Perfume Superstars: the best selling perfumes of all time!

Wow, way to make me work, people!  As part of this week’s contest, I asked for readers to submit their questions about perfume and fragrance.  “True” asked a question that really made me think: What is the best selling perfume of the last ten years?

Well, to start, the best selling perfume of all time is….Chanel #5!  I learned this from BellaSugar.  Surely having Marilyn Monroe coo about your perfume doesn’t hurt.

Another one of the perennial bestsellers on Sephora is Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue.   If it had been released ten years ago, I’d put my money on this one, but alas, it’s only been out since 2001!  It’s one of the only fruity-florals I can stand, and it definitely started a trend.  Same with Pink Sugar, which only came out a few years ago.

So, my unofficial answer is: Ralph Lauren Romance.  It came out 10 years ago, and it’s definitely one of the best selling perfumes since then.   Anybody have a problem with that? :)  What’s the perfume that you re-buy over and over, making it a best seller for you?

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    • Monica

      Miracle de Lancome. but, as you said, it came on the market less than 10 yrs ago:) soon, then:)

    • rebecca

      i adore and constantly re-buy two fragrances: Youth Dew and Opium.

    • Amy

      Wow, Youth Dew! I love that one and just can’t wear it with my chemistry.

    • Amy


      I used to love the ads for Miracle. my first college roommate wore it so I associate it with her (she was a very nice girl!)

    • SandieSG

      Three oldies but they are wonderful: Tatiana, Chloe and Rive Gauche and that is getting harder and harder to find. It’s got such a distinctive personality though!

    • Judy in MA

      My five fragrance loves, plus one:
      Burberry (the original)
      Rive Gauche
      Tea for Two
      Vetiver (Guerlain)
      Chaos (gone but not forgotten)

    • Missy

      Hugo Boss – I love it!

    • Jima

      Michael Kors hands down. The first time I tried a tester at a store, I thought NO WAY! But I bought it after wearing it 2 hours in the store shopping. It smelled better once it mixed with my natural body chemistry. I have noticed that the longer I have the bottle, the less time it takes to mix. Now it is the only perfume I wear. But I buy a new bottle before my old bottle is out and spray it a few times, then let it sit. I get compliments from everyone on it whether I’m at a romantic dinner, grocery store, work, or at the bar, and even though I am a smoker… they will never know! The best thing is when I was out at a night club with my husband and a DJ pulled me aside after I was sweaty after dancing all night and asked me what I was wearing, when I told him he said he loved Michael for making that fragrance and asked where he could buy some to spray his bed with!

      • Alex

        I must agree that Michael Kors is one of the best woman’s fragrances out there. My mother wears this fragrance and considers this one her signature scent. It is so inviting and invigorating, almost like a little piece of heaven. A very comforting scent to smell.

    • kristy walker

      Best of all time must go to hypnotic poison- christian dior- its amazing.

    • cheftygr

      I love Romance by Ralph Lauren. It has been my re-buy over and over since 2001. I’ve received many compliments about it and I think you’ll never go wrong with it.

    • Inga

      Chanel Chance – #1
      Gucci Rush – # 2
      Viva La Juicy – #3
      Burberry london -#4

    • anypenny

      b)Eau Savage
      c)Bay Rum
      d)Hartnell’s In Love


      the best ever is eternity moment and its so hard to find.

    • Lisa

      mmmm… my new favorite that I am absolutely head/heels gaga trade-my-boyfriend-for-this in love with is Nautica “My Voyage”.

      Spray my bed with it every night. Fantastic.

    • TheCatsMomma

      My all time favorites are; Azuree, Aliage, Cinnabar, Cabochard, Jicky, Amozone. I cannot live without a healthy spray-dose of at least two of these per day.

    • miky

      D&G Light Blue!!!!

      • Sevil

        Best parfume ever ! so clean

    • Sara Cooper

      Joy. Secret of Venus. 100% real Vanilla Extract

      All older than I am, classics, and best of all extremely limited artificial ingredients– I am allergic to most popular fragrances, as for the most part they are made using SD alcohols and some preservatives and fixatives I am allergic to.

      As it is, I can’t wear fragrance very often anyway.

    • sai

      escada pour homme
      christian dior fahrenheit
      versace blue jeans
      ysl kouros
      gucci pour homme

      love em all with escada bein da numer uno for me!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fragrance Connoisseur in Louisiana

      1) Flowerbomb by Victor Rolf
      2) Viva La Juicy By Juicy Couture
      3) Daisy by Marc Jacobs
      4) Chance by Chanel
      5) Christain Audiger by Christain Audiger
      6)Pretty Nina bt Nina Ricci
      7)Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker
      Each of these fragrances are delightful!!!

    • LISA

      can anyone please help me? i am searching for perfumes made in 1986 1988 & 1996……….just need to know if possible can someone tell me the top sells that were made in those yrs. ty

    • Julie

      Chanel #5, definitely my favourite – but upset because its almost finished! If you want an amazing perfume, you’re going to be looking for something that has the subtle label saying: CHANEL

    • Eryn Jane

      All Time Favourite: Givenchy Hot Couture! Can’t live without it!
      Also love Very Irresistable, as well as many Nina Ricci scents, Viva La Juciy, ummm there are quite a few other favs but I must go now!

    • leslie

      hypnotic poison. its such an intoxicating scent, almost to the point of addiction.

    • kerry joshua

      i have worn Cliniques Aromatic Elixier for more than 25 years it never ceases to amaze me that someone or other compliments me every single day on the fragrance everyone wants to know what it is, also love calvin C Obsession,

    • Kimmer

      I love D &G Light Blue as well. Extremely unique! I found a new perfume inside a shop at the airport in Guatemala……. its by Lanvin and its called “Marry Me”. Absolutely breathtaking fragrance!! Miss Dior Cherie is another favorite of mine. I also love Code by Armani and Alien by Theirry Mugler. All of these are my favs so I cant pick just one!!

    • Bonnie Parker

      Now I will have to buy most of those that were mentioned……. my old favorites are. …………………..Channel#5
      …………………..L’Heure Bleue
      Actually I like dark Fragrances they last longer!
      Bonnie Parker

    • Lucy

      Which one of the Michael Kors perfume? i must smell it!!! lol