Ivanka Trump Has the Blues

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump on the Town

I am totally feeling the vibe Little Trumplette (aka Ivanka) is putting out here, are you? See, I think the girl is a real beauty, plus she’s got killer brains to boot (yeah, I’m a sucker for The Apprentice, sue me.) But she’s also got killer fashion sense (not to mention the benjamins to make it happen) and she always, always looks pulled together and chic.

I’m surprised I’m digging on flats with this dress, but somehow it works here. She’s glowing in simplicity, and therefore, most certainly scores my Snarkstress Seal of Approval. Way to go, Vank!

Image used with permission from splashnewsonline.com

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    • Executive morning suit /w cravat

      This one is as dumb as they come. If you have to go to school to learn business, you don’t belong in business. Not to mention she has no businesses, except riding the coat tails of her bankrupt father, who inherited what he has from HIS father.

      Not to mention, I HATE fake blondes. It puts a bad light on us real ones.