Brooke Hogan and the Case of the Invisible Shoes

Who knew being a Hollywood starlet like Brooke Hogan could make you part of a big fashion mystery?

In today’s segment, it’s The Case of the Invisible Shoes.

I’m thinking she must have some sort of foot coverings on because her heel seems to be more elevated than the rest of her hoof. But she can’t possibly be wearing clear shoes, because those are reserved for pageants and drag queens. So, hmmmm. Looks like we have a mystery on our hands, dahlings.

On the plus side, her dress is pretty cute, though, no? If only we could get her some fabulous strappy sandals. Siiiigh.

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    • amy

      Hee – i think her foot is just higher because she is taking a step. I cannot imagine going to an eatery (?) sans shoes though! She does look a million times better w/o all the makeup she usually wears! (Which makes me think maybe they _are_ invisible shoes, since she and her Mom, bless ‘em, do look pretty drag sometimes!)

      Poor girl. Her parents are both dating folks to young for her to date, the bro’s in the clink… i guess when your world is that crazy, just making it out if the house with a dress on is a feat! (Ooh -a pun! ;->)

      (Oh, and you spelled “heel” wrong. Sorry – i was an English major and i just notice this stuff)

    • amy

      And i spelled “too” wrong! ::cringe:: I needs me some Mozilla! ;-)

    • The Snarkstress

      Amy, love, thanks for the spelling correction. The hilarious thing is, I totally knew to type “heel”, but evidently my snarky fingers didn’t cooperate. I freaking sat there and thought “okay, heal, h-e-a-l, is what someone does after an operation. Heel, h-e-e-l, is a part of a human’s hoof.” I see that whole moment of thought worked out real well for me, huh? Thanks for your eagle eye, dahling. *mwah*

      And yes, I suppose with all that’s going on in Brookie’s life, I can excuse her one moment of shoe faux pas. I guess.

      Anyhoo, thanks for stopping by and for the comment. Come back for Happy Hour on Friday.


    • amy lynn

      When is happy hour? I need a LOT of happy today! Help! What is Jessica Simpson wearing? The worse the better, that always cheers me right up ;-)

      I am using IE when i am here at my desk and have gotten so used to leaning on Mozilla Firefox correcting my typos (spelling? OK. typing? hahah!). I have had weird moments like the one you describe too – where i’ll just suddenly overthink a word i have been spelling all my …well… not my life, but as long as i’ve been able to write and spell. And they are usually short ones, like “heel” – which is probably why i noticed it. :)

      As for Brooke’s shoeless wonder-hood? No clue. Let’s just hope the girl doesn’t go to head shaving next.

      I like the blog! It’s fun and a great escape from real life, which is a bit hideous right now.

      amy lynn

    • amy

      I can see a sandal strap…it’s clear and kind of across the base of her toes. Can’t you see it?

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    • amy lynn

      Ummm….well, if i squint, maybe. I might see something under the front of her food, like a lucite/plastic see through sole?

      If they are shoes, they are lucite. Lucite-esque. Not good.

      BTW, since there are now 2 amys posting here, this could get confusing :-) I am the amy at the top, and then i switched to using both my first and middle.

    • Elena

      URGH. I do see a clear sandal strap there. However, considering her entire ensemble usually makes me throw up a little in the back of my mouth, just having some positive elements (natural, pretty hair, cute dress, cosmetics not troweled on with spackle) is definitely a step in the right direction.
      I myself finally nailed a pair of Thandies by Bebe from their fall 07 line that I have been longing for…since then, so I am positively puffed with Shoe Uprighteousness! hehehe

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    • sarahPUFFY!

      I actually like the clear heels on her [she's been snapped wearing them lots these days]. She rocks em proudly – and being proud of your garb is the ultimate fashion statement.

      …fuck. How cheesy of me.

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    • Liberty

      Jeezus, SarahPUFFY! What in the hell? This is not a self-help group for cheeseballs, yanno?

      Kidding. Because I kind of agree with you. Even though that does have to be the cheesiest goddang statement I’ve ever read. :P

    • Liberty

      Elena, your Shoe Uprighteousness is totally deserved. Rock on, my fine-soled sistah. Rock on!

    • Liberty

      Okay, yes I see the strap. Fabby eagle eye you have there, Amy G. Now, that said…

      It’s still not freaking okay! I remain with my first deduction that clear shoes are for cross-dressers and pageants. And while I’m tickled that Brooke looks on this side of cute for once, I still would’ve loved to see her in killer pair of sandals. Sue me.

    • Elena

      Is anyone else hearing John Lennon lament, “Money can’t buy you style!” In fact, I think a little poverty can actually help a girl cultivate her natural gift by forcing one to hone ones instincts in the thrift stores instead of walking out of the mall with matchy Express ensembles.
      At The Bank, I pair my twenty dollar Walmart dresses with shoes from eBay that retail for a hundred dollars and up, and I look better than the managers that spend a fortune at J.Jill’s and Macy’s.
      Perhaps Brooke should try a…gasp…budget?!?

    • amy lynn

      Just wanted to leave some cyber applause for Elena! clapclapclap :-)

      My Mom taught me when i was really young (no kidding. like 5 years old) that it is far better to have a few classic items in ones closet than a zillion faddish ones. And that buying something on sale is a better rush than just about anything :-)

      It is fun to look fresh, and to follow a fad every once in a while, but i definitely have my perfect white blouses, a great black suit, a pencil skirt… the basics never go out of style!

      (Although one of the zillions of mags i subscribe to said this month to [gasp!]“put away your pencil skirts” – well, they can pry them from my cold dead hands! )


    • Elena

      thanks, Amy! much appreciated. have you read the Bombshell’s Manual of Style? because you totally sound like a bombshell!

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    • val green

      Her feet look mighty nice to me … and lots of others out there in the foot world. Nice find!

    • amy lynn

      Elena -! I wish i had seen that second comment – thanks! I’ll have to check out the Bombshell’s Manual of Style. Is it a book, blog…??

      Val – you seem to have what we call a foot fetish. Hey, i ain’t judgin’, but we are talking about style here. Which probably does need to relate to fashion…. ;-)

    • Elena

      Amy, the Bombshell’s Manual of Style is a book. Would LOVE to read such a blog though, as well.