• Thu, Aug 28 2008

Bumble and Bumble Expanding Curl Conscious Hair Care Products for Curly Hair

On September 15th, the greatness that is Bumble and Bumble are launching a revamped and expanded Curl Conscious line of treatment and styling products for those of us blessed with curls.  Is anyone still getting perms?  I dunno, but I suspect this line will work just dandy for you too.

I am somewhat blessed with a thick head of hair that can either go wavy or straight.  My hair is the one thing that I don’t really have any complaints about.  I do like to wear it both ways, and it responds really well to products made for curly hair – brings out the natural curl (with the help of a little scrunching anyway).  So, this line is definitely something I will be trying, as I have never used Curl Conscious before, and am so dearly in love with Bb’s Hair Powder and Surf Spray – I must try more.

Here are the new/revamped products, all dressed up in their new paisley design:



Here are some specifics about the individual products, from Bumble and Bumble:

Naturally fragile, all curls need a soothing touch when washed and conditioned. Smoothing Shampoo and Smoothing Conditioner are universal, ultra-gentle formulas perfect for pampering any curl. Nourishing Masque offers a more intense
treatment for extra moisture and improved texture. Thirstier curl types can use it as a regular conditioner while finer locks can use it once a week as a pampering treat.
New Holding Foam and Reactivating Mist join our two best-selling Curl Cremes. Holding Foam is a genius gel-to-foam that provides definition without stickiness or stiffness for curls that crave a bit more support. Reactivating Mist is a reviving
concoction that enhances curl formation. It’s ideal for refreshing locks throughout the day and re-awakening styling benefits of previously-applied product. Use it solo on ultra-fine tresses or to hydrate on a non-shampoo day.

Smoothing Shampoo 8.5 oz. $20.00

Smoothing Conditioner 8.5 oz. $21.00

Nourishing Masque 5 oz. $24.00

Calming Creme 8.5 oz. $26.00

Defining Creme 8.5 oz. $26.00

Holding Foam 3.5 oz. $26.00

Reactivating Mist 8.5 oz. $20.00

Each product in this line is also available in a travel size – which is brilliant.  To order, please call 1.888.7Bumble or visit www.bumbleandbumble.com to find a Bb.Network Salon in your area or to order directly.  They also have a community web site for curly guys and gals coming soon at CurlConscious.com  – head on over there and sign up for the email notification when it launches. 

Man, I so wish there was a Bb.Network salon in my area.  The fact that I cannot order my products online, and there is no salon anywhere near me is my biggest (and really ONLY) gripe about Bb.  I have been informed that they are now selling online at BumbleandBumble.com – w00t! But, I make the effort – it is well worth it, and Im not going without my Hair Powder.  Ever.  ;)

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  • http://www.flyawaycafe.com Mary Jo

    Hmmmm, this looks interesting. May be just what my hair needs.

  • http://www.prettybycritty.com Critty

    Oooo, I def want to try this, I heart me some Surf Spray … the foam, creme and especially on the reactivating mist are now on my “to try” list!!

  • http://www.mixedchicks.net/mcindex Katrine I.

    B & B is good. I am also in love with Mixed Chicks curly products (www.mixedchicks.net)

  • http://www.getglow.com dalia

    If you are interested in great hair products, you might want to try Get Glow. Our shampoos leave your hair fresh – longer. We are known for our fine ingredients, great scents and most importantly, results. (shampoos, conditioners, styling sprays).

    • Lee

      Hi, does South Africa sell Get Glow hair products as I would really love to try some. Is there any way someone can send me samples of some of the products. I looked up Get Glow products and some would do justice to my hair I’m sure like the contrast highlight mask or conditioner in the tub and the products to make your hair shin and then of course a good conditioner. My hair has been coloured and highlighted and it quite dry so needs attention.

  • michelle

    B&b Curl Conscious is so great! I have long, thick, curly hair and already love the curl cream and kinky chick conditioner. Thanks for the great news Christina!

  • Cynthia

    Yesterday, I had the chance to try the new holding foam and curl creme for fine hair. My hair looked great all day and this morning, with a little H2O misting (looking forward to reactivating mist), still looks great. So far, the two products I tried are my new favorites.