Kate Middleton in Vanity Fair’s Best-Dressed List

Prince William’s girlfriend Kate Middleton is one of today’s fashion icons. She made the 2008 International Best-Dressed List compiled by Vanity Fair. Joining her in the fashion list are Ivanka Trump, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, Sarah Jessica Parker, Daniel Craig, Matt Lauer, David Beckham (without Victoria!), Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and a number of aristocrats.

Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton (center) with two unidentified guests at the wedding of Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilman.

The Vanity Fair article cites the following tidbits about Kate’s fashion faves:

Signature look: Tailored jackets, boots, and Philip Treacy hats. Frequented boutiques: Ralph Lauren and Topshop. Sunglasses: Chanel. Notable 2008 ensemble: Black suit and Philip Treacy hat worn to the Order of the Garter service.

Here’s the outfit that earned the “notable” distinction:


Prince Harry and Kate Middleton at the service conferring the Most Noble Order of the Garter on Prince William at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

images used with permission from Newscom.

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    • http://yahoo amy

      i don’t know what happened to this woman ( kate), the monarchy must be keen in choosing William’s queen,otherwsie, a middleton-orinted monarchy is doomed to fail, infact, kate is a failure-type of personality , a curse to the royal family, look at her-she’s worthless,jobless, undignified,& what else is left for her than the ambition to rule ?how trying hard , no way she will be queen, no way!i bet, willima will never marry her, so she better stop herself onto fashion just to catch willaim’s attention? had she lost her mind? to be royal is not about modelling, it’s life of People of LOndon!!! Big Deal isn’t it!

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    • http://WWW.WANDEEGROUP.COM Napath Ramatimanon


    • Toni

      OOouuuhhhh!to be fair, i like Princess Letizia, i like the way she stands and the way she is not afraid to wear any thing. i think that she is not type of lady that wake up and think about what to wear today…so i gonna look great. she is thin, tall and i like that she never looks like some one who pretends to wear an expensive clothe.
      The same for Princess Mary, i like the way she dressed and the way that she choose every clothes carefully, so she can match with the event. Love you Mary….go on.
      In addition, those two princesses, Letizia and Mary are very good moderate ladies of their time, they stand comfortable with self-esteem next to their princes and they know very well why they are there…and how to deal with their position.
      This shows how everyone can be a prince or princess without being born in reigning family.
      Before i close i would like to say that also i like the way Queen Rania is fighting to help her country and how simple she is.

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    • Katelyn Gallegos

      Love the dress that Kate wore to Lady Rose Windsor and George Gilmans wedding. By chance does anyone know who the designer is for both the dress as well as the jacket?

    • Maricar Macalincag

      Katelyn, I don’t know who the designer is. I hope some of our readers here will chime in with the info.

    • Barbara

      Kate appears to be consistent and sensible. She always looks well groomed and smart, a good injection of new blood in the royals and a more modern relaxed style the Monarchy so badly needs to be retained in the younger generation.