Ombre Trend Anyone?

Ombre” is a French word meaning “shaded”. Think of as  the chic version of tie dyes :). Multicolored done in blocks of stripes that starts from lighter shade then ending in a darker shade. Frankly, I love them. I’ve seen a lot come out these few months and I’m surprised I haven’t featured them at all. Well, I’m doing it now. I’ll show you guys some great examples, in affordable prices of course, them let me know if you like the ombre trend as well. Or not. Don’t be shy. :)


Ombre Embroidered Top, $24.80


Ombre Swiss Dot Dress, $24.90

More Ombre fashion after the fold…


Fade Away Ombre Blue & Yellow top, $32


Silk Ombre Dress, $61

Ok, that’s all for now. I just wanted to give you ladies an idea. I’m sure I’ll be featuring more in a few. So, do you like the Ombre trend or are you passing on this one? My vote is Yay :)

(Images : Forever21, Lulu’s)

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    • debbie reynolds

      I liked the strapless ombre worn by angelina jolie during her pregnancy with twins. It was brown and maxi length

    • Dixie

      I vote yay but Deb If you mean that thing she wore on the red carpet, I didn’t like it but on Angelina a burlap bag would look good.

    • BKMabrey

      The Ombre trend looks like a hot mess to me.

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