Are You Getting Your Free Stuff From Allure???

aug2008-allure-free-stuff I am sure you already have your August issue of Allure, and are working the free stuff each and every weekday, right???  How the heck else are you going to get to try all the goodies?

In case you need a reminder, since we are almost halfway though the month, every weekday, through August 31, Allure is doing tons of giveaways – like usually 5 or six a day.  Most of it is beauty loot (duh, it’s Allure), but they have a few great designer fashion items as well. 

To get in on the goodies, go to every day.  My preferred method of dealing with all of this fun is to sign up for the alerts from Allure – text “FREE STUFF” to short code ALLURE (255873).  You will get an alert 30 minutes before each and every giveaway begins.  Perfection, if you ask me.

Have you gotten anything good yet this month?  Let me know!!

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    • Tania

      How do you know if you’ve gotten anything?!

    • Shannon

      I obsessively entered each and every giveaway last summer (even had hubby log on and do it for me a couple of times if I knew I would not have access to a computer!) I always entered exactly on time per the contest rules too.
      …and guess what— I received nada, nothing, nunka. This year i am not even bothering.

      I had luck twice last spring with Allure giveaways when the contest required registering directly with the vendor supplying the loot (Laura Mercier, Vichy). I wonder if Allure is even really giving any of this stuff away.

    • Sherry Brooks

      Yes, ladies, they do send the prizes out! I’ve been doing these Allure contests for the past three years and have won tons of stuff from them. Sometimes, it may be months after the contests are over and once or twice, a sponsering company (who shall be nameless here, but trust me they are a HUGE brand and could have well-afforded to honor the winners!) but usually the products do arrive in a timely fashion. Just remember that if it takes a while to get your prizes, DO NOT contact Allure! The sponsering companies are the ones who are responsible for sending them out us.

    • christine hallberg

      I just won an olay regenerist cream. ($23 value) I got it in the mail last week but I entered the contest almost a month ago. They never contacted me saying that I won and the only reason why I knew where it was from is because they put a tiny note paper in there saying you won: from allure. I think its weird that they dont notify you but Im going to enter as much as I can now.

    • Lauren

      August was a bit different, you could enter once hourly
      I’ve won stuff back in early spring but they took 2-4 months to arrive.
      Supposedly allure handles the prizes now and no longer makes lists of winners available

      as far as I know people haven’t been recieving freestuff august winnings yet – just the store samples.

    • lauren

      can anyone tell me the method of signing up for the free stuff? after you are logged in and all that jazz… do you have to click the free stuff icon and bash the keyboard out trying to type in your name and info? or can you bring the page up pre-12:00pm and fill in your info before hand?? any help or suggestion would be greatly appreciated! i’ve tried signing up for free stuff but to no avail… i think i may be doing it wrong.

    • kitty

      hey are you supposed to enter on the certain time like 3:00 pm in the time zone that you are in or in the new york time zone?

      • Vinnie

        eastern time zone, so yea, new york time. :)

    • Leigh-Anne

      I entered all month in August and have received nothing. Sometimes I entered at exactly the turn of the hour on the hour from 12 to 5. More than I care to admit. I really hate to think I did that all month for NOTHING.

      • Ruby

        Same here!

      • n/a

        Ditto. But I think, just like everything else, it probably takes at least 6-8 weeks to receive anything, probably longer. Don’t recall seeing a time length in the official rules.

      • n/a

        Just looked up the official rules, and they do say 6-8 weeks for delivery; no option to send in for a list of winners.

    • Ella

      Yes! these are the ones I recieved (or still waiting for it to be delivered, but recieved the winning email) for this year…I wasn’t entering all that much so not too much stuff! But I won stuff last year as well!

      • Guerlain Shalimar eau de toilette
      • OPI Nail Lacquer in No Room for the Blues
      • Lancôme L’Absolu Nu Lipcolor in Blushed Rose
      • Make Up For Ever Flash Color in #6
      • Living Proof Hold Flexible Hairspray
      • L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Million Lashes mascara
      • First Aid Beauty’s 5 in 1 Eye Cream
      • Kate Somerville Discoloration Perfector
      • Nivea A Kiss of Berry Swirl Vitamin Enriched Lip Care
      • Coach Poppy Flower eau de parfum

      • Cindy

        Wow thats cool that you won all that stuff. Unfortunately I have not gotten zilch. I wont bother to enter their contests in the future.

    • Jasmine

      I just saw this thread of comments, and I would gladly like to say that, yes, Allure’s Free Stuff giveaway is not a scam! And I love that though it is only my first year participating in such a thing, and that I learned about the August giveaway about half way through August, I have already won five things! Most of the smaller items (nail polish, serum, eyeshadow) came in before the beginning of November. They also contacted me about me being a winner prior to sending the gift. So yay!