Reader Request: Christina Aguilera’s Gladiator Sandal

Laurie asked:  “who is the designer of these shoes that Christina Aguilera is wearing [in this post]?”


Answer: Hey Laurie!  It looks like it could be from Balenciaga. They had released a verrrry similar pair S/S ’05.  I’m not sure if they re-released a revamped model last year… But my money’s on Balenciaga.


(Image: Shoewawa)

Hope that helps!


p.s. If any of my fashionistas in the know know who the sandal designer is, please feel free to share the knowledge with us!

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      I’m just glad she didn’t pull a Britney and wear the shoes while she was pregnant.

    • Ellen Hart

      I actually like the pair featured at the bottom but am not at all crazy about the shoes Christina is wearing. It’s all in the details!