shows off her fabby bod) in Malibu.

Lisa Rinna

Ah, one of the best sights of summer: Hot celebrity bods on the beach.

And while I prefer to spend my time scoping out bods of the male variety, there is no way I could pass up giving props to the fabulous Lisa Rinna. Girlfriend is 40+ and looking fly as can be. I sure hope that when my snarky bad self reaches that ripe old age, I can look even remotely as hot (pfffft! Who am I kidding? Of course I will!)

In any case, in celebration of the Beauty & Style Channel’s ‘Sights and Smells of Summer’ theme (more on that tomorrow), I give to you a standby summer sight: A chick in a bikini.


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Image used with permission from splashnewsonline.com

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