Men in Skirt


Pic and source via Sartorialist 

Since when skirts are only restricted only for women? Now men with skirts seem to be a good idea for fashion. But there are some questions for men in skirts. Well, cultural seems t be a huge issue. Other than that, female’s legs looks way better than us. Highheels are definitely not for men, but what should we wear? The question goes on and on.

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    • Wil

      Real men DO wear skirt and dresses, just what is taking the fashion so long, need to get the skirt in Penneys, Wal-Mart where men can get them

    • Younes

      No! looks weird

    • mara

      Just a thought, found it as a comment. Personally an absolute YES for men i n skirts.

      Skirts for men will only catch on when men become as brave, strong, determined, and self confident as women are. Women are not afraid to speak and act on whatever is on their minds. One of the many side effects of that is women can wear whatever they choose. Men basically are cowards who lack self confidence, and only gain their confidence and strength by

      what other men and women tell them and dictate to them. One of the many side effects is that regardless of what a man truly wants to wear and would be comfortable wearing, he wears what he is told to wear because he is afraid of other people and what they might think, say or do. Men like to claim they are the stronger and braver sex, but in reality they are weaklings and followers who do exactly what is expected of them. While that may not have been the case in days of old, clearly today women are the stronger, braver, bolder, and more confident sex, and are enjoying the benefits.
      There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a skirt or dress on a hot day or evening or to an event where the air gets hot and stuffy because of a lot of people for the space provided. And men need it for their body like women or even more as women.
      Even if you have to or want to wear stockings to dress or skirt it is still much more comfortable than any kind of pants, and looking much nicer. Yes, stockings make legs looking more aesthetic and elegant, and most men will need it because of hairy legs. Shorts are not an alternative to skirts, a skirt is just unique and he is for everybody, and never was just a women’s garment.
      Men, be as brave, bold, and self confident as women; forget about what you think other people expect and demand; never start estimating what other people might think of you because they really don’t care what are you doing and very important: Be your own person, and make yourself happy and comfortable; start wearing whatever you believe comfortable in now you will be, and stop waiting for someone else to start the trend so you can wear it without fear. Gain the power and freedom of women. Be a real man and stop procrastinating!”

    • jefferson faudan

      nothing wrong with it… men in kilts looks definitely sexy… but with these photo here… mmm given the right color tones and texture…it’s should look good with men… trance music days have given way on black slit skirts…really hot!

    • Stephanie B.

      Just want to say that is really a very good idea given men skirts instead pants to wear. Why should men stand behind? No reason visible. So lets help men up to get their new dressing way.
      Yes, I also think men will looking more sexy in skirts than pants. I understand that some men could have problems with their shoes. Why not high heels, not women’s style, but manly style?

    • jim

      i,m a man that wold love to where skirts and dresses in pulic… could you please write me letters of encouragement.please could you tell me things that i sould wear to look more femine.sould i go to a salon for eneything?please encorage me to go out dressed this way in public.places to go.things i sould try please send to jim . thanks

    • maramatz

      As said, men looking fabolous in skirts. Nothing to add but MEN, TRY IT!!! You’ll never look back after you wore it.

    • John

      I started wearing skirts in February 2002. Had purchased a kilt in 2001, thinking I’d shrink down enough to wear it, but, after 6 months of planning, the shrinkage never occured. So, I decided to just start picking up skirts @ thrift shops and off of eBay. Since my family is conservative, I tended to avoid wearing them @ home due to negative reactions that I received, instead, finding a place to change into one, then wearing it in public. At first, I was fairly self-conscious, and it showed, since a few people did give me strange looks or would laugh. After a couple weeks, my confidence built up, and the strange looks and laughter stopped for the most part. Every once in a while, I would get a negative response, but, that was it.

      In August of that year, I decided to pick up a kilt that actually fit my body. That was acceptable to my family. After that, I went from someone who wore jeans 90% of the time, to someone who wore them about 5% of the time. Also, the kilt seemed to help clean up my look, since I no longer was bumming around in holey t-shirts that weren’t tucked in, greasy jeans, etc. Over the years, I’ve added a couple more tartan kilts, then had a few Utilikilts. In 2004, I finally was able to get the ok to skirt @ home, so the skirts that I wore in 2002 publicly were finally allowed @ home. Around the same time, I started publicly wearing normal skirts every once in a while, usually still donning a kilt, since it was less of an issue…

      Six months ago, I decided that I would split my wardrobe between skirts in masculine colors and kilts, and wear them daily. Haven’t had any adverse reactions from the family, if I go out and run errands, or commute to college while skirted. So, I think I won my battle. Is also a relief during the summer months, since 9 yards of wool does get rather hot, when compared to a polyester or cotton lightweight skirt.

      Anyway, my advice to guys who are thinking about trying it, is to go for it. I do recommend talking it over with a spouse or girlfriend, though, since you might run into issues if you start skirting on a whim. But, the general public won’t care.

    • Martin

      I am going with the new fashion trend for men, finally something different to wear.
      It is sad that we have to discuss if it is appropriate for men to wear skirts and dresses. Did we discuss was is appropriate to wear for women? It’s a pitiful sign of in-equality of sexes. And some men and women do not see the reality what is really going on with that.

      Of course, men can wear skirts and dresses, and I am not looking in the past when men wore it, just a little bit common sense and everybody knows that thhere is no better wardrobe available which fits best for males body shape. So, why the questions? What is more important, health and comfort in contrast to old fashion imagination? Can’t wait to see some answers to my question.

      In case high heels: Well I dont like it too much because I love my feet, but if somebody what to wear heels….. why not? High heels are a kind of wardrobe for the feet, it does not have any to do with sexes/gender. In contrast: First wearer of high heels were men to look taller, and taller guys were more powerful and more powerful were associated with more sexy image. Questions?

    • Bess

      Just look over your fence and see the wonderful world. There are so many options for men now, but men have to take advantage. It doesn’t help to cry for more equality, men must take it, that’s all.
      Why is it questioned what men can wear? Who will judge that? Who on this world can regulate what people can wear, want to wear and what they like to wear? Some people say it is the culture. No, it is not because everybody creates a part to a culture.
      And society? No, everybody is a part of the society, and everybody can change a society.

    • martinus

      The new men’s skirts for fall/winter 2009/2010 loking great – but way too expensive. I’m staying with kilt-style skirts, just little above the knee. Everybody love’s my skirts, every day new compliment I didn’t know that the English language has so many variations for that.

    • mara

      Okay martinus, looking great…. you’re right but still not enough men wearing skirts or kilts. There is not enough demand to get this grment in men’s clothing departments. Find the way to encourage men, and more men would get compliments, but they didn’t try. So what’s to do?

    • martinus

      Mara, there is enough demand. But most men do not know that they cn wear skirts instead pants. It is about advertisements, and to make skirts for men public. You know that most people only reacting when everybody takes advantage, everybody does the same. But that’s for sure not Fashion anymore.

    • mara

      I am not going with that what other people would tell me nor I am interested how they will react.
      I just want to let you know that the most important thing is feeling well. Your body will tell you what he need, and whatever it is, you should follow this signs. When you are a male and you feel you would like to wear something nice and smooth or silky, just do it. It’s your body and when he’s telling you that he like it you MUST do it. That’s the only important rule,because if your body is feeling well and good, your spirit will follow: IN A HEALTHY BODY, A HEALTHY SPIRIT LIVES ! I can’t understand people which just following what others are saying or telling > would YOU eat or drink what other people are tellung you you HAVE to do?< you. I don't think so, so please why do you think it is different what you wear? Both, eating,drinking and wear goes together with a "wellness" [feeling well] of your body.
      All what you are doing wrog with your body will let emerge stress on your body, okay? Everybody knows the results of that.
      So, if you want to wear skirt, a dress or whatever your body likes, just do it, want to wear pantyhose or stockings, just do it, want to wear silky and nice underwear, just do it. Thats all.

    • mara

      Men should wear skirted garments, but only REAL men can do it. It is just not allowed to critizice men who are going different, showing up with their courage and wear something different than a norm which is nothing else than a stereotype. All others we making up in our brain. But we learned also that we have to accept each other in their own unique personality, actually that is a law.
      If some men don’t want to wear skirts and dresses, that’s fine but they should not going to mob others which have another opinion.
      Jim, if you want to go wearing a dress or skirt in public, do it… as a man, wear your high heels whenever you like (but practice walking in it at home) wear nice stockings if you want to – and, if it helps: Short dresses like jumper, all skirts, high heels and stockings/leggings were first ONLY MALE garments. Women did not use or wear it, until fashion changed with the French Revolution.
      So, go back to the roots, be a man and show up with a good taste that you can wear skirts, dresses, high heels and stockings – it is manly!

    • laire

      It also takes a woman who has the courage to go out with a guy in a skirt. Haven’t met many, but these are truly the women who are liberated. I rarely shop in the men’s dept. anymore. Boring !!

    • Charles

      The bicycle craze of the 1890′s was attended by a move for women to wear pants; it was booed down. As of 1912, there was only ONE woman in NY state wearing pants (Mary Walker). In WWII, 17 million women started wearing pants in factory work. That alone overcame resistance by the twin pillars of conformity (religion and the so-called “mental health” movement) to women wearing pants. However, the same dismal opposition to men having as much freedom still prevails. The sources of the opposition remain religion and the so-called “mental health” movement. “How can you be against mental health” someone asks. That’s like asking a compassionate observer of the Inquisition, “How can you be against God?” Men have an entire range of “occupational professionals” preventing them from having basic civil rights in attire by calling them “cross dressers” and “transvestites” if they dare wear skirts.

    • Breanna

      Yes, but that is history. Question still is why men supressed doing something different.
      What is the real reason that men defaming men when stepping out of regular (what they mean it is right) path?
      Men would wear skirts for their comfort and health, but nobody want to hear that. It’s a shame.

      • john

        why do like to see a man in a skirt & what reason

    • Nicole

      Men looking adorable in skirted garments when proper dressed. For what the discussion? Would someone of the female readers in that blog allow to discuss what they like to wear?
      I still think that skirts are the beat garment men can wear for comfort and health.

    • Martinus

      Laire, you’re right. Nothing can be more boring than shopping in men’s department stores.
      It takes a women to go out with a man in a skirt, indeed, and I am very proud about my wife, she made it. But she heard so many nice comments that she was surprised that people were so open minded. At the end of the day she ask me to wear a slightly longer skirt because women especially mentioned my legs “they are too nice…..”. I did it and my skirts/kilts between 20-22 inches from now on.

    • Blake

      Yea,im a guy that likes skirts.I wear a skirt everyday to work and wear one when not at work.For me,wearing a skirt is as normal as brushing my teeth.Not that big of deal.

    • Bill

      There are just so many styles that look great on the male form. My personal preference is the mini. Anything above the knee that shows off the muscle definition is hot. The problem is that these fashion designers need to get their heads on straight. What works for a girl on the runway, doesn’t work for a guy. And get some guys who look like men. Stick figure men with no muscle tone just won’t do it.

    • Jeromehej

      The first French volunteer exhibition dedicated to the masculine skirt will take place in Ambazac in Limousin on Sunday 15th and Monday 16th April 2012. To discover in it an

      historical overview of the masculine outfit, skirts for men from designers from several countries and from students, big photos of men wearing a skirt realized by an artist,

      creations of children from a leisure center, etc. To know more : . The entrance is free.

    • jim

      i would love to wear a dress or skirt in public.would one of you nice women send me a letter of encouragement.and tell some good resons i sould if i get a letter from one of you ladies.i will wear a dress and some nice hi heels to soon as i get a letter

    • robert

      they ned to put them in stores for men i think that would sell alot of them remember where equial now