Ever Wonder What Paris Hilton on Steroids Looks Like?!?

Aubrey O’ Day

I’m sorry loves, but this Danity Kane chick, Aubrey O’Day, is Paris Hilton all ramped up to the enth degree. How so? Well…

* We have the shimmery Paris-esque dress. Only it’s giant and wrinkly and….ugh!

* Then we have the bleach blond hair, only Aubrey’s is long and stringy and not nearly all cute and bobbish like P’s.

* And finally, hair accessories. Paris loves to put things in her locks, and clearly so does Aubrey. But does it have to be a mongo-sized fabric flower? Um, no. It doesn’t.

So, there. I’ve said what I needed to say. If P. Hil is Aubrey’s style icon, that’s cool. I guess. But maybe Aubrey could just scale it back a hair and see what happens. That’s my snarky suggestion.

What’s yours?

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