MANtyhose, Yay or Nay? [pardon excessive laughing in the background]

You think I’m kidding? I wouldn’t be laughing this hard if it isn’t true that YES, MANTYHOSE exists. What that heck is MANtyhose? Well Sir, it’s Pantyhose for MEN.

MANtyhose-luxelegwear-001 MANtyhose-luxelegwear-002

More MANTYHOSE after the fold….

MANtyhose-luxelegwear-003 MANtyhose-luxelegwear-04

These MANtyhose, Pantyhose For Men can be found at Prices ranges $11 to $60.

Now I can live with ManPurse or MANnytails (ponytails), but MANtyhose? As much as we gripe over Men’s chest hair being exposed, deliberately (ahem Chris Daughtry), we actually don’t mind seeing hairy legs. It’s a natural thing. Well, at least we thought so anyway.

If you’re a woman, can you imagine yourself sitting at the end of the bed putting your pantyhose on and on the other side of the bed, your husband/bf is doing the same thing. YEAH, not a sight I want to see either.

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    • Brian

      Oh. my. god. . . .

    • Dexie

      LOL. I hear yah!

    • noel

      No. Just no.

    • Leslie

      I say why not? On skinny or athletic young guys who could pull it off…but not the average home depot guy. Not sheer though – yuck. I’m thinking opaque runner’s tights, etc could be sexy.

    • Jason

      I am a male and yes I wear pantyhose. I do think “mantyhose” are a little foolish though. They are playing to the men that somehow believe putting a guy on the package will make the product more acceptable as a mens garment. Nothing wrong with wearing plain old pantyhose guys! Just shave your legs and go for it!

    • Mr. Manly

      It’s worse than that. Some women have begun wearing clothing and engaging in activities one normally associates with men.

      If you’re a man, can you imagine yourself in your bedroom, putting your pants on and getting ready to go to work, and on the other side of the room, your wife is doing the same thing. YEAH, not a sight I want to see either.

      • Steve Newman

        Your sense of humor is ‘dead on’, Mr. Manly. You’ve zeroed right in on the hypocrisy and double standard inherent in many female minds. It’s so odd, though, when you consider how hard earlier generations of women fought to be allowed to do all those things today’s women take for granted. Now, they seem to think they should be able to dictate who’s allowed to wear something and who’s not.

        Fortunately, it looks like a good deal of readers declined to take the bait laid out in the blatantly leading title–designed to sway readers into derogatory attitudes that are based on misleading misinformation.

        For the full scoop on the men’s legwear trend, visit my blog, The Nylon Gene at

    • me

      Mr. Manly is absolutly correct. It is funny how woman dictate what is suitable fashion for ALL in todays time. When will women stop robbing men’s clothing? (boxers, pants, ties, hats, etc.) She knows best is one sided at best.

    • Dexie

      Mr. Manly, is you have a problem with your wife working and earning money, then you have bigger issues.

      ME, you’re read the blog title right? It said “SHE” Knows Best, of course it’s going to be one-sided

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    • Blah.

      Fuuck that shit. You’re a fag if you wear them.
      Guy’s shouldn’t shave there legs in the first place.

    • Jim

      I am a closet crossdresser and I have worn pantyhose for many years. I think this is a great idea, now more men can experience the sensual feel of silk pantyhose.

    • Mickey

      The fact is, in European countries fashion did include and still does include men in pantyhose or tights. I don’t see why someone doing something that they want to do is such a big deal. Kings that were respected and revered wore tights, skirts, and tons of jewelry with no one snickering or judging. The world would be a better place if everyone was just free to express themselves in whatever way they choose, as long as they are not hurting anyone else. So, those that oppose and resort to saying things such as “fag” and “sissy” grow up. I think you become so defensive because “thou protest too much”. The intellectual people will understand that.

    • http://n/a rtmis

      heh heh.
      I don’t remember how I arrived at this blog but you guys are funny!

    • Darrell

      Ive worn pantyhose for years they feel great and take no more time to put on than underwear and socks, plus they reduce leg fatigue and keep those varicose veins in check . As with anything else different brands and styles all fit differently .

    • Jason_Is_Gay

      Jason is pure gay is finding it hard to admit it. Why on earth must a man ware pantyhose? Sick.

    • karl

      You men should try them. They keep you warm and help tired legs. I also wear holdps all the time. I feel manlier with them on as it’s what I want to wear and not what society dictates. Also yo should also try wearing womans cowboy boots for the extra height

    • David

      Mantyhose in my opinion is just another undergarment. It should be worn by both male and female. This is just like your typical longjohns you wear during winter months to keep your legs warm. And besides, the Mantyhose should only be worn inside a dress pants. Men shall not wear this garment with shorts or otherwise they will look gay and be laugh at. So I give both thumbs up for Mantyhose. And for all you men and women out there who totally reject this idea, all I can say is that you’re all a bunch of narrow minded individuals. You have to understand that tights are worn by men in the early years then suddenly they stop wearing them. Now it’s just a matter of getting it back in the fashion line up.

    • Anonymous

      SOMEONE is trying to make a buck – pantyhose makers! As women ditch this sales fall, so marketers are trying to gain an untapped market. Let’s hope this market is untappable – except for crossdressers of course.

      Excessive laughter? You bet!

    • James

      Hey guys! Did you hear that Oprah wore men’s pantyhose to the Inauguration? We’ve got to stock up now and show off our nylon-clad legs before the women realize how comfortable and non-itchy our hose are and steal these from us too! :-)

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    • Stuart

      I’m a guy over 50 years old. I read the reactionary comments from Women and Men and wonder at the typical female attitude to men wearing cloathes they consider their own. I wear tights under trousers because my knees are fairly shot from running excessively when I was younger. I use the medium support type of tights which really do help a lot to take the edge off the slight pain I get when walking and jogging, and when its cold. My wife does not mind. I also admit I like the feel of the things on my legs to, but I personally would not show my legs in tights in public, as who wants to see a 50+ years old guys legs in tights in any case (and maybe I’m a coward, and certainly work colleagues would wonder a bit)! I am not gay, or a cross dresser or anything of that description, and those guys who cry weirdo are indeed probably closet wearers themselves, in some cases at least. The guys who would not even consider wearing the things (genuinely) would hardly care to express an opinion on this site in any case. For women, the difference they probably should defend if any is guys wearing heels in public(which I’d also not feel comfortable with). If women want a unique difference, its surely in the shoes they wear, which display the leg and foot and thats something I like (since I like women and their legs in particular!). So what is the big deal in younge guys displaying their legs in tights (say with long shorts). Women should not feel threatened by that, and only gay guys would get turned on (maybe??? I dont know??). What else is there to say really, other than its a none event in terms of the things which are more important at this time. Damn it, why do I even bother, in that context….

    • Andy

      Thanks for the discriminatory point of view writer of this article.
      I trust you never wear trousers?