That’s It, Who Wants To Shave Robert Downey JR’s Mustache Off?

'Iron Man' Press Conference

I first whined (pouted) about Robert Downey JR’s mustache last month. I really don’t like it. It reminded me of his Chaplin character. Some of my friends commented that it actually reminded them of Sonny Bono. :(

'Iron Man' Press Conference

Looking at the new pictures, I’m this close to calling a shrink to cure my early signs of depression. Mustache, spiky hair??? Ahh, that’s too much to take.

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    • Aineez

      It’s look ok when combined with a Cowboy hat! :)

    • Dexie

      aaahhh, visuals..acccck

    • Jade Wright

      I’ll cut it off with my new scissors. I say mustache off! And I’ll do it myself –